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10 Educational Valentine Day Video for Your Kids

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Dec 28, 21, updated Jul 12, 24
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Many people believe that Valentine’s Day originated from the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which was held in mid-February. At the end of the fifth century, this festival was replaced with St. Valentine’s Day. People started celebrating Valentine’s Day as a day of love in the 14th century. This day also allows parents to teach kids to understand and appreciate all types of relationships. You can use a Valentine's Day video to show your children the importance of celebrating this February 14.

Why Is It Important to Teach Kids About Valentine's Day?

There are many reasons that you might want to consider educating your kids about this day. These include:

- Love for Others

Teaching your children about Valentine’s Day helps them understand that this day does not revolve around romantic love. You can establish a tradition of doing an act of kindness for one of their classmates, visiting friends and retired loved ones, giving to a charity, or volunteering at a shelter.

You should help your kids to understand the concept of empathy by teaching them about this day. Your children will make better decisions if they imagine how it would feel when they are in someone else’s shoes as they navigate the twists and turns of life.

You can volunteer with your kid to help an organization or charity important to your family. You can encourage your children to help animal shelters and teach them how to show love for others. Helping innocent and cute animals is a perfect way to pull at a kid's heartstrings.

Finding local organizations that help children about the same age as your kid gives them a tangible way to put themselves in another person's shoes. Whether it is painting a mural at a local community center, building a bed, sorting donated clothes, or assembling school backpacks, you will make an impact when you gently encourage your kids to imagine if they were the ones in need.

- Love for Self

Teaching your kids about Valentine’s Day will allow them to understand that they cannot love others until they love themselves. Fostering their well-being helps them grow their capability of establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships. Teaching your kids to understand emotions and how loving themselves unconditionally can boost their self-esteem is vital. It also helps your children develop a strong, healthy sense of self.

You can set a good example for your kids by taking care of yourself and identifying your worth. When you teach kids about this day, they will be comfortable expressing their needs and wants. Be sure to encourage them to start practicing self-care by choosing something positive they can do for themselves on Valentine’s Day.

- Teaches Kids to Be Good Friends and Be Kind

When you teach your kids about Valentine's Day, they will understand the meaning of acceptance and what being a good friend means. It also allows them to learn how to demonstrate kindness and include others in their lives.

Letting your children know that kindness is also a form of love is crucial. Teaching them about this day will help them understand that random acts of kindness should not only be limited to family and friends: It should also include strangers and classmates.

When your kids know the importance of Valentine's day, they can create their ideas of acts of kindness to perform. Connecting love with kindness will help your kids be more thoughtful individuals and understand that they should also expect kindness from those who love them. It also allows them to know that being friendly, generous, and considerate can be associated with loving relationships. Therefore, they will learn to express their love, compassion, and gratitude for their community and the world.

10 Educational Valentine Day Video for Kids

Using a Valentine video is the best way to ensure your kids understand the significance of this day. With that in mind, here are ten Valentine's Day videos for kids.

1) How Did Valentine's Day Start?

If you want to teach your children about the history of Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect video. Sharing this Happy Valentines Day video with your kids will help them understand the origin of this holiday, as it traces its history from the period of Roman Emperor Claudius II up to today. The video is ideal for older elementary kids, as it has catchy music and fun animations.

education valentine's day video - how did valentines day start

2) Valentine's Day Facts For Kids

This video happy Valentine's Day video teaches kids about the legend of St. Valentine and shares facts such as who receives the most Valentine and how many cards people send each year. Before sharing this video with your children, find out if they can say the correct answers to the questions.

education valentine's day video - Valentine's Day Facts For Kids

3) The Legend of Bishop Valentine

Kids will also learn about the legend of Bishop Valentine when they watch this Valentine video. Despite Emperor Claudius II’s prohibition, Bishop Valentine used to perform marriages in Roman times. He then fell in love with the daughter of this jailer. While this story is more myth than fact, it is a great video to share with children as one of the versions of the history of Valentine’s Day.

education valentine's day video - The Legend of Bishop Valentine

4) H-E-A-R-T Song

Sharing this educational Valentine's Day video with kids will allow them to learn how to spell heart. They will enjoy singing this exciting song to the popular tune of Bingo. Teachers can teach this song to little ones at school and tell them to surprise their parents by singing it for them.

education valentine's day video - Heart Song

5) Five Little Hearts Song

This fun Valentine Day video allows children to practice counting to five while singing along the cheery Valentine’s Day hearts. To help kids make the number connection, have each one of them hold up the correct number of fingers right over their heart while singing.

education valentine's day video - Five Little Hearts Song

6) Valentine's Day Phonics

This phonic happy valentines day video teaches kids Valentine-themed words for every alphabet letter. You can challenge kids to come up with other words for each letter.

education valentine's day video - Valentine's Day Phonics

7) Pete The Cat's Valentine's Day

In this Valentine video, Pete thinks that this festival is not cool; however, when he writes personalized cards for his friends, he discovers the importance of telling people your care. It is a crucial message that every child should hear.

education valentine's day video - Pete The Cat's Valentine's Day

8) Count 10 Valentine's Day Hearts

Have the kids practice more counting with this educational Valentine video. Children count the heart from 1-10; they will start slowly, then do it faster. Use this video as a warm-up to begin the day or a lead-in to Valentine-themed math activities.

education valentine's day video - Count 10 Valentine's Day Hearts

9) How Candy Hearts Are Made

If you are looking for a happy Valentine's Day video that teaches children how to make candy hearts, this is the perfect option. It allows you to show your kids how to mix up these ubiquitous Valentine’s Day treats, punch them out, dry them, and then box them up. For a special surprise, you can pass out candy hearts for children to enjoy while watching this video.

education valentine's day video - How Candy Hearts Are Made

10) I Love You In Multiple Languages

Ready to join Elmo as he teaches kids how to say I Love You in different languages, including German, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. You might want to watch this Valentine video in advance to learn the pronunciations yourself. You can then pause after each language and help children learn how to say them right.

education valentine's day video - I Love You In Multiple Languages

Create Educational Videos about Valentine's Day with Filmora

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These videos will help you give your children detailed explanations to make them interested in knowing more about Valentine's day.

You can use Filmora to make high-quality happy valentines day video clips that are interesting enough to keep your kids engaged. This software has all the tools you need to make a video that will grab your kids' attention. You can edit videos to turn them into excellent pieces of art. Filmora allows you to add subtitles in the language you want. You can also apply filters, special effects, motion tracking, keyframing, audio ducking, split-screen options, and screen record.

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● Teaching kids about Valentine’s Day will help them understand the importance of this day. This video Happy Valentine's Day will teach your kids all they need to know about this special day. The best way to create Valentines videos is to use Filmora. This software can help you make your videos easy for kids to understand.

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