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Best New Year Video Effects to Spread Some Joy Around in 2024

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated May 20, 24
Numerous New Year video effects - Wondershare Filmora

An easy and powerful New Year video editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Celebration of a New Year is a trend introduced centuries ago and is followed by the people of every culture. The New Year celebrations are based on a concept that people consider the previous year as their opportunity to learn something and bring positive changes to their lives.

During the time of the New Year celebration, people exchange gifts, make memorable videos, and do things to make the event unforgettable for everyone. In this age of social media, everyone first edits their videos and then posts them on social media. This article will present you with New Year video effects to make your video classier and more loveable.

Part 1:Filmstock - The Enriched Stock Library

Wondershare made things easier for us by introducing its users to Wondershare Filmstock, and that enriched stock library allows you to download different types of videos, songs, effects, etc. In short, whatever you want to create is available on the Filmstock library; that is why it is known as the growing library of creative resources.

wondershare filmstock

Filmstock has a remarkable work history as it has unique media, perfect plans, more than 10 million assets that means it is constantly growing. Some other features of Filmstock that make it unique and better than others are discussed below:

1. Standardized Special Visualizations

Filmstock offers multiple effects to its users that are categorized as Filmora effects and After effects. If you do a search in Filmora effects, it will present you with a vast library against one search result. Then there are After effects that are less in number than Filmora effects.

2. High-Resolution Recordings

The videos or recording section of Filmstock is categorized as the outstanding stock of Footages that one needs to make high-resolution videos. Once you open footage, it will show you the video format, its resolution, and frame rate. You can also do a search in the related assets portion of the interface.

3. Different Sound Effects

Filmstock presents both sound effects and music to its users that they can use in their New Year video effects or customizations. Both sound effects and music are available for all transitions, social media, gaming, blockbuster, movie, intro, and birthday videos.

4. Sharp Pictures

You can also search for various photos from the vast library of Filmstock. It contains pictures with the JPG format having different file sizes and resolutions.

Part 2:How Much Does It Cost to Work Around Filmstock?

Like other factors, Filmstock categorized its pricing as a Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual plan. All these plans are further available in three different pricing sections: Free, Premium, and Standard. These pricings are handled by some diamond signs on each asset like Green, Pink, and Gold shaped diamonds, and their names are Ethereum, Diamond, and Cube, respectively.

In the Free plan, you can download those assets that have a Green Diamond on them. The Premium Plan allows you to access and download every asset that has Green, Pink, and Gold Diamond signs on them. At the same time, the standard plan is limited to Green and Pink Diamond.

The Premium and Standard asset plans of monthly plans cost $32.99 /month after 34% off and $14.99 /month, respectively. Quarterly plans cost $31.99 /month after 36% off and $12.74 /month after 15% off in Premium and Standard plans. In Annual plans, the Premium plan costs $27.49 /month after 45% off, and the Standard plan costs $11.99 /month after 20% off.

wondershare filmstock pricing

To use the free plan in all monthly, quarterly and annual plans, you just need to create an account on Filmstock and use unlimited assets download services. Furthermore, these pricing plans provide you with constant access to a growing library of Filmstock. It has 13000+ unique video effects, 980000+ images, 1200000+ HD and 4K Footages, and 310000+ sound effects and songs.

Part 3:The Best Matching New Year Video Effects Offered in Filmstock

Filmstock offers a huge library to its users with the best happy New Year video effects HD to easily choose a template for editing New Year videos. Some of these effects are listed below, with a clear description of each template:

JP New Year Pack

The JP New Year pack by Filmstock refers to the template that presents Japanese ways of celebrating the New Year. This template has a Gold Diamond or Cube shape that means it is a premium library resource. It includes 17 elements, 9 titles, 3 overlays, 3 transitions, and it is also compatible with Filmora 9.6 or above.

The template mainly presents how Japanese people celebrate their New Year, and you can use it to create happy New Year video effects. It presents how Japanese people do traditional things in the New Year like wearing their traditional dresses, going to temples, lighting their streets, etc.

jp new year pack

New Year Countdown Pack

Many ways can be adapted to congratulate New Year to your surrounding people, and now wishing with a proper countdown makes it perfect. Filmstock presents a New Year Countdown Pack template that countdown with 10 and then wishes a very happy New Year with best wishes and New Year plans in it.

The template presents how the New Year should be celebrated with fireworks and a toast for a New Year that will bring some positive changes. The way families make videos and add happy New Year video effects HD in their videos to make it a perfect New Year wish.

new year countdown pack

Chinese New Year Pack

This template of Filmstock is from the free library resource that presents how Chinese celebrate the New Year and create New Year video effects. Chinese New Year's pack presents how Chinese bring their traditional touch to everything they do for the New Year, like making traditional dishes and lighting their houses and streets. The focus of the template was on their traditional dresses.

Other than that, the template covers the ways of Chinese to wish for the New Year by exchanging cards with their beloved ones. This Chinese New Year pack template includes 35 elements, 9 overlays, 4 transitions, 8 titles, and furthermore, it is compatible with Filmora 9.1 or above.

chinese new year pack

Happy New Year Pack

Filmstock introduced us to the Happy New Year video effects pack that brings the concept of wishing the New Year using red and gold effects. This template mainly presents the idea of celebrating the New Year with good wishes, holidays, seasonal entertainments by including gold and red effects in everything related to the New Year celebration.

The Happy New Year pack template also conveys the basic concept that does not need any traditions or customs but only two effects that can make it unique. This template includes 4 transitions, 9 titles, 2 overlays, 15 elements, and it is quite compatible with Filmora 9.6 or above.

happy new year pack

Christmas Sticker Pack

As we know that, adding related stickers to the specific event makes the video more entertaining and attractive. Filmstock comes up with a Christmas sticker pack template that is a complete package with all Christmas-related stickers. These stickers include a snowman, toys with colors of red, white, and green, New Year, Santa, gifts, flowers, trees, lights, and much more.

There are almost all kinds of stickers, so you can relate your happy New Year video effects with those stickers and make a perfect Christmas video. The Christmas sticker pack is a premium library resource as it has a Yellow Diamond. It only contains 25 elements, and it is suited with Filmora 9.6 and above.

christmas sticker pack

Traditional Japan Pack

Japan celebrates its New Year by giving everything their traditional touch then either it is their dressing, food, or other arrangements. Traditional Japan Pack template covers the traditional touch of how they celebrate the New Year. This includes their way of wishing good luck and hanging them somewhere, going to temples, using traditional dresses, etc.

This Filmstock template includes 4 transitions, 7 titles, 3 overlays, 7 elements, and it is well-matched with Filmora 9.1 and above.

traditional japan pack

Wrapping Up

● The above article presents the best matching happy New Year video effects and why we need to use these effects. These effects make our memorable videos more attractive and entertaining by adding various effects to them. We have discussed the 10 best matching New Year video effects that Filmstock introduces.

● Filmstock covers a vast library of templates with different pricing plans. These templates are all about visual effects, high-resolution videos, various sound effects, and sharp images.

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