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Remove and Change Video Background

Without Green Screen
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Available for Filmora for Windows V10.5 and
Filmora for Mac V10.4 and later versions.

Remove Video Backgrounds with Human Segmentation Effect

The Human Segmentation effect in Filmora’s AI Portrait allows you to isolate people from the background of a video without a green screen. All it takes is a few clicks.
Once the background has been removed, you will see the main foreground of your video in real-time. You can then add an image or a different background to go with your original video. You can also take the video with the background removed and add it as an overlay on top of another video.

How to Remove and Change
Video Background in Filmora [No Green Screen]

With Filmora, you can remove and change backgrounds in your videos in several ways, with or without the help of a green screen. The human segmentation effect allows you to do that without a green screen. It works best when the scene contains individuals in front of the camera. Follow the steps below to find how to remove the video background with this feature.

Explore More Creative Ways to
Use the Human Segmentation Effect in Filmora

Here are some other interesting ways that you can use the human segmentation effect.