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Every Compositor Should Know The Trick of Color Match in After Effects

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 17, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Every Compositor Should Know The Trick of Color Match in After Effects

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After Effects is one of the most exciting applications put forward by Adobe. You can readily use this application for film-making; that is, you can edit videos with After Effects. The features of this application are highly proficient, effective and intuitive. And one of the most exciting and incredible features of After Effects is the “Colour Match” feature.

The “Color Match” of After Effects has numerous advantages, and there are some steps that you need to follow to use this feature. So, in the following discussion, we have discussed how you can match colours in After Effects its advantages. Lastly, we have introduced a video editing tool that can ideally be an alternative to the “Color Match” of After Effects.

Part 1 What Are the Obvious Advantages of the Color Match of After Effects?

As we have mentioned earlier, the colour matcher plugin of After Effects has numerous advantages, we will now be discussing what they are. So, the following list states the different benefits of using the "Color Match" of After Effects.

You can add shadows and highlights.

Sometimes, our photos are underexposed, while sometimes, they are overexposed. Either way, they do not look quite pleasing. But you efficiently use "Colour Match" of After Effects to correct the exposure. And it will be possible when you adjust the highlights and shadows of the picture or the video through this feature. You can access this advantage in the "Shadows and Highlights" option of After Effects. 

shadow and highlight controls

Adjuting Vibrance

Another benefit you get from this feature of After Effects is that you can quickly fix the appropriate saturation of the picture or the video you want to edit. You can adjust the saturation, thus, making the picture or the video more vibrant and natural-looking. The option to adjust the saturation or the vibrance of any image or video is present in the "Vibrance" option. Click on the option and set the saturation of the colours of the images perfectly.

vibrance fixed

Access to incredible filters

After Effects' "Colour Match" feature filters make your photos and videos look all-natural. You can readily adjust the settings of the filters and set them according to the essence you want to have in your picture. The filters make your picture and videos look like they have been shot naturally on high-quality camera lenses. So, your videos and pictures look more natural and of the highest quality.

Choose and match any colour for your images and videos 

You might want to change or alter the colours of a particular video clip or an image with the colour of some other image. The "Colour Match" feature of Adobe After Effect makes it readily possible for you to carry this function. 

Intuitive but proficient feature 

The "Colour Match" feature of Adobe After Effect helps you edit your videos and images most profoundly. But at the same time, apart from being a professional feature, it is not difficult to use. You can easily understand how to use the feature and make your videos and images match the colours you want.  

Part 2 Quick Tip - Matching Colors in After Effects

Here are the steps by which you can avail of the incredible "Colour Match" feature of after-effects to match the colour between clips

Step 1The first step requires you to access the "Composition Settings" and make the required changes accordingly. You can find the options in the "Composition Settings" and readily make the needed changes. 

composition settings

Step 2Choose the background color according to your choice.

choose background color

Step 3Now, import the image you want to edit. First, right-click and then you will find an "Import" option. Click on it to import the image you want.

click import

Step 4As you select the "Import" option, you will see a dialogue box. Select the folder in which the image has been saved and then select the image from the folder.

select folder

Step 5After importing the image, you need to select After Effects' "Effects & Presets" option. And there, you will find the "Colour Correction" option. Click on that option.

color correction

Step 6You will see an "Auto-colour" option. Double-click on that option. It will automatically make your image look more realistic ad natural. Adobe After Effects will choose the most suitable colour correction shade for your photo and apply it. As a result, you will see a vibrant change in the image.

auto color

Many other features under this tool will help you make your images look as vibrant and incredible as possible. And now, we will be discussing the various features and tips that you can use in "After Effects" to make your images look more fabulous than ever.

Change the contrast of the image to make it look more vibrant

You can change the settings of the image if you want. Also, you can use the "Blend" feature of After Effects to bring out better changes and edits in your picture. Another feature that can help you edit the colours of your image in After Effects is the "Auto Contrast" feature of After Effects.

In this feature, the tool automatically adjusts the exposure of the image's colours, lights, and shadows, thereby making it look more realistic and natural. The image quality is also enhanced through this feature. It is because the colour contrast gets automatically adjusted to the perfect settings by the feature.

You will get the "Auto Contrast" feature exactly below the "Auto Colour" option, in the "Colour Contrast" drop-down panel.

Change the level of your image to make it look more natural

You can readily make your images look more natural and realistic than ever. And that is possible through the "Colour Correction" feature of After Effects. Opt for the "Auto Levels" option present in the "Colour Correction" drop-down box.

Then right below the "Auto Contrast" option, you will find the "Auto-Levels" option. After you click on the option, your image will automatically get its colour adjusted by the tool, correctly adjusting all its required settings to make your image look as realistic and natural as possible.

Bring a black-and-white effect on your image through the option in After effects 

The Black-and-White effect on the images has been one of the most popular trends and styles one chooses to edit. And in order to make your efforts minimal and the quality of with the finest, the After Effects has a "Black & white" option as well.

So, if you want to edit your pictures in the black and white filter, you can readily do so in the highest quality and with the least effort. Open the "Colour Contrast" feature in After Effects and click on its drop-down box. The fourth option is the one that is below the "Auto Levels" option, and you will find the "Black & White" option present.

Click on that option, and you will find your image edited in the black-white hues, in the most impeccable shade, light, shadow and effect.

Change the tint and the brightness or contrast

Under the "Black & White" option in the "Colour Correction" option of After effects, you can avail of the further edit option that is available under the "Black & White" option. There, the last option will be "Tint". When you opt for the option of "Tint". You can select the colour you want to be entirely dominant in your image.

And below the "Black & White" option, you will find the "Brightness & Contrast" option. Click on it to adjust and set the brightness and contrast of the image. It will make the image's colour and shades look more vibrant because you can change its contrast according to your wish.

Part 3 Alternative to After Effects Color Match

And now, we will be introducing you to another video and image editing tool that will help you match the colours of your videos and images as proficiently as the colour matcher after effects plugin. And the tool is Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. Its incredible feature of "Colour Match" allows you to match the colours of your videos and images, making them more vibrancy, sometimes even monochromatic. 

You can choose a particular theme or shade for the entire image or video and the "Colour Match" will help you bring your imagination into reality. If you want to edit or match colours in a particular clip or option of the video, you are all set to do so with Filmora 11.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

The advantages that you receive from "Colour Match" of After effects

The quick steps of how to use "Colour Match" of "After Effects"

The "Colour Match" feature of Filmora can readily make your videos alter colors and become more vibrant and incredible.

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