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How to Find 3D Animation Studio Meeting All Your Inspiring Needs

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 17, 22, updated May 20, 24
How to Find 3D Animation Studio Meeting All Your Inspiring Needs

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

The fact remains that lots of people would prefer watching videos to listening to someone explain or read as this will help us get into the subject matter more efficiently and faster. Videos made by good 3D animation studios is the most effective tool for education, marketing, and onboarding because it says a lot of time when explaining, demonstrating, learning, and teaching.

3d animation companies

However, in 3D animation video, everything is shown narratively within a 3D environment. Are you looking for ways to create a perfect 3D animation video for your organizational goal? This article will help you find reliable 3D animation companies for your corporate projects.

Part 1 What Software Do 3D Animation Studios Use?

Any professional animator and 3D animation services who needed 3D computer animation should consider using Autodesk Maya. This 3D animation software is perfect for motion graphics, character creation, simulation, modeling, etc.

3d animation software

This animation software helps you bring your idea to your screen. Whether you are animating for a video game, personal project, or film, it can help you achieve your desired goal. This animation software is suitable for everyone, a 3D product animation company or a learner on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. 

These software, mostly offers a free trial version, and pricing begins at $122 per month for a three-year license. It also allows you to pay a recurring monthly plan, so you may access this software if you are a student.

Part 2 Why Your Business Needs 3D Animation Video?

These days animation has proven to be the leading advertising and marketing tool that acts as a means of mass communication. The 3D product animation services have various features and usage that suit every industry's requirements. The 3D animation model has different effects for proper use of individual products, creating viewer engagement. 

To ideally create a 3D animation video for your business Filmora software has proven to be the best with the following exclusive features:

Its keyframing feature helps to create a motion graphic, cool explainer video animation

It comes with a significant effect and transition tool to create a perfect animation video

The function of 3D animation is to attract viewers to a particular product or service and portray your business's overall vision and standard. This article will give you reasons why your business needs a 3D studio animation video:

3d animation video

3D animation video gives you excellent visual effects when delivering concise and stunning portraits of a product. It portrays visual beauty, but it also engages your audience with super realistic effects.

3D animation video serves as marketing material in enhancing your brand and also increases your business reputation to a greater extent. Your audience gets a premium feeling about your brand and shows that you are always up-to-date with the latest technology.

3D animation video helps develop your organization's growth and image and builds your reputation on a relevant subject. It has a great value of market reputation to your organization, be it business marketing, presentation, or sales. It gives you the ability to clearly explain your products or services to your customer, making it precise, easy to understand, and straightforward.

3D computer animation video increases your traffic by spreading it on services or products to multiple online platforms. Your online presence is immensely created in a more sophisticated way and brings you more businesses and Leads.

3D animation video company is more cost-effective than a live-action video. You don't need any outdoor shooting, actor wages, and a costly shooting setup. It is much cheaper than any other marketing material used daily, and the profit gotten is more significant than the amount spent in creating the animation for your business.

3D animation videos can be re-used compared to other marketing materials. YOu can modify the 3D model and other resources later to meet future updates and requirements. Just make sure that the video is future-proof and editable as per your requirement.

Part 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your 3D Animation Services

For architectural and engineering professionals, 3D animation companies have provided a new avenue of creativity and marketing. Computer animation with 3D is a niche field that requires special tools, techniques, and skills that are most time-consuming and costly to obtain. Listed below are the benefits of outsourcing 3D animation services:

3d animation services

It reduces the hiring cost and training a full-time animator.

Don't settle for less. Outsourcing an animated means hiring the best, and this 3D animation production company will always provide top-notch work.

Less operational costs boost a company's profit margin. Outsourcing for animators allows your employee to do the job they are specialized in while the animators do theirs.

3D animation video companies have all the necessary tools, software, and infrastructure to execute their client's projects. Their extensive portfolio of models and experience helps reduce project costs and time. Their trained project managers and dedicated team lead to constant touch with the client.

It allows you to cut edge technology as your outsourcing team uses the industry software standard and best practices to make your animation modern, sleek, evergreen, and professional.

Part 4 The Best 9 3D Animation Production Companies

This section of the article gives you the best ten 3D animation production companies worldwide. You can also go on Google and browse out the 3D animation studios near me for more companies around your geographical location. The 3D animation production company include but is not limited to: 

01Rip Media Group

3d animation production companies 1


'I think Rip Media did a good job understanding and tuning into our needs and creating the product accordingly. - Head of Product, Biotech Company, Noam Gordon”

Rating: 5 star


Rip Media Group Is a Los Angeles-based 3D animated video company with lower costs than travel and crew for high quality.

This company is highly rated to offer a full-cycle video production process and different animation styles. Thus, the creative engagement of the viewer is typically higher.

No travel required

Less logistical engagement from either client

It offers whiteboard animation, character animation, live-action video, 2D animation, and 3D motion graphics.


Not as authentic as live footage

Do not have extensive patronage as the company is new

Only based in Los Angeles


3d animation production companies 2


'They exceeded my expectations - Senior Brand Manager, Branding Business, Jill Purzycki”

Rating: 5 star


VeracityColab, based in Newport Beach, California, is a video and animation production studio.

High-quality output.

24/7 support

Collaborative team

It is a well-known company that has created many world-class 3D animation videos for companies like Microsoft, Eventbrite, Epson, BetterCloud, etc.


Poor project management skills

Lots of engagement with VeracityColab

Available in one location.

03The DVI Group

3d animation production companies 3


'It was well-coordinated, cohesive, and professional - Former Brand Manager, InterContinental Hotels Group, Branding Business, Jon Wakeman”

Rating: 4 star


The DVI Group is a famous 3D product animation company with over 20 years of incredible reputation that applies ferocious creativity to achieve its goals.

Their process is energizing and highly effective.

They take time to understand and deliver your vision.

The DVI 3D company worked for top brands like Mercedes-Benz USA, AT&T, InterContinental hotel group, etc.

The company has received lots of awards in animation, such as the muse award for a TV ad and animation, telly award for videography, etc.


Customer preference is low

Low user rating

Some users experienced call drop issues.

04Indigo Productions

3d animation production companies 4


'They were extremely professional and knowledgeable about their craft - Marketing Director, CG Designs Unlimited LLC, Fatiah Muhammad”

Rating: 5 star


Indigo Productions, founded in New York City in 1991, has created many life-motion and animated videos. 

Extreme professionals. 

It worked with the most admired brands and people globally, such as the New York Times, Samsung, Sony pictures, etc.

Collaborative service and production team

The quality of service is high.


No disadvantage except based on the users preference

05Studio B Films

3d animation production companies 5


'You can tell everyone who works at Studio B cares about doing a job right, and that is worth every penny - Senior Producer, Lawrence Hall of Science,
Kathryn Quigley”

Rating: 5 star


Extremely professional

Studio B Films, founded in Berkeley, California, in 2022, is known for providing high-quality content to date.

The studio team is passionate about their work and flexible and approachable.

Studio B runs from several places

Great customer service


No disadvantage except user preference

06Grumo Media

3d animation production companies 6


'Good Morning! Our collaboration with @grumomedia has come to the end and the product is an amazing video — TruQu (@TruQucom)”

Rating: 4.5 star


Grumo Media, based in Toronto, Canada, is best for producing explainer demo videos. 

The 3D animation production company has worked with big firms like Walmart, Microsoft, etc.

Client focus is maximum on large businesses.

Helpful for SMEs, medium and large businesses.

Primary services are 2D and explainer videos.


Poor customer service as per some users

07Yans Media

3d animation production companies 7

The utilizes motion graphics to create the most engaging content for a passive audience and makes complicated ideas most understandable


'They got us", which we did not think would be easy given the nature of our work — COO, Carakit, Kelley Nichols”

Rating: 5 star


Yans Media is a great animation studio from Armenia and deals with 2D and the best computer for 3D animation

Supports both agencies and brands

High Google rating.

Excels in explainer video production

It utilizes motion graphics to create the most engaging content for a passive audience and makes complicated ideas most understandable.


Fewer reviews.

Not that attractive for users.


3d animation production companies 8


'They're very organized and professional so they're always on time - President, Marketing Consulting Firm”

Rating: 5 star


Sparkhouse is an award-winning 3D computer animation production company. 

It creates diverse and captivating videos to attract the audience's attention. 

Offers unlimited access to resources

It ensures that all the videos are created to meet client goals and helps in accelerating the productivity of the business.

It offers a 30-day free trial.


Some users find it pricey

Not a complete video production studio

Offers resources for children and youth only

09Lai Video

3d animation production companies 9


'LAI impressed us the most because they quickly grasped what we wanted to do - Senior Communications Manager, AIHA, Ben Rome”

Rating: 4.5 star


Lai Video is an excellent and Eileen great 3D animation service company that positions itself in the top editing companies. 

Its team creates engaging and informative videos to help visitors understand the concept without stress. 

It is also a trusted video company that believes in providing authentic pictures of what they stand for, the principles they follow, and who they are 

Quality output


Less preferred.

Low rating than others

10KYRO Digital

3d animation production companies 10


'I appreciated the way they were able to add to our ideas and create something visual - Content Marketing Manager, Ogury, Cymone Thomas”

Rating: 4.5 star


KYRO Digital is a results-driven animation video engine that creates affordable extra-ordinary videos

Collaborative team in all spheres

Gives quality output

Its team comprises photographers, storytellers, directors, videographers, and video enthusiasts that are confident enough to provide services to help businesses achieve their goals.


Lousy work environment basis review

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Understanding What Software Do 3D Animation Studios Use

Learn the reason why Business Needs 3D Animation Video and the Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Animation Services

Know the Best 10 3D Animation Production Companies.

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