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How to Create an Animated Sticky Navbar

Want to improve your website's design and user experience? Learn how to use animated sticky navbars to enhance the overall quality and engage your users more effectively.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 14, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
How to Create an Animated Sticky Navbar

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While there are different ways to enhance the overall user experience of a website, using an animated sticky navbar is the most ideal solution to get the job done.

In this article, we'll walk you through some of the top benefits of animated sticky navbars and why you should incorporate them in your website's design. So, without any further ado, let's get started.

Part 1 What is an Animated Sticky Navbar?

To put it in simple words, an animated sticky navbar is a dedicated header that stays fixed on the website, irrespective of the web page you're accessing. Ideally, designers use a sticky navbar to allow website visitors to visit any web page within 2-3 clicks.

The animated navbar also incorporates a few animations that uplift the overall visual appearance of the website. It doesn't matter if you are planning to design an e-commerce store or a simple service-based website, the animated navbar will allow you to make your website more user-friendly for the end-users.

Part 2 What Are the Benefits of An Animated Sticky Navbar?

Now, there are endless benefits of using an animated sticky navbar on your website. However, these are a few factors that make animated sticky navbars the most useful on-page element of a website.

01Quick Navigation

As we mentioned earlier, easy navigation is one of the key features of a sticky navbar. You can place links to all the other web pages within the navbar in the form of drop-down menus and ensure that users can visit any webpage within a single click. This will enhance the overall user experience and you'll be able to encourage one-time visitors to spend more time on your website. Using the navbar will also improve your search engine rankings because the search engine crawler will be able to crawl all the web pages easily.

02Aesthetically Pleasing

The way your website looks has a huge impact on whether you're going to retain the website visitors or not. An animated sticky navbar will make your website look aesthetically pleasing and captivate the visitors more effectively. You can add different animations and visual elements to the navbar and make them match your website's overall color scheme.

03Better User Experience

Another reason why you would want to place an animated sticky navbar on your website is that it'll uplift the overall user experience for the website visitors. From finding easy navigation to all the web pages to ensuring that all the web pages offer the same browsing experience, a navbar will make your website engaging and it'll become easier to captivate the users.

Part 3 8 Fixed Sticky Navbars That'll Grab Your Attention

So, now that you are familiar with the benefits of animated sticky navbars, here are the top examples that explain the best ways to use navigation bars on a website.

01Search Engine Journal

search engine journal

Search Engine Journal is an online knowledge hub where users can find every bit of information about digital marketing. The website publishes regular guides on SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, etc to help people get detailed insight into the benefits of digital marketing.

Since there are thousands of articles on the website, it could easily get chaotic for users to find the guide they are looking for. But, with an easy-to-navigate animated sticky navbar, Search Engine Journal has divided all the articles into their respective categories using simple drop-down menus



Airbnb is one of the most popular platforms to find vacation homes in a different city/country to enjoy your holiday in complete comfort. One of the major reasons behind AirBnB's immense success is its high-quality and easy-to-use website.

As you continue to scroll down the website, the sticky navbar stays fixed at the top with a dedicated search bar and a “Become a Host” Call-to-Action button. This way it doesn't matter if a user is looking for a place to rent or simply wants to become a host, they'll be able to get the job done within a few clicks.

03Graz Secrets

Graz Secrets

Graz Secrets is the perfect example of how you can use a sticky bar in the simplest manner and still grab users' attention easily. The website uses a black-colored simple navigation bar with a “Download Now” button at the center. The button continues to illuminate due to the background animation even if you scroll to the end of the web page. The overall black design of the navbar adds more visual factors to the website and engages the visitors more effectively.



Adobe's navigation bar is also a great example of how to use sticky navbars to uplift the overall user experience for website visitors. Even though the website doesn't stay at its place when you scroll down, it immediately comes back as soon as you scroll up once.

Moreover, the navbar has links to all the Adobe products, which means users can visit any product page they want right away. It's also worth understanding that Adobe has added a dedicated “Sign-in” button in the navigation bar to allow visitors to sign in to the Adobe cloud account straightaway.

05Daniel Filler

Daniel Filler's website uses the navigation bar in the simplest way possible - yet manages to draw the viewers' attention without any hassle. The designers have placed a pretty small navigation bar with links to all the important web pages.

The smaller size of the navigation bar doesn't make the website look cluttered and still manages to do its job easily. In addition to this, the designers have also placed a dedicated logo and the “Up” button to allow users to directly go to the top of the web page with one click.

06Mind Inventory

Mind Inventory

Mind Inventory is an Indian software development company working towards designing high-quality websites and mobile applications. Their website is a perfect example of how one should use navigation bars in a website to improve the overall design scheme. In addition to placing links to all the important web pages, Mind Inventory has also introduced dedicated animations to make the drop-down menu appearance more pleasing.



FHOKE's navigation bar is one of the most aesthetically pleasing animated navbars that you can replicate on your website to maximize its performance. A white-colored navbar automatically turns gray as soon as you scroll down to maintain the contrast of the entire web page.

There are dedicated links to other web pages as well. However, you won't find any drop-down menus. In case your website also has limited web pages, you can also replicate this animated sticky navbar to make it more appealing.



Last but certainly not least, H&M is a clothing brand that's popular across the globe. At first, H&M's official website may look pretty basic, but its navigation bar is backed by a great marketing strategy. The bar contains all the product page categories that'll direct you to any product page within a single click.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Animated sticky navbars are one of the most useful on-page elements that could help you grab user's attention easily

There are different ways to use animated navbars and it mainly depends on your website requirements.

Like your website, you can also uplift the quality of your videos by adding animations and high-quality transitions

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