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15 Best Stop Motion Animation Kits to Fuel Creativity (2024 Guide)

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 11, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
15 Best Stop Motion Animation Kits to Fuel Creativity (2024 Guide)

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Stop motion animation is becoming more famous by the year, and it's not even a surprising thing. Creating animated films takes objects, either soft clay items or dolls with joints, and manipulates them.

stop motion animation

If you wish to make this type of animation, then you want to find the best Stop Motion Animation Kits that you can find. Some options out there are even free. This article will share the eight best options for stop motion animation software, separating them by whether they are for Macs or PC.

Part 1 15 Best Stop Motion Animation Kits

After introducing you to the concept of Stop Motion Animation Kits, we've gathered a list of the top Stop Motion Animation Kits that best suits the kids as follows:

01Hue Animation Studio

hue animation studio

The Hue Animation Studio kit is unique because it can be helpful with any clay or toys you may have. The equipment is ideal for animations featuring anything from Playmobil toys, Lego, or even clay animations.


The kit includes the guidebook,

It includes a HUE HD USB camera with a microphone.

The kit Consists of a license of Stop Motion Animation software.

There's a mini stage with a green screen and background.

The system requirements are Windows or Mac OS 10.5+.


Less learning curve

With an HD camera

Easy to create time-lapse videos and special effects


Old-fashioned interface

Not ideal for beginners

Requires a license to buy

02LEGO Make Your Own Movie Activity Kit

lego make your own motion animation kit

LEGO is one of the top players in the animation industry, and its Stop Motion Animation kit is phenomenal to the mark. The kit offers a complete guide to making your stop motion animations and includes several props and other goodies, as described in the Features below.


Includes an 8pages book to use while animating.

It contains official LEGO props and Minifigures.

You get punch-out animation frames.

It involves foldout paper backgrounds.

Best applicable to kids above eight years.


Good for beginners

Great accessories

Informative book


Only basics in the book

Not all the accessories are there

No app available

03I Can Animate It Studio

I can animate it studio

I Can Animate It Studio is another Stop Motion Animation kit by Kudlian. However, the kit looks a little offbeat since it doesn't come with a guide. However, Kudlian offers instructions and guidelines online to simplify the tasks.


This animation kit includes a separate webcam for shooting.

It has an onion skin feature for getting the best results at animation.

Involves an element to edit with a green screen.

It also helps create stop-frame animation by creating drawings.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.


Available as App

Interactive user interface

Easy to create cute videos


Difficult to use the animator pack

Slow processing

May need to pay for premium Features

04ZuAnimation Kit

zu3d animation kit

Zuis among the best stop motion animation kits developed by HUE's initial software. And, it's the kit that is already usual with kids. So, it generally means that it will involve less learning curve comparatively. And, it has some tiny Features which may leave all other toys in the category.


A lifetime software with two perpetual licenses.

Includes a green screen for keying background.

It Consists of an animation handbook to offer you fantastic tips and advice.

It contains a webcam with a metal base.

You get a modeling clay to design characters and a mini set to hold them.


Good pack of sound effects, artwork, and more

Interactive interface

With animation handbook


Some defects with cameras, so check them earlier

Lack of video signals

Limited animation Features

05Stop Motion Explosion Animation Kit

stop motion explosion animation kit

The Stop Motion Explosion complete HD stop motion animation is another rival in the industry for the big competitors playing out. The kit also contains an inbuilt microphone to record your audio. And, there's a precious 29pages book included to provide you a lot. Let's see more of its Features below.


It comes with an HD camera and flexible stand with a microphone and manual zoom control.

It contains a CD with animation software.

The kit involves a quick start guide.

It includes lots of free tutorials.

It Consists of a 29pages book with in-depth information.


Interactive user interface

Contains guided information book

Lots of free tutorials


Lack of fast processing

Need to use the app alongside book

High learning curve

06EyeThink BusyBody Animation Toy

eyethink busybody animation toy

As the name also signifies, the kit is pretty different from other stop motion animation kits. It's one of the coolest of its kind also occupied with the attention of Victorian children in the days gone by. The kit doesn't include any camera. Instead, it works on the principle of 'persistence of vision.' Please scroll below to reveal more of its Features.


You will get a central snipping base with mirrors.

It contains bendable figures for easy posing.

It includes a complete hands-on stop motion animation kit without any complications.

Includes instructions to give you detailed images on how to pose figures.

Works on the principle of 'persistence of vision' without any camera.


Easy to use with good accessibility

Scalable to younger kids

Works without a camera


More of subjective task

Maybe hard to understand

A very different concept of animation

07OgoBild Animate It

ogobild animate it

Brought to you from Gromet and Wallace's creators, this is a super simple Stop Motion Animation kit. It includes hundreds of Construction pieces to begin with. Also, you will get a webcam and stop motion animation software ideally geared towards kids aged 8-years old.


Compatible with the Windows operating system.

It contains a camera with an articulated stand to capture from better angles.

It includes an easy upload to YouTube feature for social sharing.


Good for social sharing

Better accessories

Ideal for beginners


A pretty confusing interface

Only compatible with Windows

Slow processing software

08Dragonframe 5

dragonframe 5

Again, this stop-animation kit isn't that fancy, but it can compete with all the rivals out there. It only contains Software, though, with a list of functions including Cinematography, Animation, vector-based drawings, and much more.


It includes Animation and Cinematography tools.

It contains a frame-based timeline editor.

Dragonframe 5 includes a lip-sync system for the best audio recording.

It includes Motion Control and Vector-based drawing tools.

This kit Consists of a configurable X-sheet.


Lots of functions

Not just a toy

Friendly and effective to deal with.


Too hard for the young kids


Confusing interface

09VidBox Stop Motion Studio

vidbox stop motion studio

VidBox Stop Motion Studio has similar software to Dragonframe but it is more suitable for younger kids. Well, you can readily go for this kit if you already have a camera. It also contains the option to upload creations to Facebook and YouTube directly.


It can create output in different formats, including WMV, MPEG HD resolution, etc.

It contains an adjustable frame rate to control the video's speed.

The Chroma binding effect creates the best setting for the background.

It includes DSLR camera support.

It contains Image Editor, String Removal, and Overlay Frames tool to add special effects.


It gives detailed instructions

Too basic Features

Difficult to handle toys


Too much info is intimidating

Slow process

Some issues with the Chroma effect

10Animation Studio by Helen Piercy – A Book.

animation studio by Helen piercy

As the name suggests, this stop motion studio book is by Helen Piercy, an animator with lots of experience in the field. You will also get all the required Features, such as editing the green screen and more. In addition, tutorials regarding and techniques on puppets are also in the kit.


You get a mini stage set.

It involves a press-out puppet monster with movable parts.

It contains storyboard samples and sheets.

The book contains an engaging animation handbook.

It Consists of a variety of press-out props.


A highly informative book

Contains easy to understand animation scenes

Various and techniques


Hard to understand info

Only a book

It cannot get you through real practical

11- Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio

minecraft stop motion animation studio

Though it seems usual to many kids out, there are valid reasons behind that. First, it is different from other Stop Motion Animation kits as it is available in an app rather than any software. Thus, you can use it on a tablet or phone and edit whatever you shoot.


It includes a variety of props.

It contains six different backgrounds.

This kit involves one movie stage.

It Consists of a device holder.

Minecraft contains 1additional accessories.


No need of a powerful PC

Lots of accessories

With different backgrounds


The app contains compatibility issues

Less number of props in quantity

Lack of software integration

12- Zing StikBot Zanimation Studio Pro

zing stikbot zanimation studio pro

This stop animation kit is a reasonably priced and excellent little package. With this kit, however, you will need your camera. You can manipulate this kit into different poses as the figures have small suction cups on the feet and hands.


It includes two posable StikBot figures.

Works on an animation app to record frames.

It contains a Blue screen or reversible green screen stage.

It Consists of a tripod stand for a tablet or smartphone camera.


Simple software

Lots of functions

Included software


Lack of app availability

Not compatible with Linux systems

Only for Windows and Mac

13- Honestech Stop Motion Studio 4.0

honestech stop motion studio 4.0

It's a great entry-level stop motion animation kit that includes a blue or green screen. It also contains accessible Features for background editing, sound effects, background music, etc. Given below are more of its parts.

A super simple editing interface is appealing to beginner kids.

String Removal feature for more delicacy and effects.

Chroma Key and Audio Recording.

YouTube/Facebook upload feature.

DSLR camera support.


The great Chroma keying feature

Simple user interface

Lots of other Features


Not for advanced kids

A bit slow software

Certain issues with camera integration

14- Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio

crayola color alive easy animation studio

It's another basic Stop Motion Animation kit to easily create custom animated videos by kids. It also includes easy drawing coloring book characters. And, there are tracking markers to make the job easier for kids.


Design and color characters pose and capture.

It includes a stand and mannequin.

It contains a 30-page booklet with the required information.

It is compatible with Android and iOS.

Crayola contains 1twistable color pencils with the device's stand.


Ideal for beginners

Detailed info book

Great accessories


Slow processing UI

Inefficient tracking markers

The app may run certain compatibility issues

15- Claytoon Clay Project Studio

claytoon clay project studio

Young kids can easily use this Clay Studio and create impressive figures for their stop motion animation. It has bright colored clays, which are non-hardening and thus suitable for animation projects. And, there's a good choice in colors with valuable instructions, index cards, and accessories.


Non-hardening clay material

Brilliant color range to create amazing characters

Intermixable clays

Simple to follow instruction cards

5 modeling tools and clay knife


Hard clay

Perfect colors

Professional for adult usage


Maybe be crumbled clays

Oily material

It may not contain all the desired colors

Part 2 How to pick the best animation kits for kids?

Below are the factors you need to Consider before buying Stop Motion Animation kits. So, let's dive into each element in detail.

01Recommended Age

Producing something creative with a Stop Motion Animation kit will be a lengthy process that will involve patience and some informational content to use the Kits properly. So while selecting the best Animation Kit, keep in mind the Recommended Age that the company has specified. If the product is for the young generation, the younger ones might have difficulty using the product.

02Different forms of Kits

You may check a few of them with different Features for the best stop animation kits. However, the significant difference between them is whether they come as complete kits or not. If you buy a complete kit, you will have a camera and other elements with the product.

The only thing you will require other than the entire animation kit would be a computer for software purposes. Moreover, you can also select Kits that do not come with a camera individually.

For this, you must use a smartphone to record the video. Conclusively, the kits present on the market are zoetrope-type kits. However, they are not available with electronics. So you won't be able to create full films with this one.

03Extra Features

As extra Features, you get Props and full-on sets included with some of the kits. These allow you to create the scenes that you are looking for. You can also transform the orientation of some of the props, which gives you extra functionality.


When you're in the hustle to create a Stop Motion Animation, you need a few things. One of them is the smartphone or a camera. At the same time, the other one will be the App on your phone that will help you merge everything the way you wish it to be.

Some of the companies out there will create their apps, and it will assist you with different integration procedures, but if the kit you select is not available with a dedicated app. There are a lot of good apps on the market right now that you can go for. These 3rd party apps are unique and will get your job done too.

05 Software

You will either need an App or Proper Software for the putting-together part. This Software will need hardware such as either a laptop or a PC. Before deciding on an animation kit, make sure you know the system requirements if the kit is only supported through software.

06Bonus: Create an easy stop motion video via Wondershare Filmora Video Editor.

In old times, making stop motion videos was a very hectic task, and sometimes it could take several days to make such videos. With the advancement of technology and editing software like Filmora, it has become effortless. All you need is a camera and video editing software to create your stop motion animations.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Let's dig deep into the stop motion animations and learn how to create these videos on your own.

07Steps For Making Stop-Motion Video

If you want to create your stop motion animation, follow this step-by-guide.

Capture The Shots

Move an object and capture its movement frame by frame. Suppose we are making a stop motion video of bottle spin. Place your camera in a steady place, and bring your object in the frame. Move your object slightly and take a shot. Keep doing this until you have at least 12,23or photos of the object's movement. We took the bottle spin only as an example. You can create your ideas here.

capture shots filmora

Download And Start Filmora X

If you haven't downloaded the Filmora in your system, download it from their official website. If it is already on your PC, then run the program.

Choose The Suitable Frame Rate In Project Settings.

Begin a new project by hitting the File and selecting the full-wide resolution.

select frame rate filmora

Once you select the resolution, click on the File and go to project settings.

Now select the frame rate you captured the video, i.e., 236etc. If you didn't Consider the frame rate when taking shots, you could select 24.

project settings filmora

Import The Media Files

Once you have done with the settings above, import the captured images using the import option from the file menu.

import media filmora

Adjust the Preferences

Go to File and click select preferences from the menu or press the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+,

A window will appear on your screen. Click on editing and adjust the photo duration anywhere between 0.2 - 0.5 seconds.

adjust preferences filmora

Create and Export.

Once you complete all the settings mentioned above, import all images timeline-track, and click on play, you will notice that your stop motion animation has been created.

Now click on the export button, select the desired video format, export the video, and share it with your friends.

export project filmora

Ok, this is very easy. It's just time-Consuming if you want to make a big enough project. Here is the result.

stop motion animation filmora

Filmora is one of the most straightforward software you can use to create your stop motion animation videos. This magic can be easily created by following the steps mentioned above, even if you have no video editing experience.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Stop-motion animation kits are a form of art, and with all of the access we have to such technology via our computers, it is a big deal to get started with it. Most of them include Stop Motion animation starter kits as well. That’s why you want to be sure that you look at everything in depth and see what you like. Then, determine which kits will be best for your purposes and see why it makes such a big difference for you and everything you want to accomplish in the long run.

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