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How Can You Make Outstanding YouTube Outro?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Want to make your YouTube channel a rising sensation? Part of creating a noteworthy video is to create an outro that sticks in the viewer's mind. It is important to leave a YouTube outro that remains memorable and impactful.

You can learn all about YouTube outros in the proceeding article and create one for your channel using Adobe After Effects. Also, discover some wonderful YouTube outro templates by Wondershare Filmora to add a creative outro to your videos.

Part 1: What is an Outro?

Still, wondering what is the outro meaning? Simply put, an outro is the closing part of your video content. YouTube outros appear at the end of your video and act as a wrap-up for your content. Without a suitable outro, videos are likely to appear abrupt and rushed. Creating a proper outro helps create a clean and appropriate finishing and also helps to increase engagement with the audience.

example of youtube outro

A YouTube outro can serve other functions as well, such as prompting the viewers for certain actions. You can add a call-to-action button, links to websites, or other suggested content at the end screen of your video. Other content that can be included in a YouTube outro can be:

Suggested Videos/Playlists: A link to recommended videos or playlists.

Website Links: Links to an external website.

Subscribe Prompt: Ask the viewer to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Channel Links: Attached link to a different channel on YouTube.

Part 2: How to Create Outstanding YouTube Outro?

Want to know how to make an outro for your YouTube video? YouTube outros can serve numerous purposes to the user when done right. Let's look at the important elements of a perfectly comprised YouTube outro and how you can create one from scratch.

Things to Consider

Following are some important things that you might need to consider while making an outro for YouTube:

  • Technical Specifications

Ideally, a YouTube outro should be in the aspect ratio of 16:9. Keep the resolution of your outro maintained at 1920x1080 pixels. Also, ensure that the outro appears on the screen for up to eight seconds or longer, depending upon the length of your video.

  • Simplicity

Your YouTube outros do not need to be over the top and flowing with creative elements. Choose a simple and elegant design that does not clutter the screen.

  • Empty Spaces

Like all other digital designs, make sure that your YouTube outro has plenty of white spaces so elements do not appear crowded and distracting.

  • Appropriate CTAs

If you are using CTAs in your outro, remember to add links and elements that are relevant. Your call-to-action buttons should be related to the video and should make sense to the viewer.

  • Consistency

Being consistent in your designs is a key ingredient to improving your brand recognition. Stick to a specific color palette or themes, so the audience can easily identify your channel.

How to Make an Outstanding YouTube Video Outro

Now it is time to learn how to make an outro for YouTube. You can create the perfect outro for YouTube using the tools from Adobe After Effects. The following steps indicate how to make an outro using After Effects:

Step 1: Pre-Process Preparation

Launch After Effects and import the files you want in your end screen, such as logos of social media platforms.

Step 2: Create a Composition

Create a new composition on After Effects. Set the resolution to 1920x1080, the duration to 10 seconds or according to your requirements, and click on "OK."

finalize the composition settings

Step 3: Create a Background Layer

Go to the "Layer" tab, tap "New," create a black "Solid" background layer.

background layer creation

Step 4: Add Video Suggestion Box

Now grab the "Rectangle Tool" and create a new shape on the right side of the screen, which will serve as a video suggestion box. You can create multiple shapes if you want to add more than one video suggestion.

video suggestion box added

Step 5: Add Subscribe Button

Next, go to the shape tool again and select the "Ellipse Tool." Deselect the current shape layer to create a new one and create a circle on the left part of the screen, which will act as your Subscribe button.

subscribe button added

Step 6: Add Effects

Now highlight the shape layers again by shift. Right-click and add "Layer Styles" such as an "Outer Glow." Expand the settings, and you can change the color of your glow. Also, increase the opacity and blending mode of that as well as the size and strength.

effects added

Step 7: Customize Background

From the "Effects and Preset" panel, you can add different "Animation Presets" to your background. Choose one that you like and drag it on the layer.

customize your background

Step 8: Add Text and Icons

Now add text to your YouTube outros like your social media handles or any other information that you want. Grab the text tool from the top and add a text.

add text or icons in the design

If you want to add other logos or PNGs like social media icons, you can drag and drop them into their layer and place them on the composition.

Step 9: Export and Upload

Go to the "Composition" tab and select "Add to Render Queue." Press "Render." You can attach that clip to the end of any video or project. When you upload your video to YouTube, press "Edit Video" and go to "End Screen and Annotations." Here you can add different elements such as the subscribe button or the most recent uploads.

add your outro to your youtube video

Extra Tips: learn how to use YouTube outro templates

You may now know the tricks about how to create a YouTube outro in After Effect. But if you want to make an outro more easily, you can try the YouTube outro templates from Wondershare Filmstock. Let's do it by the following steps with the Filmora video editor.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

Step 1: Install Filmora video editor.

Step 2: Search and download the "YouTube Pack" from Filmstock.

download the youtube outro pack

Step 3: Find the YouTube outro from the Filmora Titles folder. Then drag and apply to your videos.

apply the youtube outro to your video

Part 3: 5 Video Effects to Help You Create a Stunning YouTube Outro

Still, looking for an easy way to create stunning outros for YouTube? Wondershare Filmstock has just the answer for you acting as a resource library. Filmstock offers splendid video tools, including transitions, templates, stock footage, and royalty-free music. You can create professional-quality videos using Filmstock's valuable assets.

Below are some prestigious YouTube outro templates by Filmstock, which you incorporate in your videos.

1. YouTube Subscribe Reminders

The YouTube Subscribe Reminders pack by Filmstock contains 10 title templates that can be used with Filmora's 9.6 or later versions. Featuring the like, subscribe, and bell icons of YouTube, this set is perfect for when you need to remind your viewers to subscribe to your channel. The specially themed text animations are perfectly suited for a good YouTube outro.

youtube subscribe reminders

2. 4K YouTube Motion Graphics Packaging

The 4K YouTube Motion Graphics Packaging contains multiple title templates from Filmstock's library to help you create a remarkable outro for YouTube. From subscribe reminders to recommended video templates and text animations, the pack can be used at the end screen of any video. The pack is compatible with Filmora 9.6 or above versions.

4k youtube motion graphics packaging

3. Clean YouTube Subscribe Pack

Looking for a clean and elegant design for your YouTube outro? Filmstock's Clean YouTube Subscribe Pack does that task for you. The pack contains 13 different title templates and elements that can be used on Filmora 9.6. The simple and modest set includes subscribing reminders on red backgrounds to help your channel grow and flourish.

clean youtube subscribe pack

4. Social Media Icons Pack

Compatible with Filmora 9.2 or above, the Social Media Icons Pack by Filmstock contains some of the best elements for different social platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook.

The Social Media Icons Pack contains all the necessary elements for when you want to communicate with your viewers. It includes bell icons, subscribes buttons, hashtags, location tags, like, share, and follows icons, and much more. With 23 elements revolving around multiple social media themes, this pack is perfectly suited for YouTube videos.

5. Social Media Lowerthird Pack

Lower thirds are a great way to add useful information in your video without taking up much screen space. With Filmstock at your service, you can incorporate lower thirds seamlessly in your YouTube videos and outros.

The Social Media Lower third Pack contains 16 text effects and templates inspired by major social platforms like Instagram and YouTube. You can use it with Filmora 9.2 or later versions to add your videos' locations, links, and prompts. The pack also contains some meticulously crafted elements that are perfect for YouTube outros.

Closing Words

With YouTube becoming one of the most popular platforms for aspiring content creators, establishing your name there can prove to be a tough task. Lots of effort goes into crafting all the elements of the video to perfection. Creating a suitable YouTube outro is also part of the process, and it is important to learn how to get it right.

With Adobe After Effects, you can create the perfect YouTube outros for your videos. Also, remember to try Filmstock's remarkable YouTube outro templates and make your videos stand apart from the crowd.

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