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10 Trendy & Stylish Free Logo Animation Templates in 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 27, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
10 Trendy & Stylish Free Logo Animation Templates in 2024

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

The logo animation of your video or presentation sets the tone for how your audience will perceive your brand. There are many stylish and trendy free logo animation templates that you can use to create an inspiring impression of your brand. The basic is to make sure your logo animation grabs your viewer's attention and is catchy to make them remember your company's name. This article will guide you through complete logo animation

logo animation templates

This article will guide you through complete logo animation templates. We have also included various logo animations that you can choose from for your brand. Along with that, you will also see how logo motion graphics and 3D logo effects come out to be a wonder to promote your business to the next level following After Effects logo templates and free logo intro templates. The article also guides you through proper steps to apply logo motion effectively with respective screenshots.

Part 1 What an Animated Logo Can Do for Your Business

It is widespread info that logo animation is often an effective promotional tool. Here are some of the fantastic purposes or benefits of an animated logo to your Business is that:

It helps to increase the memorability of the brand. 

Stop motion logo helps in advertising and creating brand awareness.

Logo animation on YouTube can improve storytelling, i.e., your animated video can tell a story about your brand.

logo intro starts an original image for your brand's growth.

To make animated logo work for your Business perfectly and efficiently, consider the following factors:

Critically analyze the business goal and think of the brand's personality.

The logo animation should orient to the user's preference. Therefore make sure you carry out user research.

Create an unpredictable animation logo. Try to make your audience surprised so that the final results are unexpected in the first few seconds.

After Effects logo animation templates should not be too long; therefore, try not to make your animated logo complex and keep it short. The recommendation is for it to stay under seconds.

logo animation

Part 1 Top Quality Free Logo Animation Templates

This article section will provide a top-quality template for free logo animation on YouTube and other platforms for your business growth. From the list, you can select the logo animation templates free download that matches your need:

free logo animation

01Web Series

Web Series logo animation can be helpful on a web series Project. The pictures include some cool effects with minimal and captivating design to wow your audience.

02VHS 8Logo Intro

VHS 8Logo templates will take you back to the time of kung-fu movies and arcade 8-bit games. It is easy to edit and comes with a video tutorial featuring distortion effects, broken videotape, and lousy TV.

03Comic Logo

Comic Logo can be used in cartoons, comics, and kids theme video projects and comes in very handy. It has a cartoon style animation, is very colorful, and will be appreciated and loved by your audience

04Zero Glitch

Zero GlitchCan be used to give a glitch introduction to your video. It has an industrial and unique draft design that can perfectly fit any project that needs a techno logo opening.

05Quick bling

Quick bling is an elegant and simple logo animation template for upcoming projects. This logo template is easily customized and has a tutorial if you encounter any problems.

06Rise From The Dark

Rise from Dark comes up with some eye-grabbing yet simple After Effect logo animation template free download that can fit any video content. This logo template is perfect whether you need a logo intro for an event opener, TV show, or promo.

07Sports Logo Template

Sports Logo Template includes pre-rendering footage with an easy customization option. It doesn't require any plugins.

08Holi Festival Logo Templates

Holi Festival Logo Templates are perfect when you want to grab your audience's attention. A juicy bright explosion of color and features seven sounds of vibrant animation. It is super easy to use in animating your logo.

09Light City Logo Templates

Light City Logo Templates is a stunning logo animation template that features a luminescent cityscape and golden lions against a dark background specially designed for a dramatic and mysterious luxurious feel.

10Drifting Car Logo Templates

Drifting Car Logo Templates is the perfect answer for a movie project. It has seconds of footage with a funky sports car.

Part 3 5 Techniques for Custom Logo Animation in After Effects

A perfect way to capture your viewers' attention and remind them who made the video is by creating a striking and simple logo animation After Effects template free download for your video project and using the After Effects logo animation template in an absolute sense. In this article, we will throw away tools that you will need to animate your logo from scratch in After Effects:

create custom logo animation 01

01Technique 1: Separate the Layers

Separate the layers in Photoshop or illustrator and check if they are all separated and correctly named

create custom logo animation 02

Steps: Next, import your logo into after-effects as footage correctly. Otherwise, cannot access the individual layers in your logo:

For illustrator make sure the logo elements are on a separate layer.

If the element is grouped, that is the same way they will be in After Effect.

To simplify this process, select the group in AI. Using the layer menu, click on the release to layers>sequence.

Click on import and select your logo design file.

Select composition>retain layer sizes

Click on import, and your logo will appear in your media browser as a comp containing its layer and include the folder of those layers.

02Technique 2: Editing Properly

If you made a mistake and important your file as a footer is better than a composition, here is how to fix it:

Drag your single a high elements to the timeline from the browser media

Right click>create>convert to layered comp

Now your Design file will be accessible in layers

03Technique 3: Transitions

You can opt for different available transitions out of the logo intro template After Effects to modify your logo. Then, you can go with the dual Effect of logo animation with a transition effect. 

create custom logo animation 03

04Technique 4: Logo Animation

Animate each layer using the straight-forward property scale, rotation, position, and opacity properties

Select the layer in the timeline to add a keyframe to your layers

Create and finish a keyframe by placing your Playhead on the frame you want

Create where you want the animation to start by moving several frames backward from your first keyframe

Change the value of the keyframe property until you are satisfied with the look

Continue with each of the layers in turn until you feel happy with the effects

create custom logo animation 04

05Technique 5: Title Animation

Animate the title using the varieties of animation styles in After Effects if you can edit a text layer.

Remove any AI text objects that you want to replace with after effects text layer.

Create a fresh After Effects text layer.

Copy-paste the text from AI to after-effects. In doing this, it will use the same font, color, and sizes is when you paste it in

Go to the effects browser, choose your title animation, and drag and drop it to your new title.

View all keyframes by pressing U and select the layer in the timeline, then adjust as you like.

Part 4 How to Make a Logo Animation for Free in Just 3 Minutes

Filmora is one of the best software editing tools for beginners to design logo animation and logo intro template free download easily and quickly with keyframing. It produces high-quality and smoothly animated logos with motion blur that gives your logo animation more touch-up. The logo intro-free animation in Filmora is simple to replicate if you get some logo inspiration and then conclude how you will execute your animation. All the editing tools like shape, elements, etc., are available in Filmora software.

create custom logo animation 05

01Step 1: Create Logo

First, you need to create the logo or have a png logo image using any photo editing software like Photoshop or Canva.

Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editor for Mac/Windows

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Build unique custom animations without breaking a sweat.

Focus on creating epic stories and leave the details to Filmora's auto features.

Start a creative adventure with drag & drop effects and endless possibilities.

Filmora simplifies advanced features to save you time and effort.

Filmora cuts out repetition so you can move on to your next creative breakthrough.

02Step 2: Import background

After you have edited your logo on Photoshop, import background video and logo in Filmora and Use the key-framing feature to animate your logo

03Step 3: Add effects

Add other effects to your logo animation to make it perfect by adding colors, text, etc., to wow your logo animations. Add shapes to the image to give it some effect then add the motions to these shapes.

04Step 4: Export

Once you are satisfied with the trendy and stylish free logo, you can export and share them on your social media platform.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Impact of animated logo for business

Top-quality free logo animation

Steps to make logo through Premiere Pro logo animation template for free.

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