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10 Best YouTube Makeup Artists You Should Follow

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

While some love to wear makeup, some don’t. Quite a lot of times you would find a meme, making fun of the ones belonging to the prior category. To all of them, we would like to say, “STOP JUDGING WOMEN!” It’s a matter of choice and there’s nothing to shy away from. You would be surprised to know that a lot of them are earning their daily bread today by sharing hacks to nail the latest makeup trend. Okay, we agree that it’s not quite the year for experimenting with new looks. But with the gloom all around, a little makeup and a brief selfie session for your Instagram might make you feel good for a change. Also, with so much time, you might make up your mind on perfecting your skills and launch your makeup tutorial channel someday.

No matter what summoned you to this write-up today, find here some of the best YouTube makeup artists you must have heard before. Cut short the troubles of filtering through a whole list of them as we have compiled it on your behalf. So, without beating around the bush, let’s proceed.

Top 10 YouTube Makeup Artists

Here’s a rundown of our shortlisted ones in no particular order.

1. Rachel Claire Levin

This internet personality is widely known for her YouTube channel RCLBeauty101. A native of Philadelphia, who joined this channel on Dec 14, 2010, has successfully amassed 14.6M subscribers from all over the world. And why not? After all, her channel features diverse videos on life hacks, skits, comedy, and associated things besides DIY makeup tutorials. As of July 2020, the YouTube channel has already gathered 3.71 billion video views, indicating how quickly she’s reaching out to people seeking beauty advice.

2. Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star, who is renowned on YouTube as ‘jeffreestar’, is a multi-talented internet personality. This fashion-obsessed influencer had embarked on his journey as a makeup artist on February 15, 2006. Since then, he has been creating and sharing videos on collabs, life, music, reviews, and makeup of course. His channel has been immensely popular and has amassed 17.4M subscribers with video views soaring to over 2.35 billion. You would be surprised to know that he’s also the founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which was launched in November 2014. Sharing beauty tips and tutorials have risen on his channel ever since the very onset of his company.

3. Nikkie de Jager

And how can we ever forget about the Dutch beauty vlogger, who owns a YouTube channel by the name NikkieTutorials? She’s a YouTube sensation with about 13.5M subscribers and over 1.33 billion views. Success touched her feet in 2015 when she released “The Power of Makeup” YouTube video and inspired people to disclose theirs with and without makeup faces. Her channel features stars like Drew Barrymore and Kim Kardashian, all of which have together contributed to the popularity of her YouTube channel.

4. Wayne Goss

The YouTube channel of Wayne Goss is all about beauty tips to improve makeup skills, honest reviews on brands, and a guide for all those aspiring to be a makeup artist. What launched on August 5, 2008, today enjoys 3.79M subscribers and over 508 million video views. The best part about watching makeup tutorials on his channel is that he breaks down even the most complicated looks into easy and manageable segments, simplifying the learning for all.

5. Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins’ humble entry into the YouTube community happened on August 18, 2013, when she posted a tutorial titled ‘Soft Warm Sultry Eye’ and since then she’s been taking over the channel by storm. A specialist in wedding, party and casual makeup styles, her rise to fame was mostly due to two of her videos ‘Husband Does My Makeup’ and ‘Eyebrow Tutorial’. Today she captures the attention of almost 3.34M subscribers and 250M views.

6. Zoe Elizebeth Sugg

Also known by Zoella, the YouTube channel of Zoe Sugg was an outcome of her success as a blogger, which prompted her to initiate her career and join YouTube on September 4, 2012. Ever since she has ingrained her position among the top beauty influencers and internet fashionistas. Her collaboration with some of the best beauty brands like ColourPop has further facilitated her to rise to loftier heights of success. Today, her YouTube channel enjoys 4.81M subscribers and over 870M views.

7. Tati Westbrook

She’s a gorgeous, successful beauty influencer and an OG beauty YouTuber, who stepped on board on November 8, 2010. Makeup lovers shall find tutorials, life vlogs, unbiased product reviews, and makeup challenges on her channel, which was renamed ‘Tati’ from ‘GlamLifeGuru’ on November 7, 2010. She also shares tips on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products on two days of the week. All this and much more has helped her win a staggering 9.28M subscribers and 1.4 billion views on YouTube.

8. Michelle Phan

Calling her simply an entrepreneur and a voice actress would be an understatement because she’s a notable YouTuber and an American makeup artist, who joined the YouTube community on July 9, 2006. Her YouTube channel ‘Michelle Phan’ features a repertoire of transformative beauty tutorials and reviews on beauty products. She might have gone on a break for 3 long years between 2016 and 2019 but has still managed to earn 8.89M subscribers and 1.03 billion views. Watch her videos to learn about essential beauty tips.

9. Bunny Meyer

This paranormal experience sharer turned YouTube makeup artist, invaded the platform on December 3, 2010, under the channel grav3yardgirl. Her jovial personality and quirks are a reason why viewers, otherwise addressed as the ‘Swamp Family’ love to visit her channel. Apart from teaching unusual beauty makeup hacks, she posts reviews on cosmetic products. Her bizarre approach and successful collaboration with Tarte Cosmetics have helped this Swamp Queen to amass 8.35M subscribers and 1.56 billion views on YouTube.

10. Huda Kattan

One of the best YouTube makeup artists you must have heard is Huda Kattan, an Iraqi-American YouTuber, who has her line of cosmetic products under the brand name Huda Beauty. Besides being a founder and CEO of the company, she features beauty hacks and DIY makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel by the same name. Her influence on people with beauty tips has helped her to win 4.04M subscribers and 175M views. If you are feeling bored at home, check out this at-home beauty solution featuring a DIY Eyelash Extension Hack from the video above.

How to Prepare Before Making Your First Makeup Video?

We assume all this must have stimulated the hidden desire in you to film your first makeup video. There's nothing to get nervous about when you have expert tips on how to shoot a perfect makeup tutorial:

  1. Make sure you sit facing a window from where the sun is shining through so that it provides a soft natural glow to your face.
  2. Ensure there's a continuous stream of light, which hardly flickers or distorts. Set up a ring light to mimic the natural light.
  3. To justify the colors of your work and make them pop on your skin, surround yourself with LED luminosity attached with reflectors to disperse the rays evenly throughout the room. This shall keep away the shadows from swallowing you.
  4. Assure quality audio by upgrading to camera mics or simply switch to a reliable audio software for getting the work done.
  5. Edit out the awkward moments from the shoot, add interesting transitions and effects by narrowing down to a reliable video editing software. Filmora can be a wonderful tool to fine-tune your video, add endless effects, remove background noise (if any) and provide you with full 4K support. And the best thing about it is that it's free for beginners!

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Wrapping Up

All you have to do is subscribe to the channels of all the compiled YouTube makeup artists for real-time updates. Believe it or not, but they have inspired many to launch their own YouTube channels and share a fresh perspective with the viewers. Of them, quite a few have already been a hit among the audience. Remember, there are many struggling to perfect their looks and hunting for beauty hacks. If you can cater to them through easy-to-follow makeup tutorials, then you can be a ‘star’ in the world of the Internet. And someday, you will probably make us proud while writing about you in the columns of our articles.

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