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All you want to know about Vimeo Video [Aspect Ratio Included]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 25, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

Video customization does not come automatically. There is something extraordinary you need to look around. One platform that most people are aware of is YouTube that offers video sharing services. But the world is not so small. There exists a new genre picking up pace with personalized effect. The talk is about Vimeo, the latest trending video streaming site, with a vast viewer base after YouTube.

intro to vimeo

It is a beautiful platform for those professional videographers, filmmakers, event organizers, graphic designers, or those who want to expand their business and gain a viewer base. While creating videos for the platform, there are some basic requirements such as Vimeo Aspect RatioorVimeo Thumbnail Dimensions. If all these terms look unknown to you, and you are eager to discover more with Vimeo Ratio, you have landed the right place. Here, you will get all the recipe ingredients required to prepare for a professional-looking, customized video through Vimeo.

Part 1: What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a video streaming and hosting services provider online platform that equips a user with a powerful video customization feature. This feature distinguishes it from other video streaming sites. Vimeo reflects the vision of its founder filmmakers, who furnish advanced video customization features for Audio and Video content. Vimeo renders services from “Freemium” the free users to that of Advance business partners.

what is vimeo

Basic features it enabled in itself are:

  • Users can customize and promote their videos
  • HD audio and video quality
  • Freemium account for free usage
  • Supports 8K Video resolution
  • The pricing plan ranges from $7 to $75
  • Specific sites promotion option
  • Customized screen end view
  • Multiple options such as color, size, or different types of buttons
  • For the same URL video replacement option
  • Featuring Team collaboration
  • Live Streaming

In addition, additional features and services get added up with each account up-gradation.

Part 2: Vimeo Video Requirement

If you are also interested in being a part of Vimeo's community and geared up to share the video, you must be aware of Vimeo Video requirements and Vimeo dimensions. So that you can upload the video with ease on the site without facing any issue. Let's look at some of the critical video ratios and other requirements.

vimeo video requirement

  • Frame Rate:

Keep the Video Frame Rate constant. Some common frame rates are: 60, 59.94, 50, 30, 29.97, 25, 24, and 23.98. While compressing, keep the frame rate below 60.

  • Codecs:

Codecs represent video encoded format. Some of the most recommended codecs are , (), Apple ProRes (HQ) 422

  • Color

Most of the color display is acceptable. But the recommended ones are:

  • Color Matrix Coefficients/Primaries- [BT.709 (Rec.709), BT.2020, whereas Rec.2020 HLG for Dolby Vision]
  • Bit Depth- 10 or more than 10 for better quality.
  • Characteristics of Color Transfer- Multiple ranges for SDR. But HLG or PQ (SMPTE 2084) for HDR

  • Bit Rate- Video file size, visual quality control by data rate/Bit-rate. Go with Variable Bit Rate. That might range in different parameters, or you can choose from 2 to 50 MBPS. Where for SD (2 to 5), 720P (5 to 10), 1080p (10 to 20), 2k (20 to 30), 4k (30 to 60), 8k (50 to 80).

  • Scan Type- Progressive playback is advisable before uploading de-interlace the video.

  • Resolution/Aspect Ratio

Though all shapes and sizes are available, the most preferable Vimeo Video Aspect Ratio and Proportions are:


Aspect Ratio


HD (720P)



HD (1080P)












UHD (4K)






Stereoscopic 360 4K



Monoscopic 3604K






Here, a question that might arise. OK, these are the requirements by Vimeo Video Ratio. But, how to set the Vimeo dimensions? For this purpose, one valuable suggestion is the Wondershare Filmora Video Editing tool.

Wondershare Filmora is a friendly and effective interface if looking to adjust the Vimeo Video size ratio or pre-setting the Vimeo Aspect Ratio to make it as per the norms of Vimeo. Then we can go with the efficient, quick, and easy-to-use way to edit the Vimeo Aspect ratio.

Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Steps are simple: land the home page of Wondershare Filmora, upload your video project, and select the desired video Ratiounder project settings.

Part 3: Size Limit of Vimeo File

Are you ready to create an exciting video and about to upload that into your Vimeo account? Then, there is a precious suggestion to you. Wait for a while, as some restrictions come under Vimeo dimensions uploading. And you must be aware of that. Let's first understand about Size Limit of the Vimeo File. In terms of duration, there is no limit, but for file size following criteria is used:

As per Vimeo, the user can upload a file of any size. For instance, it can upload videos ranging from the most minor 30 seconds to a whopping 3-hour duration epics. The maximum limit is 25GB per video.

Part 4: How big of a File can upload to Vimeo

The following important question comes out, how big a file can you upload to Vimeo? Let's scrap out this information for you:

  • Basic account- 5GB total
  • Vimeo Plus- Up to 250 GB in a year
  • Vimeo Pro- 1TB in a Year
  • Vimeo Business- 5 TB in total
  • Vimeo Premium – 7 TB in total

So, by checking the above criteria, it becomes easy for you to create and upload your video as per the mentioned guidelines. So, let you be ready with your sizzling video following Vimeo ratio and size criteria.

Part 5: Vimeo Weekly Upload Limit

Now, it is crucial to understand. What could be the weekly upload limit to your Vimeo account? As accordingly, you will plan for the appropriate tab. Here are the details:

  • Free Account- 500 MB/week
  • Vimeo Plus Account- 5GB/week
  • Vimeo Pro Account- 20GB/week
  • Vimeo Business Account- No Weekly Limit
  • Vimeo Premium Account- Unlimited Live Streaming

It looks like Vimeo has divided its size criteria into different frames, usage, daily basis, weekly basis, yearly basis, and maximum limit. So, if you, as a potential user, have all this valuable information to grow your business, hobby, or any peculiar interest, it will become a bonanza to your efforts. As exemplary efforts always show the way to success. I hope that till now, all your queries, concerns such as Vimeo Thumbnail dimensions, Vimeo Video Size ratio, duration, size limit gets filled up. So, without delay, rock on in the video world of Vimeo and let the world know your potential right away.


Vimeo Video Size Ratio and other requirements to upload your video to the Vimeo site are covered here. Indeed, these will be going to be the milestone to start or progress your business with Vimeo. Vimeo is trending nowadays, especially among the users who prefer a customized look to their video and a solution to grow their business with proper after support. So, doing little pre-work in terms of Vimeo Video Dimensions will pave the way to start your journey. In addition, while adjusting Vimeo Aspect Ratio, Wondershare Filmora will act as the right approach with appropriate tools to change the Vimeo Aspect Ratio and other important editing options. All the best!

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