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Useful Tips to Make Your Instagram Video Viral

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 27, 21, updated Jul 17, 24
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The flavor of social media is that in no time you can make your content viral on the online space. In this article, you will be learning about the tips and tricks associated with the Insta viral video. Here, you will be discussing the definition of viral video and the tips to make a video viral on Instagram.

Do not skip the interesting viral videos on Instagram that are listed below in the following content. How do these videos go viral on social media? Are there any special features essential to make the video viral? It is high time to take a closer look at the video quality you post on Instagram to increase its visibility. Quickly step into this article to explore the facts related to viral videos of Instagram. Stay connected for enlightening insights on it.

how to create instagram viral video

How do you define a viral video?

In this section, learn what is meant as a viral video on Instagram. Discover the best viral videos in this space and explore the details associated to boost up its presence on the social media platform.

* What is Viral Video?

Any video content shared by millions of users within a few seconds of posting is known as a viral video on Instagram. If any user globally posts content in this social media environment, the posted video undergoes multiple sharing activities and reaches up to millions of users in no time. Such videos are defined as viral videos. These videos excite the viewers and become sensational news for a few days worldwide. It is commonly known as Insta viral videos.

* Five viral videos of Instagram

Here, you will be watching the best five Insta viral videos that crack social media with loads of entertainment stuff.

• Learn from Khaby

The silent comedy man Khaby Lame bagged 286 million views in relating the fear factor with the iron. Mostly everyone had felt the shock from a switch or any other electronic appliances. The lessons learnt from that moment will be carried the rest of their lives. This video won nearly 12.2 million likes, and it stands trending on Instagram to date.

instagram viral video - khaby
• Blink and Express by Shivanjali Porje

The expressive little girl wins the viewers hearts in no time. She is a child artist from Nasik in India. The content got nearly 259 million views and 12.2 million likes on Instagram. The video plays with her blinking eyebrows following the background music. The cute expression is the reason behind this trending video.

instagram viral video - Shivanjali Porje
• Who said 3 blind mice cannot #glitch by Aubrey Fisher?

The three young gentlemen perform the glitch challenge with utmost accuracy. It looks mind-blowing. This video won 128 million views and 7 million likes. The content looks natural and fascinating.

instagram viral video -  Aubrey Fisher
• Runaway Aurora with dog

This video has the Aurora effect where the girl and the dog make awesome poses to impress the viewers. This reel is available at my_aussie_gal profile, and it won 101 million views with 9.3 million likes. The video looks fantastic and stunning.

instagram viral video - Runaway Aurora with dog
• Ice in the glass

It is another trending Insta video. Messi plays with the ball and accurately hit the spoon holding the ice. The flipped ice, he quickly catches it in a glass. The skill seems to be inspiring. This video got 96.7 million views and 10 million likes.

instagram viral video - Ice in the glass

* Common Things of the mentioned viral videos

In the above-mentioned viral videos, unique techniques were adopted to impress the audience. Here, you can find comedy, expression, technology, and skills dominate the content. Videos that are different inspires the viewers. The common idea in creating viral videos in the social space is that creativity and innovations will survive despite competitive grounds. Thinking out of the box will increase your presence on social media platforms.

Tips to make an Instagram viral video

The best tips to create viral videos for Instagrammers were as follows.

  • Identify your audience: Before creating the content, identify your target viewers and what makes them tap the like button on your video.
  • Analyze your competitors: Research similar posts on Instagram and analyze their works to create a brand identity for your profile.
  • Adopt a unique tone: Make your content stand unique from other video creators. This technique helps you to increase the follower count in the long run.
  • Engage your audience: You must spend a few minutes with your audience regularly to maintain your reputation on this social platform. Make your viewers care about your brand by enhancing with efficient communication.
  • Connect with influencers: It is a good idea to partner with influencers or celebrities in the industry streams to increase your social visibility.
  • Be patient: Do not expect success in your first attempt. Work on your flaws in every video and improve with the patient to achieve great heights.

Wondershare Filmora - Helps you to make a quality video for spreading

The Filmora is a stunning program that assists you to create innovative videos for your needs. The in-built templates ease your content creation tasks by offering a wide range of theme-specific videos. You can use them effortlessly without working on them from the beginning. This app has quick import and export options to load the media files into the working timeline. To create a quality video, you can use Filmora with mind-blowing built-in functionalities.

This application has basic edit techniques, and you can add extra edits like embedding audios, filters, transitions, and special effects to make the content impressive. You can also convert the video file formats during the export process to overcome the compatibility issues at the social media platform. There is a preview screen to witness the edited content before storing it in the desired storage space.

The mind-blowing features of the Filmora application

  • It has a user-friendly interface, and you can make quick edits to your desired videos.
  • You can import any media files into the timeline for further edits.
  • Personalize the videos by adding built-in elements like sound effects, filters, and transitions.
  • Export the edited content to any storage space by a single click action.
  • The controls are explicitly visible, and you can access them without wasting valuable time.

These are the functionalities of Filmora that meets the expectations of both the newbie and professional users.

The stepwise guidelines to make quick edits on the media files using the Filmora tool.

Step 1: Download the application

Install the application and add the media files by tapping the Import Media Files option. Then, drag and drop it on the working timeline for further processing.

Step 2: Edit the media file

Use the edit elements on the Menu like Audios, Filters, Transitions to insert the desired changes on the media files. Select the desired modules and apply them to the imported file by selecting the Apply option from the right-click.

Step 3: Export the file

After all the desired edits, click the Export button to store the edited media content in comfortable storage space.

You can post the edited content on your Instagram page to impress your followers. Choose Filmora to build unique content for your social media platform.

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● Thus, this article has given you insights on Insta viral video. It is the right time to create an Insta video for your needs using a sophisticated program like Filmora. It is a reliable program that helps you bring miraculous changes to your media files. Build your creative content and improve your social presence with the help of Filmora. Connect with this article and enlighten with inspiring edits using the innovative application Filmora.

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