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How to Create Messenger Rooms?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 21, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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Video conferencing is the latest form of communication that people all over the world have adopted. Especially during the Covid-19 days, video calls and conferences were the only way people could interact with each other face to face.

So, with the changing communication dynamics, different social media platforms leveled up their game. Many tech companies have already offered video conferencing features such as Google with Google Meets, Microsoft with Skype and Teams, Zoom, etc. However, Facebook lacked in this department.

So, in April of 2020, Facebook rolled out its latest feature called Messenger Rooms.

In this article, we will give you an overview of what Facebook Messenger Rooms are and how you can create them for individual use and group chats.

Part 1. Overview of Messenger Room

Messenger Rooms is a video conferencing platform introduced by Facebook. You can create a room via Facebook or Messenger to spend quality time with people online.

You can use this platform to create a Facebook video chat room where you can interact with your friends, family, and acquaintances. Messenger Rooms make it extremely easy to host celebrations, gather a book club, or chill on the couch with anyone from your Facebook network.

Features of Messenger Rooms

Since Messenger Rooms is a recent release in the world of video conferencing platforms, it has more advanced and thought-out features than the rest of the video conferencing apps. Let’s look at some of the cool features Messenger Rooms has to offer.

Feature 1: Facebook Account Not Required

The best feature of the Messenger Rooms is that you do not need a Facebook account to join a room. Anyone can join the conversation as long as they have the link to the room.

Feature 2: Unlimited Calls

Unlike Zoom, Messenger Rooms do not have any time limit to the calls. You can talk to your friends and family for as long as you want without any disruption.

Feature 3: Capacity of 50 People

Another feature of the Messenger Rooms is that they can hold up to a maximum of 50 people. So, you host huge gatherings as well!

Feature 4: Effects and Filters

Effects and filters make everything seem more fun and fuller of life. So, Messenger Rooms’ feature of different effects, filters, themed events, and mood lighting makes the video chat more enjoyable for the viewers. It also allows you to add a virtual background of your choice.

Feature 5: Lock or Unlock the Room

Due to the privacy concerns of many, Messenger Rooms gives the host the option to lock or unlock the room. It gives the host the ability to control who sees the room and who doesn’t.

If the room is unlocked, anyone with the link can join and share the room with others. You can lock the room as soon as everyone you invite has joined so that unnecessary people don't disturb you.

Feature 6: Host’s Control

Learning from the mistakes of other applications, Messenger Room ensures that the host has a control from the start. A call cannot begin without the host. The host has the power to control who can join the room, who can see the room, and they can also remove participants at any time.

This helps create a safe and secure environment for the host and the guests.

Feature 7: Reporting Rooms

Facebook keeps the safety of its users at top priority. Therefore, if you see something that violates Facebook’s Community Standards, you can report the room name. The report will not include the audio and video from the room as it may be considered a breach of privacy.

Feature 8: Blocked Users

If you have blocked someone on Facebook, they won’t be able to join the same room as you (only if both of you are logged in to your accounts).

On the other hand, if you have blocked someone's messages and calls on Messenger, you will be notified if you are about to join a room with the person you have blocked.

Feature 9: Broadcast Rooms

You can also broadcast your room using the Facebook Live feature. In such a case, the room is shared to Facebook, and people outside the room can also see what’s happening in it.

Facebook also collects audio and videos from broadcast rooms in order to ensure that users are following Community Standards.

Feature 10: Safety Guidelines

Last but not least, Facebook cares about its users. So it has provided a guideline on how to stay safe while using Messenger Rooms.

How Do Messenger Rooms Help People?

Messenger Rooms is an ideal platform for people as it offers safety, security, and privacy. Users of Facebook can easily conversate via group video calls and share interests with others. This helps in creating an inclusive and friendly environment.

People with social anxiety can also interact with the community without coming out of their comfort zone.

Furthermore, it is easy to use and readily accessible for people all over the world.

With all the cool features and benefits that Messenger Rooms offer, we're sure you are wondering how to create one. Well, wonder no more! We have given complete instructions that will help you create a Facebook Messenger Room.

Part 2. How to Create a Facebook Messenger Room?

Creating a Facebook Messenger Room is very easy. We will look into two methods: creating a Messenger Room via Facebook on PC and creating a Messenger Room via Messenger app on your phone.

Creating a Messenger Room via Facebook on PC

To access Facebook on our PCs, people generally use the browser. So, follow the steps below to create a Messenger Room on PC.

Step 1: Open Browser.

Open any browser that you generally use.

Step 2: Go to Facebook.

Go to the Facebook website.

Go to Facebook.

Step 3: Sign Up or Log In

Here, log in to your account if you already have one, or you can Sign up for a new account by clicking on “Create New Account.”

Sign Up or Log In

Step 4: Get Started

Once you are logged in to your account, you will be taken to your News Feed.

Facebook News Feed

Step 5: Create a Room

Now there are three routes you can follow to create a room. The first is to click on the "Create" simply you see under "Kevin's Room" here.

Method 1 of Creating Room

The second route is to go to Chats in the top right corner and click on the video icon to create a new room.

Method 2 of Creating Room

The third route is to click on the video icon in the Contacts tab on the right of your News Feed.

Method 3 of Creating Room

Step 6: Set the Desired Settings

Once you click on “Create,” a prompt will open up. It will ask for the different things such as the room activity, who is invited, and start time.

Set the Desired Settings

Room Activity: This allows you to set and choose the purpose of your room so that other people can join in based on their interests. You can also add a new topic by clicking on “New.”

Room Activity List

Who is invited?: This allows you to choose who can join the room. You have two options. Either you can keep the room open for all your Facebook friends, or you can allow only a few specific friends. If you choose to keep the room open for all, Facebook will promote your room on your News Feed.

Who is invited? Settings

Start Time: Here, you can set the time to start the room meeting. By default, it is set at the current time and date. However, you can change it according to your needs.

Start Time Settings

Step 7: Create Room

Click on "Create Room," which will take you to another interface.

Create Room

Here, you can again invite someone if you’ve forgotten before, or you can share the link, edit settings, or end room.

Settings for Creating Room

You can also turn on link sharing so that you can copy the link and share it on other platforms such as email or text.

Once you are done with all the settings, click on “Join.”

Step 8: Join the Room

Once you click on “Join,” another window will pop up. It will show you how many people have joined the room.

Click on “Join room as...”

Click on “Join as…” to enter the room.

Room's Interface

Step 9: Explore Different Options

Once you enter the room, you can explore different options such as sharing your screen, looking at the call participants, disabling, and enabling your mic and video.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Room!

Once people start joining in, go ahead and get started!

Creating a Messenger Room via Messenger App on Phone

Follow the steps given below to create a room on your phone.

Step 1: Go to the App Store

The first step is to get the Messenger app for your phone. For this purpose, go to the "App Store" (or Play Store for Android).

Open App Store

Step 2: Search for Messenger

In the App Store, search for Messenger. If you already have it on your phone, it will give you the option to “Open” the app. Otherwise, it will give you the option to “Install.” Click on it to get the app.

Search for Messenger

Step 3: Log in or Sign up

Just as you did for Facebook on your PC, log in to your account or create a new one. Once you are logged in, the following interface will come up.

Messenger Chat Interface

Step 4: Go to the People tab

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a “People” tab. Tap on it.

Go to the People tab

Step 5: Click on “Create a Room”

For the next step, tap on the “Create a Room” at the top.

Click on “Create a Room”

Step 6: Invite People

Messenger will give you a prompt to invite people to your room.

Invite People

Click on the “Share Link” to invite people outside your Facebook network. Once you do that, the auto-share feature will give you the option to share it across different apps.

Auto Share Feature of iPhone

Step 7: Explore Different Options.

Once people start joining in, you can start interacting. Other options available to you are turning on/off the speaker or mic. You can also minimize the room by clicking on the arrow on the top left.

Room's Interface

Other than that, if you tap on the people icon, you will see the settings to lock the screen, end the room, remove people, etc.

Moreover, if you turn your video on, you will see an emoji icon. Tap on it to view different effects, filters, backgrounds, etc.

Different Effects in Room's Video

Step 8: Enjoy Your Room!

Once you have all your friends with you, go ahead and start the party!

Moving on, let's see how you can create a Messenger Room for a group.

Part 3. How Can I Create a Messenger Room for a Group?

Follow the steps given below to create a Messenger Room for a group.

Step 1: Go to News Feed

Open the Facebook app and go to your News Feed.

Open Facebook

Step 2: Go to Menu

At the top of the News Feed, you will see three bars. Click on them.

Go to Menu

Step 3: Go to Groups

From the Menu, tap on Groups to view all the Facebook groups you are added in.

Step 4: Choose the Group

Choose the group you want to create a room in.

Step 5: Click on Rooms

At the top, you will see a tag of “Rooms.” Click on it.

Click on the “Rooms

Step 6: Click on “Create Room”

Here, click on "Create Room" to begin. You will get a prompt asking you to choose the room type.

Click on “Create Room”

Choose as per your requirement.

Choose Room Type

Step 7: Set the Desired Settings

In the next step, set the title, start date and time, and invite people. Once you are done, click on “Create Live Audio Room” or “Create.”

Set the Desired Settings

You can only invite people within the group.

Step 8: Enjoy the Room!

Once people have joined, start your meeting or fun, or both!

Side note:

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Facebook is an ages-old social media website, but it still manages to stay updated with the world. Introducing the Messenger Rooms was also a show of its efficiency.

Messenger Rooms are a hit among people as they are fun, interactive, easy to use, and accessible. The best part is that they offer many features such as security, privacy, control, and many more. We rarely find such all-rounded apps.

Therefore, we should not take them for granted and use them to their full capacity. So, get the Messenger app or log in to Facebook and start your room!

Happy Calling!!