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10 Best Mobile Idle Games in 2021

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

If you desire to play games but have a busy schedule, you must find a way to balance it. Games that allow you to progress quite effectively even without being active for an extended period are the best mobile idle games.

There is no limit to how many idle games you can play, and you can finish all your daily tasks in only minutes. It does not matter if you like to play Android RPGs, tycoon games, or whatnot. There are plenty of idle games out there for you to choose from.

In general, idle games fall into two categories: the true idle game, where you can leave your game running for hours but still gain progress (resources, levels, currency, etc. ), or the pseudo-idle game that claims to be idle. The latter category consists of idle clickers and the like, where progress is more likely to be made by tapping than simply being idle.

You need only know that idle games (if you find the right ones) can be delightful if you're unfamiliar with either of them. Please let me give you a hand if you're still in search! Find out the best idle mobile games that you can download and play right now from the list below!


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1. Tap Titans 2

Platforms: Both Android and iOS

Price: Free

This game has been around for a while, and it may be the best idle game you can find. It promises an engaging experience without delving into depth, with over 10 million downloads just on Google Play Store. You can play non-stop, thanks to the easy gameplay.

It is an RPG game in which you can upgrade gear, recruit pets and heroes, and defeat Titan Lords with the help of clans. By simply tapping with your sword, you can slay as many Titans as you like. Defeat beasts and level up to win the game.

Furthermore, Tap Titans 2 features an offline mode that lets you gain levels without using up internet data. Please make sure that your device is connected to the internet before you join a global tournament or play multiplayer.


Key Features:

  • Both offline and online modes are available.
  • The game offers a simple yet intuitive gameplay.
  • You can upgrade your gear and heroes as you progress.


2. Egg, Inc.

Platforms: Both Android and iOS

Price: Free

Egg, Inc. is a simple idle game. This game blends stunning 3D graphics with easy gameplay making it the perfect game for relaxing. There is a built-in chicken house, and you can even conceive your egg farm.

It is no accident that this game won the Editor's Choice award on Google Play Store. Featuring elements borrowed from simulation games, it offers a unique experience. Additionally, it's easy to use, offering a wide range of challenges and research items.

You need to balance your resources to ensure a productive egg farm in order to achieve the goal. Browse through the different shipping vehicles and different hen houses to see all the features.


Key Features:

  • Simple yet fun to play.
  • There are swarms of chickens!
  • Research items numbering in the dozens
  • There are hundreds of challenges
  • Different shipping vehicles and hen houses can be seen


3. Tap Tycoon

Platforms: Both Android and iOS

Price: Free

One of the best idle games for Android and iOS, Game Hive Corporation has released this game. The gameplay is simple and beautiful in the tapping game. You only need your fingertips to rule the world.

It is possible to create money from thin air using this game. Your goal is to rule the world with all your money. High-level investments will help you to achieve this. You can expect to find amazing technology like holographic windows or gravity forks in this sci-fi adventure that takes place in the 35th century.

Your empire shouldn't go unarmed. You must join your fellow citizens in order to rule the world. Win rewards and medals by proving that your business is the most powerful. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and App Store.


Key Features:

  • The gameplay is simple and challenging.
  • You can earn money in-game and set up your in-game business.
  • Plenty of rewards at different stages.


4. Plantera

Platforms: Both Android and iOS

Price: Free

Idle players will enjoy Plantera's soothing atmosphere. The garden you build can contain various plants and bushes that you need to take care of. There are colorful fruits and butterflies to catch in the game, so it is absolutely beautiful. A simple, straightforward game that lets you dive into Plantera and create your colorful world will make you fall in love with it.


Key Features:

  • Managing a farm has never been easier than with the side-scroller Plantera! Crops and animals are great sources of wealth.
  • Plant a variety of trees, bushes, and other plants. For more growth and leveling up, harvest them for gold.
  • Your garden can be filled with different kinds of animals. Let them roam free. The game lets you raise hens, pigs, and other animals. Additionally, they give you items you can sell to collect more gold.
  • Your helpers will collect resources and raise gold from your garden even when you aren't online, helping you organize and grow gold from your garden.


5. Bit City

Platforms: Android, iOS

Price: Free

The dream of having your city can become a reality with Bit City. A small town must become a metropolis. Ensure buildings, cars, and planes fill the town. Create an amazing city by unlocking new landmarks and buildings.

Invest in upgrading the city to keep it growing. Increasing the city budget will allow you to customize the look of your city as you collect more profits. It will enable you to expand into outer space, which is the best of all!

Idle time will be made fun of with the simple yet addictive Big City game. There is everything that you need for leveling up without overstraining the brain. Enjoy the gameplay by reaching your goal!


Key Features:

  • Build your city as you want.
  • Simple yet addictive gameplay.
  • Unlock new lands and items as you progress.
  • Best game for idlers that want to kill some time.


6.  Cash, Inc. Money Clicker

Platforms: Android

Price: Free

Android users may enjoy these other Editor's Choice apps. Idle games like this one are all about being a wealthy businessman. Make a time machine to collect money for your business and run it. The business elite community is where you join when you are at the top.

You can earn money by clicking on the money clicker. Clicker games are great for bringing a variety of things to the table. Also offered are the luxuries of business tycoons, so you can be productive while living the life of a tycoon.

It's not a good idea to hold onto your success. Proudly demonstrate your wealth to other tycoons via social media. Please find out how your fellows respond when you tell them about your accomplishments. This app might be a great choice if you want something to do while you are idle.


Key Features:

  • Take your business to the next level, where tapping will be your greatest asset!
  • Take a break whenever you like and tap wherever you want. Profit from your business without actually being there with this idle clicker!
  • You can upgrade various businesses by using your earnings from tapping (and also from your managers).
  • You can buy what you want with your money if you make money and pile up profits.


7. Run Godzilla

Platforms: Android

Price: Free

The game may seem like it's packed with gore and combat, but the truth is quite the opposite. This game aims to allow you to participate in Kaiju races and make them stronger. The people of the village pray that Godzilla becomes stronger and upgrades itself. You will grow attached to the game's creatures as they are magnificent. In addition, we will say goodbye to family members, as well as welcome new ones.


Key Features:

  • A variety of elements are interconnected in this game.
  • Play with a good sense of balance.
  • Keep in mind that you'll have to say goodbye to Godzilla and Kaiju one day.
  • The departed Godzilla will be missed, but you can always remember him.
  • Hold on to the memories of the Godzillas you have raised.


8. AFK Arena

Platforms: Android

Price: Free

As soon as it was released, AFK arena blew the gaming world away. There is a wide range of heroes to choose from, so you can build your powerful team quickly and easily. It is fun to play with the characters because they each have different abilities and skills. Additionally, AFK strategizes to put together the best team possible. You won't have to do anything once the team is created; the heroes will fight your battles for you.


Key Features:

  • Rich Gameplay.
  • A lot of heroes to choose from.
  • The best strategy game that idlers can find today.


9. AdVenture Capitalist

Platforms: Android

Price: Free

The players can carve their destiny in Adventure Capitalist, a money-making simulator. Become the richest CEO in town by working your way up the ladder. You should hire more people to expand your team. Explore business opportunities and crack deals with curious investors. Moreover, your clothing and accessories can be customized to complement your rich appearance.


Key Features:

  • Dress up like a millionaire.
  • A speculative accumulation
  • A lot of time-limited events to complete.
  • Play the game and experience how it is to be a rich guy.


10. Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Platforms: Android

Price: Free

You could build the best theme park of your life if you want to. Idle Theme Park Tycoon permits you to construct a theme park even if you do not have the money to build one in real life. Then grow it into a theme park. Build your theme park empire by earning cash and opening more attractions.

Through this game, you can study how theme parks are managed from upstream to downstream. Marketing campaigns and facility improvements will help you make improvements. With its stunning 3D graphics and easy gameplay, idle Theme Park Tycoon is perfect for beginners. Then there are all the challenges involved. Most importantly, it saves your work in the cloud for future reference.


Key Features:

  • The game that is easy to play for everyone
  • The challenge of completing different tasks
  • Excellent 3D graphics and animations
  • You can choose from several other rides.
  • Decisions about your business are important.
  • If you change your device, you can recover your progress from the cloud


Those mentioned above are some of the best mobile idle games. Choose any of your choices and enjoy the gameplay.

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