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How to Create a Picture-in-Picture Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

What’s the picture-in-picture (PIP) effect?

Picture in picture effect is a feature that allows more than one complete set of footage to be displayed on the screen simultaneously. It means that two or more videos can be played at the same time one on the main screen and one on the inset screen, the audio heard is usually of the one being played on the main screen.

How to Create a Picture-in-Picture Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro allows the user to create the picture in picture effect in the following way:

1. Start the program and import the videos that you want to work with.

2. Create a new sequence then drag and drop one of the videos on the timeline.

3. Now, drag and drop another video on the timeline but placing it such that it is above the other video.

4. Next, you can click the second video and reduce its scale.

5. You can also align it by going to “motion settings” in the “effects controls”.

6. From here you can make the changes as required. You can change the shape of the inset frame, change its blending mode or even add a drop shadow to make it stand out more.

How to Create a Picture-in-Picture Effect using Adobe Premiere Pro alternative

Now, the steps that are required to be undergone in Premiere Pro might be effective but are quite unnecessarily lengthy and complex. A professional video editor who has a good enough grasp on the software would be able to execute these steps properly but it is quite confusing for a beginner. An alternative software that has a simpler and more user-friendly interface and can get this job done in an easier way even for amateur editors but with professional results is Wondershare Filmora.

Using Filmora can easily add the PIP effect for Win & Mac by the following simple steps:

1. Start the program and import the required videos.

2. Now, simply drag and drop these videos onto the PIP track.

3. You can also click the “play” option to preview what it would look like.

4. You can easily move the videos on the PIP track to adjust the timing and length of the footages.

5. Double click the added video to open the motion panel. Now you can simply click the “Advance” button and a whole set of fun editing options will appear on the screen from which you can choose and format the PIP video.

6. Finally, you can click create to export the file when you are done and save it.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Using PIP Photo Studio on mobile phone

Now in the present age when there is an app for almost anything and everything why should quickly adding a PIP effect at any instant have to be a professional procedure. That is precisely why there is an app for making PIP collages instantly on your mobile phone whenever you want. The app is called “PIP Photo Studio”. Using this app you can edit pictures and create good quality picture collages with the PIP effect.

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