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How to Add Animated Text to Instagram Story

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Instagram text animations let you publish more frankly and provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of your media. Users like this kind of material because it gives them a glimpse into your company's culture and internal operations. There is no denying that Instagram stories have developed into a potent method of engaging your audience more deeply. Utilizing Instagram story text animation will put you at the top of the app, giving you more opportunities to expand your brand with consistent photographs and video.

An engaging Instagram animated text video may help you bring your concept to life. With the help of our animated text guide, you can access typographic templates that have been expertly produced and animated scenarios that you can use to effectively communicate with your audience. Instagram stories provide users the chance to post images and videos that vanish after 24 hours. As Instagram users now have the opportunity to post their animated text Instagram story to a highlights area beneath their bio, here are some ways to add Instagram text animations.

In this article
  1. Way 1. Use Instagram App
  2. Way 2. Use Filmora Video Editor on Computer
  3. Way 3. Create Instagram Text animation Online

Way 1. Use Instagram App

Instagram has made animated text for stories available to all users. More than half of viewers pay close attention to videos, making them the most engaging content format. A new button to make your text animated has been added to the top of the text editing menu in tale creation mode. Your text may flicker or slide from the left depending on the font style.

Steps to Add Animation to Text on Instagram:

The easiest method to ensure that people remember what they've read is to deliver it in a video format. How to Add Animation to Text on Instagram. To accomplish it on the Instagram app, adhere to the procedures below:

Step1 Swipe right on Instagram after it's open to go to the story’s creator. Use the create feature to make a stories post, take or upload a picture or video, or both.

swipe right on instagram

Step2 To add words to your tales post, use the text tool. Typing, fading in, bouncing, stretching, swaying, and illuminating are all examples of text animation.

add words to post instagram

Step3 The Animate button, which is shown above the other text-related buttons for alignment and color, gives your text some extra life by causing it to glide up and down the screen. Click the symbol for the animation.

choose animate button instagram

Step4 You may check a preview of the dynamic text on Instagram. The animation will alter whenever the font is changed. Press "Done" in the upper right corner to finish revising your story post or to publish it after you are satisfied with your writing.

revise story post instagram

Way 2. Use Filmora Video Editor on Computer

Get distinctive word animations that will wow your friends and followers for anything from promotional videos to corporate presentations. Start right now for nothing! Each video scene may be edited separately, and scenes can be added or removed as you go. Enter your text, choose your preferred font, and then select the kind of text animation you want from the dropdown menu. You may also import any photographs or video clips that you wish to utilize. With the app's record function, you may even create brand-new video clips, or you can add a voiceover to go along with your animated text.

Steps To Add Animation to Videos with Filmora:

Free Download
Free Download
Step1 Launch and Import Instagram Story:

Right after you have downloaded and installed this toolkit to you PC. You can launch the software on the go. After you are into the initial launch of the Software, here you can select the Video editor and hit the Import button afterwards to add your Instagram stories to the Project media as shown here:

Step2 Customize the Media

After choosing your scenes, go to the editor to begin creating your animation. Text, pictures, movies, and logo animations may all be included. You may simply continue to customize by changing the text size, font, colors, and even the length of the movie. Don't forget to add a narration or a rhythm to make your animated text stand out.

customize the media
Step3 Use Animated Text Templates

Filmora is here to spark your creativity if you're at a stage when it's lacking. Utilize this technology to make a design stand out from the competition. You may look at the Templates in the Stock to see how well animated designs capture our attention. Choose from hundreds of text animation modes, many of which include further customization options, such as fade, slide, typewriter, flicker, and more. Select a template, then remix it with your own images and touches.

use animated text templates
Step4 Export the Animated Instagram Story

Go to the "Preview" section to see the video after you've completely altered it to your tastes. You may quickly return to the editor and make any necessary adjustments to your text animation. Export the finished video in the resolution you desire. When the movie exports, you can either save it to your device or click the "Share" button to immediately share your text animation on social media.

Way 3. Create Instagram Text animation Online

Even if you may submit a picture to your Instagram Story with animated text, the function doesn't allow you to add whatever text you want, just like a regular post. Use the FlexClip to do it online instead. Start creating your animation by going to the online editor. Text, pictures, movies, and logo animations may all be included. You may simply continue to customize by changing the text size, font, colors, and even the length of the movie.

Steps to Add Instagram Text Animation with FlexClip:

Step1 Upload Your Video, Gif, Or Image

Launch the FlexClip video editor after uploading your video, GIF, or picture and choose "Local Files." Click the "Plus" button to transfer it to the storyboard where it will be updated. The video may also be dragged from the folder and put straight into the editor. Directly upload a movie, GIF, or picture to FlexClip. Additionally, you may post a link from Twitter, YouTube, etc.

upload video into flexclip
Step2 Pick a template or start from scratch

Choose a template to use first from the enormous collection of text animation templates. Visit the ever-expanding template collection of our animated text generator to choose the template for your next text animation. Choose the video that best suits your project by previewing the available ones. A wide variety of animated text scenarios are included in templates to suit all demands. To begin making your animation, choose and include your favorite moments.

pick a tempalte flexclip
Step3 Animate your Font

By producing the video from scratch, you may also practice your creativity. Click "Add Text" and choose one of the animation choices to accomplish it. To adjust the location, just drag and drop. You may also quickly alter the font and color choices. Choose a font style from the fantastic font library or just upload your own font style to your video project, and then use the free text animation tool to add some magic to your projects. To animate text, just pick it and click "Animate."

animate text font flexclip
Step4 Share it with your audience!

Once finished, you can either instantly share the finished product on various social networking networks with a single click or export it to your computer. There are no downloads necessary to use FlexClip, and it is totally free!

share media flexclip

The Bottom Line

The success or failure of your Instagram company depends in large part on engagement. If you add some artistic flare to this behind-the-scenes material, viewers will be tuning in every day. Instagram pushes your stories to fewer users if viewers repeatedly close them or skip through them. This highlights the personality of your writing and adds a new aspect designed to increase reader retention and engagement. Impress yourself with flawless text animation. The text video creator on Filmora is all you need.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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