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Best Instagram Highlights Covers Apps

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Everyone is aware of the power of social media, especially Instagram. Millions of people and companies around the world use this platform for advertised the brand or for a personal presentation through amazing visual tools. To make an even better impact on online audiences, it is important to have a stylish Highlights cover. There are numerous Instagram Highlight covers apps that can do a wonderful job, even in the hands of a total beginner.

We are presenting you with the top ten IG Highlights covers apps for iPhone and Android that could be the right choice for this simple task. If you want to create the Instagram highlight cover online, you can check our picks of the best online highlight cover makers for Instagram.

10 Best Instagram Highlights Covers Apps for iPhone and Android in 2021

1. Canva

Available for: iOS, Android

Canva - Best Highlight Cover Maker App for iOS and Android

Perfectly designed application for any type of visual editing, no matter if you have high-level skills or know nothing about design. Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and PC’s, with Canva you can immediately realize any idea for a Highlights cover, no matter its theme or level of complexity. With little effort and knowledge, you can make a miracle, and boost your brand.

Many great built-in features of this app allow you to combine different techniques and end up with amazing covers that include images, text, and more. You can start from thousands of pre-designed templates or stock photos, and add effects, stickers, or GIFs. If you want something totally different and exclusive, start the creative process from a blank canvas. In addition to social media covers, you can make videos, stunning stories, logos, collages, flyers, and everything you imagine with this software.

Canva can be used on the web browser as well, you can check this article to find out how to create a highlight cover with Canva online.

2. PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

Available for: iOS, Android

picsart  Highlight Cover Maker App for iOS and Android

Can you imagine more than 60 million stickers and free images in one app? It is such a fun playground for an unlimited design that you will enjoy making each Instagram cover. In a few minutes, you can make a professional cover, without too many limitations or concerns about technical complexity. You can easily remove unwanted objects from the image, or mix them in a photo collage. It’s even possible to change someone’s hair color, and with a Makeup sticker fix all imperfections, to make it look like the work of a professional stylist.

Multifunctional Picsart Draw, with brushes and layers, converts every photo into trendy and unique art. For the finishing touch of your Highlights cover, experiment with filters, frames, and more than 200 designer text fonts. 

3.  Mojito – Story Art Maker, Story editor

Available for: iOS, Android

Mojito  Highlight Cover Maker App

Mojito – Story Art Maker is modern software that can be quite enough for the needs of the average social media user. It doesn't have a huge collection of templates, but its 500 samples should be more than enough for even the most advanced users to show all creativity, or find inspiration. With this highlight cover maker, you can edit stories, snap gram, and design the cover.

Constant posting is important in order to keep your followers engaged, so you need to surprise them with fresh and creative content. With Mojito, you can produce an extraordinary layout for IG stories and covers, spicing up every post you make. You can get a jumpstart by selecting Animated, Minimalist or some other template, or just inserting natural textures of backgrounds, like Ocean or Plant. After choosing the appropriate frame and writing the text, you can fine-tune the cover to give it a unique visual identity. In that way, you can send a clear and strong message to all followers, foreshadowing what they can see if they peek into the Highlights section. Any covers for social platforms you make with this app can be conveniently exported in high resolution.

4. Adobe Spark Post: Graphic design made easy

Available for: iOS, Android

Adobe Spark Post  Highlight Cover Maker App

This is a well-known software for everyone who loves design and participates in creative projects. As we are constantly in a hurry, Adobe Spark Post allows you to start the creative process on a desktop and continue working on it from your mobile device, without worries about losing any detail. Everything is backed up to the Cloud and you can re-edit your Instagram cover as many times as you like, and share it directly from the app to your IG profile. This app is packed with professional design tools that will allow you to express visually. You can change the background, resize or cut the image, and make sure it fits perfectly in its intended spot. Use stunning filters, colors, or stickers to infuse some life into your work. Explore all your abilities, just go with the flow in the creative process, and you will see that followers recognize the quality of your profile.

5. StoryLight - Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram

Available for: iOS, Android

 StoryLight - Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram

Here is another great app that is made for Instagram, and in particular for the Highlights cover. With this app, the process of making covers for Instagram is simple and joyful. Take advantage of that, and unleash your creative spirit. One way to start is to use existing templates that come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, and customize them according to your idea. Of course, if you are feeling confident in your abilities to create stunning designs, just open a new project and let your inner maestro go to work. You have a large collection of graphic tools to draw on, so you have perfect conditions to make your next Instagram Highlights cover a smashing success!

Play with lovely backgrounds, stickers, and dozens of types of borders. If you are a culinary master of Italian or French cuisine or just love to post a recipe, Storylight has pre-designed food icons. With such a cover, adorned with appropriate text, you can attract food lovers from around the world. Of course, Storylight allows you to design Highlights cover from scratch, and gives you simple but powerful tools to work with. A lot of templates package is free, and you have a wider choice if you include paid ones.

6. StoryArt – cover editor for Instagram

Available for: Android

 StoryArt cover editor for Instagram

There are many free Instagram Highlights cover apps on the market that are very simple to use and require no training. One of them is StoryArt. In just a few minutes, you can edit a raw photo and with a professional toolbox turn it into a great cover. More than 2 000 templates can give you a variety of options for your design. With shining effects or floral backgrounds, your product can be trendy, cool, or cute, depending on your preferred style. Also, you can upload your own pictures directly from the album on the phone. A great idea for movies fans is using Vintage film filters and giving digital photos an analog feel. That is a good way to make your content stand out from the crowd on the IG platform.

7. Story Highlight Icons

Available for: Android

 Story Highlight Icons

If you don't have a cover for Highlights stories, this tool can help you make one with a minimal amount of work. Although this app doesn't provide cover templates, there are plenty of background patterns that will provide a good starting point. You can add photos and transform them with stickers or logos. Everything can be a little more stylish with a smart choice of colorful fonts. Don’t be afraid to experiment with frames, text, effects or any other feature of this app Mix everything into an eye-catching photo-collage, and take all viewers on an exciting web journey. If your Highlights have plenty of high-quality content, a new cover made with Story Highlight Icons will help you quickly boost the follower count.

8. Story Highlight Cover Maker

Available for: iOS

Story Highlight Cover Maker

It is time for one more Instagram Highlights covers app on our list, and this one works great for private or professional users. It is practical for use on any occasion, even if you are on the move. From your mobile device, you can easily give all your old stories a new twist with a custom made cover. In a few clicks, you can create a unique image that will fit perfectly as the introduction to your Highlights. Start from a white page, or use some photos of your product or yourself as the main layer, and add a decorative frame, cute logo, and just a few effective words to make everything unique. This software is so user-friendly that you will spontaneously find all the most important functions without any need for a tutorial.

9. Story Maker

Available for: Android

 Story Maker for Android

If you are not a design professional and just want a simple tool that won’t require a lot of training, this might be the right choice for you. One of its benefits is that with this app is you can save highlight layouts that you previously made and revisit them later. Also, Story Maker is designed to instantly provide specific templates for a number of different occasions, like Mother's Day, Halloween, or Valentine's Day. The existence of ready-to-use templates makes the creation process far easier, especially if you are not familiar with the nuances of the editing process. Just choose one from the collection, and write your note with advanced text tools.

Whit this application you can complete the cover design quickly, without any problems. Everything is automated, so you can just breeze through your creative project. To get things going, you can use some pre-design samples and mix them with interesting elements, such as stickers, typography, and various colors. With this tool it’s possible to create covers in many different styles, so you can express all your identity and send a powerful message to everyone. It's up to you to choose romantic, fun, or elegant approach for your stories and cover Highlights – Story Maker will let you realize that idea even if you don’t know a whole lot about graphic design or social media.

10. Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram Story Highlights

Available for: Android

Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram Story Highlights

The last entry on the list of Highlights maker apps is very effective at creating amazing cover designs in a very short time. It is free and doesn't require a subscription, so it’s a great choice if you just need a one-time design. Features are constantly updated, so you can explore the app and always find something new and interesting for your cover. You can use some of the dozens of icons, photos, background textures, or color and produce a great layout that makes your IG profile totally fascinating. To expedite the process, upload pictures from Pinterest or another location and use the versatile toolbox and a selection of effects to personalize the cover to your taste. With this app, any social media user can be a professional illustrator.


If you are serious about managing your Instagram account, you already know how important it is to categorize stories, and have a memorable Highlights cover. This makes it easier for your followers to recognize your content, and ultimately helps you gain more influence. You can ensure that your covers are smart and interesting with some of the Instagram Highlights covers apps for Android and iPhone presented above. The best way to find the most suitable tool is to try a few on your phone and see whether you are getting the results you expect.

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