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Can I Still Do Animated Logo Design Without Design Skills?

Choose The Right Template And Enter The User-Friendly Interface And Release Your Imagination And Creativity.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 20, 21, updated May 20, 24
Can I Still Do Animated Logo Design Without Design Skills?

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

In the fast-moving world, you cannot afford to keep your brand design still as it doesn't influence the audience toward your business. It is pretty essential to create an impressive and animated logo for the brand.

This article will discuss how you can create an animated logo design even if you do not have design skills.

Part 1 This is What a Conventional Professional Animation Designer Should Be

01How to Make an Animated Logo for an Animation Designer?

There are various online logo maker tools available to create an animated logo design for your brand easily. There are several online logo makers available from which you can easily create an effective animated logo for your business. We will discuss Canva online logo maker for a better understanding of making the online animated logo design for the brand. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps listed below. 

Method to make the Animated Logo Design for your Business

Step 1: Initiate with Canva

Initially, you need to launch Canva and choose "Animated Logos" for the library of effectively and professionally designed templates through which you can create inspiration and further customize it accordingly.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate design as per nature of business

Now, you have to select any one of the designed templates that seem closest to the look you are looking to give to your brand. All the templates available are professionally designed and fully customizable. You can even initiate the process with the blank design template from scratch. It would help if you made sure that you were looking to create a simple or complex design for the logo.

choose appropriate design

Step 3: Customization of the animated logo

Now is the time to customize your logo. You can use a lot of creativity and skills. Think about your business and how the logo should and take help of the font styles, design colors, font size, video background, and text to bring out the best in your animated logo design. Look for what effect you want for the logo design. Apart from this, it is better to animate the text and elements separately or set the complete design into motion. After successfully editing the design of the logo, you need to proceed to the next step listed below.

customize logo

Step 4: Download the file in required format

When you are satisfied with the logo animation design, you need to save it. Also, you can download it into high-resolution either in MP4 videos or GIF files as per your choice. With MP4 file, you will need to include the audio files; however, if you choose GIF files, it will provide you with brief and compressed clips with no audio.

download logo in desired format

Step 5: Include the file to your various visual branding media

Lastly, you need to recall and recognize the brand by employing an innovative animated logo in different visual media like social media accounts, websites, and various advertising and promo videos. After making a creative animated logo design, you can use it on your website or different social accounts to attract your business audience.

02How Much Does a Professional Animated Logo Cost?

The cost for the professional animated logo is not fixed, as it depends on the work you have done while making a logo for your brand. In general words, it can be said that the price for animated logo design is anywhere from $0 to $1000. However, if you have a small firm or startup looking to get a quality design, it will cost you between $300-$1300. Suppose you have a large-scale business and are looking to replace the traditional logo design with a customized animated logo. In that case, you will be required to hire a professional logo designer who will look after the design and make it creative.

Part 2 Your Number 1 Tip to Do Animated Logo Design Without Design Skills

011. 5 Tools You Need to Make an Animated Logo

When looking to create an animated logo design free for your social media account or website, you need to understand that you will require some tools to create it impressive and professional. The 5 tools or the websites used for making the animated logo design are listed below:






025 Tips to Animate a Logo

Make sure to use images that include transparent background

You need to make sure that when you upload any images or illustrations, it must include a transparent background so that you will be able to make a seamless animation logo without having pesky color and look attractive to the audience.

image with transparent background

Select the suitable template for the business

You will discover several template options available while using the animated logo designer; however, you need to make sure that chosen template must align with the business nature. For example, if you sell organic products, you need to choose the environment design template.

select suitable template

Make use of masks appropriately 

A mask is defined as the container for the photos. The logo design maker service provides interesting masks in different shapes to make a stunning and appealing animated logo after effects. You are required to use masks with photos, solid color, and shaded background.

Keep it simple and short 

Always try to make logo design short and straightforward! If you are using too many effects and colors in the logo design, it turns complex for the audience.

simple logo

Create an impact on the audience 

To impact the audience, you need to make sure that the animation doesn't last longer than 3-4 seconds. The templates collections of the different logo design makers are perfectly timed; therefore, there is no need to worry about making long animation.

Part 3 This is the Smartest Tip Ever About Filmora

01What's Filmora?

filmora pro interface

Wondershare Filmora is video editing software available on Wondershare that facilitates you to explore creativity and make the cinematic magic regarding the professionally designed videos. This tool comprises a wide range of visual effects, video editing features, and motion graphics, making it the most preferred and ideal tool for video editing purposes. If you are looking to use the tool, all you have to do is download the Filmora software on your Windows or Mac system. After downloading the software, please install the program, run it and start using it.

Wondershare Filmora

Power Up Your Story with Filmora. Professional video editing is made easy.


Windows- Win 8 or later (64 bit OS) and MAC- macOS X 10.13 or later.

The state-of-art feature of the tool makes it one of the most preferred tools for video editing, especially for the filmmaker and video editors.

02Is It Possible to Add a Video to the Animated Logo?

Yes, you will include video to the animated logo by selecting the "Video" tab. Along with such, add it to a text or make use of them as the background. You also need to understand that such videos are accessible to Filmora Pro members.

03Is the Music Available on the Asset Library Royalty-free?

No, if you are using royalty- free assets you are required to pay for getting the access...

04How to Make an Animated Video in a Snap?

If you are looking to create an animated video in a snap, you need to follow the below steps: 

Step 1: Choose the incredible tool for making animated videos: You need to download the tool and register your account.

Step 2: Select a well-made animation template: Select the template from the library of the tool and launch your trip of creation. 

Step 3: Drag and drop: Drag and drop the content to the canvas and customize every aspect of the video with complete flexibility.

Step 4: Download and share: Download your creation to the device and also remember to share it on your social media account for better reach.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Filmora makes the video editing experience more engaging and hassle-free. It can be easily downloaded on your Window or Mac System by visiting the Wondershare official website. It includes several editing options which help you to create an engaging animated video.

You can make animated logo designs even if you don't have design skills by choosing the online logo design maker over the Internet. The template will be initially provided to you; all you have to do is select the correct template following the nature of your business.

You can easily add multimedia files like audio and video to your animated logo design by selecting the "Video" tab. Along with, such add it to a text or make use of them as the background. Therefore, it can be concluded that you can easily create an animated logo design without design skills and give your brand professional and valued recognition.

If you have any recommendations or doubts regarding the discussion, please let us know by commenting on the box below.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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