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Review for DJI Phantom 3 Standard

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

DJI is well known for impressive drone designs and Phantom 3 Standard is a wonderful addition to its quadcopter series. This device provides total flight time of 25 minutes and can move up to 1.2 miles with one charge. The added 4k resolution ability with advanced stabilization feature improves its recording focus. Beginners will love to use its return to home feature along with GPS, sensor stabilization and flight path control abilities.

phantom 3 standard

Complete review for DJ Phantom 3 Standard

Pros and Cons:

  • Impressive photo and video quality.
  • The interactive DJI Go application makes everything much easier.
  • It is rated as a ready to fly type quad copter design that holds a build in camera and supports 2.7K resolution.
  • Intelligent flight modes will make everything more interesting.
  • Some glitches during video recording are observed.
  • It takes too much time to charge battery.


With a price tag of $499, DJI phantom Quadcopter is best product for beginners. You will surely find a great deal for limited price in terms of impressive features, design and ease of use. DJI Phantom can beat most of competing models with its advanced mounting options.

Features and Specs:

This latest quadcoper model can assist beginners as well as professionals with 2.7k impressive video footage recording ability. The MicroSD card can store up to 128GB of data. This device has lots of features to offer as an airborne videographer and users can have better control on all movements from remote locations. Use return home feature to call it back whenever you need.

  • It comes with 4 rotors having 9.5 inches diameters and all of them are replaceable.
  • A Li-ion polymer battery is attached with 4800 mAh capacity.
  • It can serve you up to 20 minutes in air with one charge.
  • Overall dimensions are 19x19x8” only.
  • 2 pounds, 11 ounces is overall weight of Phantom 3 standard.


Phantom 3 Standard product is designs with almost same appearance as that of other members of phantom family but there are few key differences in terms of design and features. You will find the battery and all electronics inside its central body whereas the case itself is made up of graceful plain plastic material. The landing gear is attached to bottom side of drone whereas gimbal is attached between two landing arms. Its overall weight goes up to 2 pounds 11 ounces whereas total dimension is about 19x19x8 inches.

Battery Life:

Phantom 3 Standard quadcopter comes with single large battery unit that has 4480mHa capacity. It offers total 21 minutes in air with full charge. This battery will take much time to get fully charged; you may have to wait for 50 minutes to get it done. It is not so easy to buy spare batteries for your Phantom 3 Standard device because they are pretty costly with a average price tag of $145.

Flight Performance:

This device can be controlled with touch screen functionality as well as by using conventional remote control. The quadcopter demands hard work from user if they want to use manual control buy auto control facilities are also available with DJI Go app that makes takeoff as well as landing much easier.

DJI Phantom offers 35 miles/ hour horizontal speed whereas 11miles/hour is offered as its vertical speed. Note that it is not ranked as a stunt quadcopter so you need to be careful about its stability in air. It is not designed to perform sudden flips and adventurous activities in air.

Control Range:

The Phantom 3 standard quadcopter consists of two control parts: one is the standard hardware based remote control part and another is the software application that works on android as well as iOS devices. With this remote control unit you can avail incredible flying experience but the app can have autonomous control over it. The remote control unit generally possesses a simple white box type antenna, few switches, two control sticks and dial on the sides. It does not possess any display but a set of few LEDs that provide continuous battery level indication.

phantom 3 standard

By using specially designed control sticks you can easily move the motors in desired direction. On the other side, the advanced application provides easy controls to flight modes, GPS, signal strength and battery level monitoring. The bottom portion of application indicates speed, altitude, heading and other location based details. Map will help users to gain full control over live view details and it will update the hybrid or satellite based location information on the go.

There are five different modes available under settings manual; once you disable the beginner’s mode then you will be able to gain access to points of interest, follow me, waypoint, home lock and course lock modes. All these modes assist users to enjoy incredible flight experience in air.

Camera (Video and Camera Image)

phantom 3 standard

Phantom 3 Standard is able to capture videos with three different modes: HD, HHD and 2.7 K resolution level; whereas, you can enjoy stills with 12MP capabilities. All the resulting videos of Phantom device use to be of excellent quality with crystal clear details and all movements are reflected with very smooth and clean fashion. The great news is here that phantom 3 offers intuitive control video settings and one can make easy adjustments to avail soft, real and fuzzy videos.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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Max Wales

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