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Where Can I Find Scary Sound Effect?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 10, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Getting sound effects for your videos or audios can be difficult, but fret not! We are here to aid you in that task. There are several ways of doing so, and you are going to learn those here on our website as you take a trip through it. We will keep this concise and brief because we care about your time. This article will teach you where to get sound effects in mp3 form. They can be scary sound effects, dialogues, scream sound effects, or whatever sound effect you need. Still, we will also teach you how to make your sound effects and add that good effect into your video or audio file.

 Part 1 Ways to Download All Kinds of Sound Effect

Let’s get the first and probably the most important part out of the way, where to get scary scream sound effects. There are quite a few ways of doing so. We are sure you will find the desired method.

1. Download from Some YouTube Video:

This one may not seem very obvious to people. Still, it is a very plausible way of downloading sound effects, but make sure that the audio clips uploaded are the original producer and have given explicit permission to use it. If not, you might want to get their permission first. Otherwise, you could get in trouble, which none of us would like.

Step 1: Firstly, go to you tube’s search bar on the top, and type in the name of the scary sounds mp3 effect you want, then type sound effect after it, and then press enter.

scary sound

Doing so will show you a list of ‘videos’ that have the desired scary movie sound effects, but in reality, it will most likely be an audio clip with a still image.

Step 2: Right-click on the video and press copy video URL.

scary sound effect

Step 3: Afterward, click on your browser's search bar and type, then press enter, but be sure to use ad-block and anti-virus on such sites. On the website, press on the big search bar in the middle of the page

download the effect

Step 4: Copy the video URL into it by pressing control and v together or right-clicking and pressing paste.

Step 5: Then press start. A list of options will be shown before you.

options showed

Step 6: Proceed to click on mp3 in the middle of the three options. There will be another list shown before you with only one choice this time.

Step 7: Then press start. A list of options will be shown before you.

download the effect

That will download the entirety of the video in audio format only. All of this is free. Later in this article, we will show you how to cut and trim it.

2. Make Scary Sound Effect by Yourself:

If you are not satisfied with other scary sound effects or want something unique, you can make your sound effects. Initially, get a good-quality microphone with a pop filter for clear audio.

Be Sure To Be In a Quiet Room with Padding:

Connect the microphone to your computer make sure it is unmuted physically by pressing its button, as some microphones have a mute button on them.

Make Sure the Microphone Is Unmuted In the Software:

Step 1: Open a recording software, such as OBS Studio or audio recorder from Windows.

Step 2: Press record and make the sound effect you want.

Step 3: End the recording by pressing stop recording. You will now have recorded a scary music sound effect saved on your computer.

This method requires money for a good microphone, a pop filter, and padding.

3. Getting Sound Effects from Free Websites:

This option is attractive to many people, from beginners to people testing out the waters of audio editing. However, it should be noticed that the sound quality is not the best.

You can get free sound effects from websites such as or

Step 1: First of all, go to the website.

Step 2: Register an account

Step 3: Then search your desired sound effect

search the effect

Step 4: Press download next to it.

Pretty straightforward, and as mentioned, these are free, but with limitations such as total download amount per month or licensing.

4. Buying Sound Effects:

If you have money but not time to make your audio effects, you can buy sound effects off the internet. Usually, these sellers have excellent quality audio; they can even make specific sound effects tailored to your needs.

  • Many websites sell sound effects, including the likes of – and

  • Both websites are famous among the audio effects community; soundscape even provides audio for Nickelodeon, Disney, Pixar, HBO, and Netflix.

  • As per usual, you first register an account.

  • Once you are done with that, you buy the package you want, whether a one-time payment, bi-annual, or annual plan.

  • These plans have different terms, such as 150 downloads per 6 months. Make sure of the times you will buy before you confirm the purchase.

  • Then your search for the audio you want in the search bar

  • Afterward, you click download. That’s it! You got it.

Now, let's talk about inserting them into your product; this requires an editor. And this is where Wondershare's editing software Filmora comes in.

 Part 2 Use Filmora to Add Background Music to Your Video

Filmora is Wondershare's editing software which, at this point, everyone has heard of. Wondershare has made it an easy-to-use editor so that everyone can edit with it, from beginners to the most skilled professionals, as it has the features and tools to cater to all such users' needs. It provides free audio effects and video effects to its buyers, and much more. Filmora allows you to cut and edit your sound effects and add any audio you want to your video. Yep, you can edit videos with it too! Filmora enables you to make quality products, whether audio or video.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Filmora has some outstanding features, such as allowing you to change audio pitch and volume, obviously letting you edit videos, trimming them, and joining them together. Colour-grading, as well as subtitling.

Since Filmora has several packages, including monthly, yearly, and perpetual, you might want to give it is trial a shot before buying the real thing. This way you can confirm what package suits your requirements.


  • It widely supports different formats.

  • Powerful video editing features and intuitive user interface.

  • Transfer to a popular device option, upload to YouTube, or burn to DVD.

  • A choice of 300+ stunning effects for different niches.

  • Royalty-free music, Modern and easy to use.

Step by Step Guide for How to Add Sound Effects to Video with Filmora:

Step 1: Go to the Filmora official website, install wonder share Filmora, and lunch it. Once it’s launched, you will find a tab just below the menu bar, tap media, and click import. After this, there will be a drop-down where you can click on import media files and choose the video file. You can also use build-in music tracks to add music to your video by selecting the Music tab. Repeat the process to pick the desired background music.

add sound effect

Step 2: Now, you can navigate the video you imported to Filmora, then tap on the sign ‘+’on it alternatively; you can drag down the media file to the timeline.

Step 3: Now, edit your music by double-tapping the audio from the timeline. It will display the audio panel at the top of the screen. You can use it to set the desired equalizer manage pitch volume and speed. You can also use the forum to fade in or fade out.

fade in/out

Step 4: Finally, you can now export the video that has made the desired changes by clicking ‘export’ on the toolbar to export the video. You can now save the exported in the desired format and remember to rename it directly.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


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The AI Portrait is a new add-on in Wondershare Filmora. It can easily remove video backgrounds without using a green screen or chroma key, allowing you to add borders, glitch effects, pixelated, noise, or segmentation video effects.

ai portrait wondershare filmora


In the end, we can tell you that there are numerous ways of procuring sound effects, and we have listed a small but popular portion of them, whether they are scary sound effects or a different type does not matter as you can find them all with the help of our guide. That is not all, though, since you will need a good

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