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How to Make a YouTube Subscribe Link - Easy!

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

If you want to increase the total number of subscribers that you have on your YouTube page it is important that your page is easy to subscribe to.

A subscribe link is a link to your channel page which takes the person who clicks it to the same view of the page they would have if they had already clicked to subscribe. It triggers a pop-up asking them to confirm their subscription. If they were already interested enough to click the link and check out your channel they may confirm the subscription in the window, whereas they may forget to subscribe if they aren’t prompted.

A YouTube subscribe link is one of the best ways to share a link on your website, in social media posts, or anywhere you mention your channel.  

How to Get a YouTube Subscribe Link

YouTube subscribe links aren’t some kind of exclusive perk – anyone can have one!

Step 1: Go to your YouTube channel page and click into the address bar so you can edit the URL.

Step 2: Add the following to the end of your channel URL:


Step 3: Copy the entire URL including the part you added and paste it into a word document to save. Any time you share a link to your channel, make sure it is this link.

This will work both with channels that have custom URLs and channels which do not. Here’s an example:

That's a link for Wondershare Filmora Video Editor's YouTube channel. With the modifier it looks like this:

Getting subscribers is tough, but you’ll get more if you ask and this is just another way of asking. The process for creating a YouTube subscribe link is easy and accessible to everyone.

Touch Up Your YouTube Videos with Filmora

Filmora features lots of video and audio editing tools that enables you to cut, trim and touch up the video clip easily. There are plentiful texts templates and elements, which can be used to create attractive call-outs.

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