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How to Use Video Titles and YouTube Tags for More Views?

Jun 17, 2022• Proven solutions

Google Keyword Planner

In order to make sure that your videos get the appreciation they deserve, you will need to optimize your titles and YouTube tags for more views. By optimizing your titles and tags, I mean using the right keywords so that YouTube knows how to sort your videos and the viewers who are interested in your content can find it.

  1. Find the Best Keywords
  2. How to Optimize Your Titles, Descriptions, and Tags


YouTube videos rank on Google just like any other piece of content, and YouTube itself is a lot of people’s go-to search engine. The success of your YouTube videos will largely depend on your ability to optimize your videos so they are ranked in people’s search results. People can’t fall in love with your videos they never stumble across them.

If you optimize your titles, tags, and descriptions to include relevant keywords you will see much better traffic from Google as well as from YouTube’s search results. Here are some tips:

Find the Best Keywords

One of the most important steps to ensuring SEO success is to identify the keywords that you should be using.

You can use the Google keyword planner to find keywords related to your video’s topic. Input one of your competitors’ video links to detect some of the top searches that were used to find the video. The keyword planner will scan through the top searches for that video link and determine the keywords that are used most often.

The keyword list can be a bit overwhelming the first time. Remember to use keywords that get at least 300 searches per month on Google. Using popular keywords will help you match up against competitors in your niche.

How to Optimize Your Titles, Descriptions, and Tags

Your keyword research will help you craft title, description, and tags of your videos.

How to Optimize YouTube Titles

The ideal YouTube title intrigues the potential viewer, drawing them in and making them want to click the link.

A video title should include your most important keyword. Usually, your most important keyword will be the first word in your title. Great titles are accurate and descriptive, but also exciting and captivating.

You should also consider using general keywords that are popular on Google like “funny video” “Tutorial” “Review” and “Fitness”.

How to Optimize Your Video's Description

The description of your video is the next big important challenge. The text description of your video is how Google and other search engines determine the subject matter of your video for ranking.

Some tips for success with your description include; using 2-3 important keywords in the first 25 words and making each YouTube description more than 250 words.

Your ideal description will help to index your video without over-utilizing keywords and being flagged as spam.

How to Optimize YouTube Tags

Tags will help decide which videos your video will be displayed beside as similar content and which searches it will appear in.

By using targeted and optimized tags you can gain more traffic and views. Some of the top rules that you should consider with tags are; using 8-12 in every video and making sure the top keyword you used in your title is included as a tag.

Tags on previous videos can also be rearranged and edited as you do keyword research. This will help improve the ranking of some of your older videos. If you all the tags you usually use to a notepad or text edit file and separate them with commas you can paste them all back into YouTube in the new order. This is the simplest way to mass edit tags.

Click here for more tips about YouTube search optimization.

These tips will help you optimize your YouTube tags for more views, as well as your other YouTube metadata.

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