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Top 10 Discord Dating Servers to Have Fun or Find Love

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Discord started as a valuable tool for gamers to communicate with their teammates or friends while playing games to know about its origin. However, despite just a voice communication tool, Discord has become a social app to interact with new people via voice or text messages.

There are currently numerous servers and more in creation as we speak on Discord that isn't related to gaming, specifically the Discord dating servers.

Today, in this article, we'll focus on Dating Discord servers. Yes, you've read it all right! There are bundles of options available on Discord where you can find your match and date people.

Part 1: Top 10 Discord Dating Servers in 2021

In the following list, we’ve shared some of the best and highly active discord dating servers that you can right away join for free. However, we would like to inform our readers that some servers are age-restricted and suitable for mature users only. So, you can join these dating servers Discord at your own risk.

1. Beautiful People

Our first discord dating server in the list is Beautiful People, a community based solely on something as superficial as your physical appearance being worth your time.

discord dating server beautiful people

2. Global Surreal Club

The Global Surreal Club is an 18 plus discord dating server that is quite interactive for young folks. It is the gp-place if you’re also looking to date or meet some new friends.

3. Lounge 18+

As the name suggests, it is another 18 plus discord dating server made for social geeks looking for fun bots, active dating channels, a friendly community, and more.

4. Universal Matrix 18+

Our list of 18 plus discord dating servers doesn’t end as this Universal Matrix 18+ is only for adults.

5. Tincord

Tincord is a hangout discord dating server channel that also includes its Tinder-like bot. It also has a nice community where everyone can get along, chat etc.


6. Love Lounge

Love Lounge is a discord dating server channel tagged with Dating, Teens, Dating-Server, Soulmate etc.

7. Blue Club

Blue Club is quite an active community of daters also tagged with Voice Chat and E-Dating. They also have a friendly community with active chats, and a robust verification system.

blue club discord

8. Sofa Dating

Sofa Dating is a discord dating server channel with a friendly community, no catfish system, and is very friendly to teens. If you like watching cartoons, it will be a good place to find your partners.

sofa dating discord

9. The Coffee

The Coffee is a discord dating server channel tagged with anime, chat, events, coffee, and more. You can discuss topics, interact with others, and become an elite coffee member with this discord community.

discord dating server coffee

10. Only The Homies

Only The Homies is a discord dating server channel with great admin staff. However, it’s a basic server but chill at times to hang out with many young folks.

only the homies discord

Part 2: How to Find the Best Discord Dating Server?

After signing up on Discord, the obvious questions that you will encounter are - How to find Discord dating servers? Is it difficult? Do I have to fill up a formal kind of application?

Here’s How to find the best Dating Discord Server via Online Discord Website Directories

The simplest way to find legit Dating Discord servers is to explore the online directories synced with Discord dating servers.

Some of the popular Discord directories are –

1. Discord. me

discord me

The user interface and appearance of Discord. me is pretty remarkable. The directory provides thousand plus Discord servers. The ‘Categories’ drop-down list offers a list of options that people usually search for. You can search for random servers and bots. The top channel categories are listed just beneath the Search bar.

discord servers

This directory houses a vast collection of Discord dating servers aimed at an online community. Upon entering the site, you will suddenly notice a minimal and sleek user interface. You can easily browse and navigate what dating Discord servers you are looking for. In addition, the landing page contains a list of featured channels.

After exploring the Discord dating servers, you can pick a handful and have a glance at the servers before you decide upon their joining concern. Then, you can scroll until you find a suitable dating Discord server channel for yourself. You can join multiple channels too.

This is the most extensive directory that features servers sprawl across various subjects like languages, politics, music, LGBTQ, and other usual gaming channels. You can use the search bar and browse for media related to your dating Discord servers. If you are baffled about starting, you can explore the tags and categories beneath the Search bar.

The servers are also sorted according to your location.

Part 3: FAQs about Discord Dating Servers

1 - Are dating servers on discord allowed?

Discord's director of Trust and Safety, Sean Li, says underage dating channels are against company policy. They don’t allow servers designed to access teen dating on their platform. Whenever they become aware of dating Discord servers, we quickly shut down and investigate any violating servers.

2 - What is the number 1 discord server?

The official Discord for the Fortnite game is the largest Discord server in the world.

3 - What does NSFW mean in discord?

NSFW - an internet acronym means "not safe for work." NSFW generally refers to a content warning, directing the audience to avoid the post or image or use discretion in a public or professional setting.


Discord is an excellent social platform for people from all around the globe to gather and have conversations without any effort. The list mentioned above of Discord dating servers is valuable for folks looking for a mature and organized place to hang out without any restrictions. However, you must always be concerned about the NSFW warning!

Well, that brings a wrap to this article. In case if you know any other Discord dating servers that are worth mentioning, then let us know through the comment section. Also, if you’re facing any issues or errors with the discord app, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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