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How to Zoom in and Zoom out Video on iPhone Easily

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

iPhone users or any other device, capturing every essence of life and watching them closely can rejuvenate your routined dull life. Often a video gives access to small happiness that you left behind with time. Don’t you think it would be a great idea if you could zoom videos on every device? Zoom video on iPhone feature is a great one that enables you to watch the faces and expressions and capture closely, which is truly a visual treat.

Part1: Why You Need to Zoom in/out

For a long time, only the photo could be zoomed in/out on iPhone. If users wanted to record a zoom video on iPhone that was not possible. But, with the coming of iPhone 7 Plus, users can zoom in/out while recording. If you want to record something that is far from you, zoom in can give you a clearer vision of the object and also let you watch using the zoom for iPhone later, which makes it highly desirable.

zoom iphone

Part2: How to Zoom in and Zoom out

Do you wish to try out this amazing zoom for iPhone feature? You can get up to 2x optical zoom video on iPhone 7 Plus onwards devices. The iPhone 8 Plus offers up to 10x digital zoom while you compose the images and the best part is zoom for iPhone is now just a one hand circular swipe and done. Do you know how to zoom video on iPhone 8Plus? Let’s learn:

  • Swipe the slo-mo option or video after opening the camera app
  • Increase zoom by swiping left and decrease zoom by swiping right after tapping on the 1x button
  • The first is to single-tap your display for a 2x optical zoom
  • The second method is to touch and hold your display to scroll through your zoom until you get it where you want it
  • You can increase up to 3x in Video or Slo-Mo, or up to 2x in Time-Lapse
  • To return to 1x, tap again on the zoom button

how zoom iphone

Part3: Third-Party Apps

Are you saddened by the iPhone you have that does not support zoom for iPhone? Zoom in and zoom out feature for video on iPhone is an essential one. Here are some third party apps that can help you to give a similar effect to your iPhone videos.

1. Filmora

The amazing Filmora on your desktop is unique and one of its kind. It can help you to zoom in and zoom out iPhone videos without any limitations. Apart from zoom in and out, Filmora app also has a bundle of other features like save the video to iPhone/iPad/Apple TV/iPod resolution. It supports 9:16 portrait project ratio for iPhones. From panning and zooming to speed control, the Filmora app never disappoints its users. The advanced tools in Flimora allow many high end features like playing 2 or more clips simultaneously, video stabilization to remove the effects of camera shake, 3D Lut, tilt shift, audio separation, and much more. Filmora is definitely a complete package.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2. Video Zoom

Are your videos looking dull and vague to understand the essence of the clip? Did you forget to use the zoom for iPhone feature while capturing? If you forgot to zoom in when recording, use Video Zoom! to play your recording. Video zoom is a video extension that can help you in adding effects like pan, crop, or zoom video on iPhone to enhance it. You can zoom even when your video is paused. The photo extension support help in quickly launching the video zoom app from the system photos. You may save the edited photos as a copy to refer to it at a later date from the app gallery. The edited video output can be selected equal to original or lower.

video zoom


With the advent of a number of unique apps like Filmora, the zoom video on iPhone can be enjoyed by all the iOS users. You can easily add clarity to the video by adding zoom in effects that can be created using Filmora and other similar apps. The zoom for iPhone feature can even help you see the real colors of the butterfly sitting on a flower quite far from you, which I feel is a complete treat to the eyes. Nature comes closer to you through the lenses of your iPhone camera. Enjoy the feature and if you cannot, then don’t lose your heart, try Filmora.

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