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ChatGPT 4: A Beginner's Guide to the Ultimate Chatbot Experience

Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Originally published Apr 14, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

ChatGPT has been immensely popular ever since it made its debut. Whether it is a school of business homework or an Ivy League law test, ChatGPT has faced several challenges. Given ChatGPT's immense success, Open AI recently unveiled its newest version, "GPT 4," which has once again been the most-discussed launch in the IT industry. In this article, we will go through how to utilize ChatGPT, the impending ChatGPT 4 chatbot. Let us learn how to use ChatGPT.

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What is ChatGPT 4?

GPT 4 efficiently combines artificial intelligence, processing of natural language, and algorithms. It is an AI-assisted chatbot that promotes user-generated material.

ChatGPT 4 released date has been March 14th, 2023, marked a spectacular entry, including all attention to its cutting-edge capabilities. Unlike past iterations of ChatGPT, the new competitor is a Multimodal system that analyzes text inputs and reacts to visual inputs. Hence, users may upload photos for analysis and get results right away.

GPT 4 is the best option for businesses or customers that want a rapid, personalized engagement with customer service agents. Because to this powerful AI-driven software, users may have informal conversations that resemble conversing with a genuine customer service representative.

The simple interface of GPT 4 allows for simpler communication. An AI-driven system allows users to have informal conversations that resemble interacting with actual people.

A chatbot powered by AI is growing increasingly popular among businesses of all kinds because to how easy it to operate, how precise the message is, and the advantages it provides to the customer.

How to Use ChatGPT 4 For Beginners?

For beginners, using GPT 4 as an aspect of Bing Talk is the simplest way to get started. At Bing Talk, Microsoft confirmed using the GPT 4 for free. This short manual will educate you through the registration procedure, creating powerful prompts, and utilizing ChatGPT. ChatGPT registration is easy and hassle-free. Carry out these actions.


For ChatGPT login, find the "ChatGPT" component by going to the OpenAI website

chatgpt login


 Click the "Log in" or "Login and registration" option to start the registration procedure of ChatGPT 4 for beginners. You can create a new account or log in using a Google or a Different Email address. You will need to validate your email address if you generate your own.

 You should also accept the notification on your phone when using Microsoft or Google Authenticator.

start the registration procedure


After confirming your acceptance of the terms and regulations, click submit to finish the registration process. When your email account has been validated, you may log in with the new passwords to use the ChatGPT dashboard.

click submit to finish


After signing in and establishing an account, you will straightforward see a UI. You may ask a question or ask ChatGPT to produce some content for you by using the Submit a popup message at the end of the screen.

The time it takes to type in a reply will depend on how complicated the issue is and how hard it is to ChatGPT 4 use to generate a response. Responses will be written out in front of you.

ask a question to ChatGPT

Examples of How to Use ChatGPT 4 For Beginners

GPT 4 has a wide range of possible applications. To facilitate things, you may utilize GPT 4 for various activities in both your business and personal life. Only a few instances are given below:

1. Creation of content

GPT 4 can assist companies in producing exciting and high-quality content in mass, including blog articles, updates for social media, video scripts, and ad text.

creation of content with ChatGPT

2. Scriptwriting

Compared to its precursors, ChatGPT 4 is more exciting and good at producing detailed text. Access ChatGPT 4 to create movie scripts since it can do in advance the following phrase or word in a sequence, much like the autocomplete function. The next step after receiving the AI-generated movie screenplay is to edit and upload your video.

You can use Filmora's AI Copywriting tool for editing as it offer advanced features to help you design your text or videos as per your wish. It facilitates the process of generating content by utilizing AI. Machine learning software is used in AI copywriting to create written material for various reasons.

scriptwriting with chatgpt
Free Download
Free Download

3. Support for clients

For practical, precise, and sympathetic customer service across various sectors, GPT 4 may be included in chatbots or voice assistants.

support for client with ChatGPT

4. Language translation: 

GPT 4 can help convert text between languages because of its enhanced context comprehension and linguistic subtleties.

language translation

5. Coding support

By producing code samples, making recommendations, and even troubleshooting code in real time, GPT 4 may assist programmers.

coding support

Tips and Tricks to Use ChatGPT 4 as a Beginner

To utilize ChatGPT 4, there are a few hints and techniques. You might use ChatGPT as a beginner to develop your skills by: 

  • Writing: With its assistance, you may write faster and more effectively, producing more content in far less time. It may help you develop concepts for blog posts, publications, or even whole books.
  • Creativity: It can assist you in coming up with fresh concepts and pique your imagination. It might be used to generate concepts for creative endeavors, design endeavors, or even business initiatives.
  • Making choices: By creating forecasts based on facts and patterns, it can assist you in making wiser choices. It may be used to anticipate market patterns and the outcome of sporting events or even help you choose which investments to make.
  • Efficiency: Automating repetitive operations may save time and improve performance. You may use it, for instance, to create reports or assemble data.
  • Learning: It may make learning more efficient by producing learning materials specifically tailored to your preferences and level of understanding. It may be used to make study aids, handouts, or whole courses.


 Everyone should familiarize themselves with and experiment with ChatGPT, a fascinating new tool. It is how humans will interface with computers in the future and, like the personal computer, will revolutionize daily life and business. Various services compete with ChatGPT pricing, like Google Bard, Quora Poe, and numerous others that are in the works.

Even if users are unaware that they are employing ChatGPT, the technology will shortly be incorporated into several well-known office programs, like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365, giving it more exposure.


  • Is it Free to Access ChatGPT?
    Indeed, creating a profile and using ChatGPT is entirely free. Although ChatGPT Pro, a paid membership service from OpenAI, is available, it is unnecessary to utilize ChatGPT. The only requirement is to create a free profile.
  • What Does ChatGPT Pro Cost?
    ChatGPT Plus is a premium membership service provided by OpenAI, which created ChatGPT. At $20 a month, users receive access to the most recent GPT 4 version and first dibs on the service during high usage times.
  • Is ChatGPT Private and Secure?
    ChatGPT's creator, OpenAI, may utilize the data entered there for training and testing purposes. It would help if you never presumed that the submitted data would not be used again. Google, Windows, and other digital enterprises may also use or save your data.
  • Does ChatGPT Plus Offer Certainty?
    Depending on how frequently you utilize ChatGPT. It is worthwhile since we use it regularly, making our jobs much more straightforward. In our tests, ChatGPT 4 significantly outperformed ChatGPT-3.5, and we appreciated the quick response times and increased uptime.
  • What time is ChatGPT busiest?
    Depending on Pacific Time, we have discovered that Chat is most sluggish in the morning until mid-afternoon. The demand for OpenAI servers decreases when individuals start retiring for the day from the east coast since it is likely that many people are utilizing the tool for work.
Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Mar 27, 24
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