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How to Make Highlights on Instagram

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

If you use Instagram, then you know that stories generally disappear after 24 hours. You can save the stories as well as categorize the content by creating a highlight of your story. By doing so, other users can quickly access those stories based upon the label given. In this article, I will show you how to create highlights in 3 different ways.

How to Create A Highlight on Instagram from an Active Story?

To make a highlight on Instagram, you can create an image or icon for a topic or genre for their stories. The intention of the highlights is to show instantaneously to viewers of your profile the content of your stories or brand, making navigation to your content easier. Before you can create your highlight, however, you will need to have a story on your profile. Create the story which you wish to highlight. Then go to the story which you have created to view it.

Once the active story has been selected, you will find an option at the bottom of the story besides the More menu to create a highlight. Click on the option Highlight. This is not how to make a highlight on Instagram but access the menu to do so. When you enter the highlight option, click on the plus sign to create a new highlight. Name the highlight according to the content or name which you want viewers to see. Keep in mind that highlights are showcased in your Instagram profile directly below your bio text. Avoid any names which could be misleading, or which contradict your profile information. Click add to finish the process.

 Instagram Highlight

How to Create A Highlight on Instagram From an Archived Story?

Creating a highlight from an archived Story follows a similar process. Simply go to your profile and tap on the story highlights below your bio. Tap on the plus icon to access the new Highlight option. Click on the stories which you want to have included in your new highlight. You can have stories in multiple highlights.

Tap the Edit Cover and choose the graphic for your highlight then enter a name for your highlight. Instagram only allows names of up to 15 characters. Try to pick a name which describes all the content or the genre within the highlight. Depending on whether you have an Apple or Android click Add or Done to finish.

 add Instagram Highlight

Note that although Instagram is available on desktop, creating highlights should be created on your mobile device. PC desktops do not allow you to create highlights from a desktop. Highlights created on your mobile device will appear on your desktop profile underneath your bio.

How to Add More Stories in A Current Highlight?

If you find that a certain highlight is receiving substantial traffic, you may wish to add content to it. Appropriately, highlights which are not receiving the numbers desired can be edited with new stories. To edit your highlights is remarkably similar to how to make a highlight on Instagram. Simply hold down your finger on the highlight under your profile. Chose the Edit Highlight option. Click on the stories which you wish to add or remove from your highlight. You can also change the name or the graphic while in edit mode. Once you are satisfied with the stories in the highlight click or tap on the add/done option.

It is advised that you choose to edit your highlights as needed rather than create too many highlights which could confuse or divert users away from your profile.

 add more stories to Instagram Highlight

How to Add Highlights to Instagram Profile?

Once you have created a highlight, that highlight will appear on your profile. If you have not created a highlight yet, you will need to create your first highlight from a story for you to see anything on your profile. After the first highlight has been made, you can create additional highlights and name them accordingly simply by clicking the new button.

If a highlight does not show up on your profile, check that you have a unique name for the highlight and that you have followed all of the steps needed to create the graphic, naming, and story selections properly. Remember it is best not to have too many highlights on your profile as this could cause confusion for the visitor.

  Instagram Highlight Profile

How to Use Highlights and Story Links to Increase Conversions?

Generally, stories disappear after 24 hours if they are just posted to your profile. The ability to create highlights puts the stories into the profile until the highlight is deleted using the methods previously mentioned. If you happen to forget to add a story to your highlights within 24 hours, you can still access the story in your archives. Instagram automatically archives stories, meaning that the content you wish to save for a later date can be kept in the archive until you wish to put that material into a highlight.

Highlights ensure that visitors to your Instagram do not have to scroll through the content of your profile to find information concerning your brand. Additionally, by creating content-saturated Highlights, you set the tone for the viewer.

Businesses should understand how to create a highlight on Instagram as the potential for conversions is substantial when using them. Primarily, the highlight feature allows a business or a brand to re-introduce a story as new content with new promotional links. This means that stories which in the past showed a high user interaction can be reused and increase SERPs for that content for your brand. Use the methods on how to create highlights on Instagram from archives or how to make highlights on Instagram to showcase your stories.

Although the highlights are essential to brand building and conversions, they should be coupled with the Swipe-up feature, tap-to-view link features, and the content therein. Brands that have annual or semi-annual events should merge bits from prior stories with new content.


Instagram has over 200 million daily views making it the perfect platform for visual branding and sharing content. Categorizing your stories and content in a concise method is fundamental to establishing a high level of conversions. Highlights which appear on your profile under your bio are the best way in which to share stories and otherwise archived content with your viewers.

By following these simple methods of how to make a highlight on Instagram, whether you wish to do so for professional purposes or just to organize your stories on your personal account, you will find more interaction and more content-driven reactions to your profile.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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