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Fully Guide to Convert a GIF into a PDF
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Best 10 Tools to Convert a GIF into a PDF

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 06, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Professionals are always on the lookout to create engaging and interesting presentations and documents. For this, many choose to convert GIF into PDF since they are animated images that can express the emotions of the brand or sender efficiently. GIF to PDF converter options is available to add these in-motion images into presentations.

They are small in size, can add a humorous tone, hold viewers’ attention, and even highlight specific points in the content. If you are interested in using GIFs in your PDF documents but do not know how- worry not. This guide details all usable GIF to PDF converters available.

In this article
    1. Adobe Acrobat
    2. Online2Pdf
    3. Soda PDF
    6. CloudConvert
    7. JPG to PDF
    8. PDFelement
    9. OnlineConvert
  1. How to Convert GIF Files (Images) to PDF?

Top 10GIF to PDF converters [Including Free Software]

There are multiple top-notch software options available when it comes to choosing the best GIF to PDF converter. We took the time to check out many of these tools to narrow down our favorite ones with the best performance. Here, we present them to you, listing their features, benefits, and uses.

1. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the best PDF to GIF converter software and vice versa. It supports the editing and creation of new PDFs and allows users to convert files. You need to subscribe to the software to get a premium experience.

adobe acrobat

How to Download: Website, Chrome extension

Rating: 3.7 stars of 5 (Chrome WebStore)

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Price: Standard- USD 13.14/month, Pro- USD 15.16/month


  • The alignment and formattingdo not alter during conversion.
  • Share across platforms and devices.
  • Store files in the cloud.
  • Edit and compress files easily.
  • Supports multiple format types for conversion.
  • Add comments or feedback for engagement.
  • Quick conversion speed.
  • Complex to use for total beginners.
  • No plans are free to use.

Best for Users: Businesses and home users want an all-in-one conversion/editing/compressing software.

2. Online2Pdf

Online2Pdf allows users to convert files like GIF into PDF format. Other uses here include merging, unlocking, and editing the files. You can make changes like splitting and rotating the pages and editing password-protected PDFs.


How to Download: Online.

Rating: 100 out of 100 (Scam Detector)

Supported OS: Web-based.

Price: Free


  • Select around 20 files at a time.
  • Maximum 100 MB allowed as file size limitation of GIFs.
  • Define elements like layout, header/footer, and compression.
  • 150 MB size is supported for batch GIF conversion in total.
  • Press Ctrl on the keyboard to select multiple files.
  • Export in multiple formats.
  • Easy drag-and-drop function is available.
  • You have to change settings to “Convert files separately” to avoid all files merging.
  • All form fields get deleted after each conversion.

Best for Users: Professionals who want to convert multiple small files at a time or all in one file can use this.

3. Soda PDF

One can use this simple online converter to create interesting PDF presentations or files from image files, like GIFs. Multiple tools are available for specific functions on this tool, like a convert, compress, etc.

soda pdf

How to Download: Online, website

Rating: 3.4 stars of 5 (Capterra)

Supported OS: Web-based, Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

Price:Standard- USD 6.73/month, Pro- USD 8.23/month, Business- USD 16.63/month


  • Edit and merge files into PDF format.
  • Access files from an online, blank file, or a device.
  • Remote e-signing is available.
  • Quick availability of new updates.
  • Easy to convert or create any file into PDF.
  • Only 3 devices can use one paid plan.
  • Batch processing is available.
  • Software-based usage is not available for Standard subscribers.
  • Multiple cookies are created.

Best for Users: Professionals and teams who want an all-in-one PDF-based editing and conversion software can use this.


Ezgif is one of the best GIF-centric editor and converter tools available online. Users can make many adjustments to their files and even customize them with speed, reverse, compress, and other settings.

How to Download: Online

Rating: 100 out of 100 (Scam Detector)

Supported OS: Web-based.

Price: Free.


  • Decide the number of frames per page.
  • Do customizations like adding effects, censors, split, etc.
  • Reverse the animated GIF.
  • Change the speed.
  • Also works with WebP, APNG, and MNG files.
  • Choose the output style of the PDF.
  • Quick conversion.
  • Only supports files with 50 MB size or lower.
  • Convert one file at a time.

Best for Users: People who want a simple online PDF to GIF converterand vice versa.


It is a simple tool for converting GIF files into PDF or any other format style you prefer. The app allows the insertion of small to huge files and offers strong priority customer support to users.

freeconvert .com

How to Download: Online, Chrome extension

Rating: 58.40 out of 100 (Scam Detector)

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: 24-hour Pass- USD 12.99, Pro- USD 25.99/month, Basic- USD 9.99/month, Standard- USD 14.99/month.


  • Drag and drop the file or add it from the device/cloud.
  • Choose the preferred format to convert.
  • Add files upto 1.5 GB in size or higher.
  • Free users get 25 conversions each day in an online converter.
  • Protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • Easy to add files and choose conversion format.
  • Ticketing-based customer support is available.
  • Free conversion allows a 1 GB maximum size limit only.
  • Not many customizations are allowed.

Best for Users: People who want the simple and quick conversion of big files can use this.

6. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is the best GIF to PDF converterfor online-based users. Using this, one can also convert other types of files, like ebooks, images, spreadsheets, archives, videos, and audio files. You can also directly convert the files into presentation format using this.

convert gif into pdf online

How to Download: Online

Rating: 4.5 stars of 5 (Capterra)

Supported OS: Web-based.

Price: Subscriptions- USD 8- 2314 per month, Packages- USD 8- 3283 per month


  • Filters are available to make conversion adjustments.
  • Over 200 file format types are supported.
  • Add a file from your Dropbox, Google Drive, URL, device, or OneDrive.
  • Convert files of any size.
  • Comes with Amazon S3 and other API integrations.
  • Open-source benefits.
  • No installation is needed.
  • You have to pay for doing over 25 conversions daily.
  • Cost based on conversion numbers per minute.

Best for Users: People who want to do a huge volume of file conversions together.

7. JPG to PDF

The GIF to PDF converter allows the alteration of different image formats in the JPG to PDF tool. You can add the file and make certain configurations about the conversion. The process takes some seconds to complete.

convert jpg into pdf

How to Download: Online, Microsoft Store, Google PlayStore, Apple AppStore

Rating: 4.7 stars of 5 (Google)

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Price:Pro- USD 9 per month, Team- USD 7 per user + month, Business- Custom 


  • Directly add image files, like GIF, JPG, PNG, etc., to convert into PDF.
  • Save the file in the device/cloud.
  • Choose between Portrait/Landscape orientation.
  • Choose paper type- A4, Letter, etc.
  • SSL protection is available.
  • All-in-one tool for converting different image types into PDF.
  • Adjust the margin of the document for conversion.
  • Maximum benefits and filters require payment first.
  • Users can convert 1 file per day with a free online converter.

Best for Users: People who want to choose the specifications of the image/download can benefit from this.

8. PDFelement

Companies who want an all-in-one converter that works on different operating systems can benefit from PDFelement. The app can easily convert multiple GIFs into PDF format, highlight elements, add notes, and more.

convert multiple gifs into pdf format

How to Download: Microsoft Store, Mac AppStore, Google PlayStore, Apple AppStore

Rating: 4.6 stars of 5 (iOS)

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Price: Standard- USD 6.99/month, Professional- USD 9.99/month


  • Convert images in formats like GIF into PDF.
  • Insert links and watermark in the files.
  • Comment, highlight, underline, draw, add shapes, etc., on this software.
  • Batch conversion is available.
  • 100 GB of cloud storage is available for the Cloud version.
  • E-signature-based access is allowed.
  • Edit the font style, size, and color.
  • No cloud support for mobile apps.
  • Editing not allowed in the Cloud version.

Best for Users: Professionals and regular users can operate this on different devices for multiple conversions.

9. OnlineConvert

This is one of the best apps for GIF into PDF conversion, among other format-to-format methods. You can easily add different files into the conversion tool online or in the native app version and get quick results.

convert gif into pdf

How to Download: Online tool, Firefox extension, Chrome extension, Apple AppStore, Google PlayStore

Rating: 3.7stars of 5 (Google)

Supported OS: Online, Android, iOS, Chromebook

Price: Free, 24-hour Pass- USD 8.99, Monthly- USD 8, Annual- USD 77


  • You can expect a limit of 250 conversions per day.
  • Batch convert 200 files per conversion maximum.
  • Subscribers get priority speed for their work.
  • A money-back guarantee is provided.
  • Allows file sizes upto 8 GB.
  • The speed of conversion is not extremely long.
  • The free option allows all-time validity.
  • Many ads would come up in the free version.
  • Only 3 conversions are allowed each day when using the free plan.

Best for Users:People who want to conduct conversion of huge files can use this.


This software is a suitable PDF to GIF converter, and vice versa, allowing users to manage, create, and edit various documents. You can directly work on the files and add elements like shapes, texts, and freehand annotations.

convert pdf to gif

How to Download: Google PlayStore, Apple AppStore

Rating: 4.9 stars of 5 (iOS)

Supported OS: Windows, Android, iOS

Price: Pro- USD 9 per month, Team- USD 7 per user and month 


  • Share across different devices.
  • Manage all documents and PDFs in one location.
  • Split/merge the files easily.
  • Remove extra pages.
  • Highly secure app with CCPA compliance.
  • Data security is guaranteed with 256-bit TLS encryption.
  • Customer support is 24x7.
  • There is a minimum age limit of 16 years.
  • The free trial period lasts only for 7 days.

Best for Users: Professionals who want strong and secure PDF conversion/editing software.

How to Convert GIF Files (Images) to PDF?

Now that you know the best tools to convert GIF into PDF, you should learn the process behind it. Here are the steps you should take to turn the format using SmallPDF.

Step1Drag the GIF file to the editor or click on the Choose File button to add it from the device.
drag the gif file
Step2Make changes like the alignment, page type, and margin.
make changes
Step3Click on the Convert button at the top right.
click on the convert button
Step4Open the “Export as” setting and choose PDF format. Then, press the Download button.

Final Words

In the end, you should make your preferred choice based on your particular needs. If usability is a concern for you, EZGif is the best option. Online2PDF, on the other hand, is usable on different devices completely for free. Adobe Acrobat has rich additional features like PDF-editing, while SmallPDF is a comprehensive converter with the best of all benefits, in our opinion.

Choose your final option after trying them all out at least once each.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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