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Top 10 Old Cartoons From Cartoon Network That You Miss

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Top 10 Old Cartoons From Cartoon Network That You Miss

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Right from our childhood days, we were drawn to the interesting late 80s cartoons shown on the old cartoon network. Watching them used to be quite fun and the best time pass after studying. At that time, the most popular and favorite were Disney cartoons.

Cartoon network was used to advertise mostly as a kids channel but it succeeded to please everyone by airing not only cartoons but also some good shows for teenagers and adults as well. It had introduced a lot of classics that defined childhood. But, now all we can do is watch the old episodes and wish we were young again.

We will refresh your memories of your childhood days with some of the most popular old Disney cartoons that you should not miss watching even today.


Rating: 7.3

Stars: 4

Do you remember Dumbo, that cute elephant baby with big ears? It was one of the shortest featured films by Disney. This animated old Disney shows cartoon had made an emotional connection with the kids as well as adults.

First, he gets separated from his mother after she tried to protect her baby from the kids who came to see him in the circus. Now, Dumbo was lonely but the Timothy, the mice never left his side. He helps Dumbo in achieving his highest potential. Later did Dumbo realizes that his ears give him the strength to fly, for which others ridiculed him all the time.

In the end, the movie gave the lesson of never giving up on our dreams and being as brave as possible to face this cruel world’s reality.

Votes: 128,942


Rating: 7.3

Stars: 3.5

Bambi is a lively and engaging retelling of Disney’s characters and their adventures. It is the tale of a young deer that has yet to learn how to live in the great woods. The story revolves around his journey from his childhood days to adulthood. He learns about the forest and its inhabitants from his mother.

However, her demise changes Bambi’s life completely and this moment was the most heartbreaking part of the entire story. He grows spending time with Thumper and Flower and becomes wiser to the stag. These animated old cartoons from the cartoon network will keep your eyes glued to the screen. The movie was appreciated with many awards and achievements.

Votes: 139,750


Rating: 7.5

Stars: 4.5

A classic tale of adventure, Pinocchio is a puppet whose nose grows when he lies. He was crafted by recognized by the carpenter Gepetoo and life was added by a fairy. This live-action Disney adaptation of the book by Carlo Collodi was a smash hit in Italy and was distributed by Disney to the old cartoon network website and other channels.

Each part of this animated cartoon won the heart of the audience including the whale climax, the theme song "when you wish upon a star", and so on. The most iconic moment in this classic was Pinocchio saving Gepetto from the whale. Despite him being a disobedient character, it left many lessons to unfold for the kids.

Votes: 141,146

04Snow White & the Seven Dwarves

Rating: 7.6

Stars: 3

Snow White & the Seven brought a revolution to the animated cinematic world. It was a beautiful fairy tale of a girl whose charm captured everyone’s heart in the kingdom including the dwarves. But, her wicked stepmother when asked her magic mirror who is fairest of all? It said about Snow White and this made her feel jealous.

She planned to kill her with a poisonous apple. However, Snow White survived as a kiss from her true love could save her. It was a classic Disney masterpiece loved by millions of fans around the world. Today also, this beloved title will make for a perfect addition to every family movie collection.

Votes: 194,392

05The Jungle Book

Rating: 7.6

Stars: 4

Who can forget the epic character Mowgli, Bagheera, and Baloo in the jungle book? For several years, its series aired on the old cartoon network. His battle with the Shere Khan and quest to know about himself while spending time with his wolf siblings, all kept enchanting audiences. This is among the most loved old Disney channel cartoons of that time.

Even today, no one can refuse to watch it. It was also the last film produced by the Walt Disney house. Its movie has received several awards like the Peta innovation in Film Award, Academy Award, BAFTA Awards, and so on.

Votes: 177,666

06Alice in Wonderland

Rating: 7.4

Stars: 3.5

Alice in Wonderland focuses on the story of a girl who fell asleep and dreams of falling into a white rabbit hole. She ends up landing in an animated world of fantastical creatures. As she follows the White Rabbit, she grows in size until she is finally small enough to enter a garden full of talking flowers and oversized insects.

After meeting the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and other strange characters, Alice embarks on a series of adventures that take her to a tea party with the Mad Hatter, a tea party with the March Hare, and then a trial at the hands of the Queen of Hearts. She encounters many strange creatures on her journey. Her adventures go terrible at first but as she meets and spends time with them, things started going well.

Votes: 138,126


Rating: 7.3

Stars: 3

Cinderella is a classic tale filled with adventure, romance, and magic. When a young woman's father unexpectedly passes away, her loving stepmother and step sisters neglect her.

But Cinderella finds comfort in her animal friends, like the mice Gus and Jaq who help her clean and cook, the lovable bird Juno, and especially the kind-hearted Fairy Godmother who helps make Cinderella's dreams come true at a royal ball. Her fortune wasn’t in her favor but her luck turned out good eventually after meeting her Godmother who reunited her with a Prince.

The story of Cinderella makes us believe in the magic existing in the Universe. Somewhere, you have a silent well-wisher to chance your life.

Votes: 138,126

08The Little Mermaid

Rating: 7.6

Stars: 3.5

The Little Mermaid is a wildly popular Disney animated film and a wonderful modern fairy tale. Ariel, the daughter of King Triton, has years to be in the world outside of the sea. She fell in love with the handsome Prince, Ariel soon finds out that they cannot be together because he is a human and she is a mermaid. So she makes a deal with Ursula, an evil sorceress to turn her into a human for three days on land.

She meets Flounder the fish, Sebastian the crab, and a host of other sea creatures. At times it’s just too much to handle but eventually, Ariel discovers her strength and that dreams do come true when you believe in yourself!

This cartoon won two academy awards for the "Under the sea" song. It was also the start of the Disney Renaissance period.

Votes: 254,253

09The Lion King

Rating: 8.5

Stars: 4.5

The Lion King, a beloved animated movie of all time, bursts onto the cartoon channels in a visually spectacular way that touched hearts and captivated minds. You will experience the joy, excitement, and anticipation of Simba's adventure-filled journey that is filled with humor, affection, and heart-racing excitement. He was about to succeed his father but uncle Scar killed him and made Simba responsible for his death. Some of the old cartoon channels kept showing this show for a long time.

Votes: 1,017,146


Rating: 7.8

Stars: 3.5

Disney snatches you up and tugs at your heart with this tale about a little lost princess living in a secluded tower. She had long blonde hair and was finding a way to see the world that she knew nothing about it. You'll get to know Rapunzel as you've never seen her before in this exciting one of the old Disney cartoons. This animated cartoon shows her struggle of living away from her parents and escaping the tower with the help of an intruder Flynn Rider.

Votes: 437,453

Ending Thoughts

For a while, you can live your childhood again by watching Old Disney cartoons.

They are immemorial and watching them even today leaves us connected.

Thanks to the old cartoon network website keeping the legacy of cartoons going still today.

But yeah, those classics aren’t aired anymore on cartoon networks so you can watch them through YouTube.

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