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All You Need to Know About Best ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT is a highly proficient conversational chatbot that can carry out practically any task you ask. It is based on OpenAI's GPT-3.5 big language model, which incorporates knowledge from various sources, including wikis, newspaper, and articles.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Apr 14, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Chat GPT is a highly proficient conversational chatbot that can carry out practically any task you ask. It is based on OpenAI's GPT-3.5 big language model, which incorporates knowledge from various sources, including wikis, newspaper articles, and the internet.

ChatGPT is Now Available in Filmora!
Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
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The tool is easy to use and operates like a conventional search engine or chatbot. Please enter your request and press the send button. Chat GPT has demonstrated unparalleled refinement. The tool can only be used to its full potential if the proper prompts are provided. To learn more about the Best ChatGPT Prompt, continue reading.

In this article
  1. What is Prompt in ChatGPT?
  2. Best ChatGPT Prompts for Five Kinds of Workflow
    1. Best Chatgpt Prompts for Web Development
    2. Best Chatgpt Prompts for Writing and Blogging
    3. Best ChatGPT Prompts for Startups
  3. Wrap Up

Part 1 What is Prompt in ChatGPT?

User Interface

Interactions between people and your AI-powered chatbot may be made more accessible with the help of ChatGPT prompts. They are intended to facilitate a meaningful dialogue between users and the chatbot, enabling users to ask critical questions and obtain insightful responses. With ChatGPT prompts, individuals can have more natural conversations with AI.

Users may ask the chatbot about things they are concerned about and receive replies tailored to the conversation by offering conversational suggestions. The client can use ChatGPT prompts to comprehend the discussion's background better and learn more about the chatbot's skills. This may improve the user experience while interacting with an AI-powered chatbot. Find below more than 10 best ChatGPT Prompts to make your tasks easier.

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Part 2 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Five Kinds of Workflow

Prompts for ChatGPT must be highly accurate to have an impact. Give the chatbot as much information as possible about what you want it to accomplish. If the topic is somewhat unusual or not well-covered online, providing ChatGPT with some background information could be helpful.

Users may access the GPT portal, which creates text relevant to the copywriting stage in video processing, with ChatGPT, like Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. With the Filmora editing system, video creators may utilize this capability to create video screenplays, chapter themes, headers, social media captions, explanations, and more. Continue reading to learn more about functional ChatGPT prompts for writing, startups, web development, and other topics.

1. Best Chatgpt Prompts for Web Development

ChatGPT has drawn much interest as a tool to reduce the burden and get assistance with challenging writing assignments. The same applies to website development.

There are several excellent Prompts for ChatGPT for writing or explaining code. You may get a sense of ChatGPT's capabilities from these.

❶ Positioning a div

How would you position a div both in the horizontal and vertical directions?

User Interface

❷ SVG Elements Creation

Construct a symbol for the exclamation point in SVG.

User Interface

❸ Making SQL Queries

Create a SQL code based on the database names and assume Elon Musk's tweets from 2019.

User Interface

❹ Describe / Create a Regex

What does the above regex do? rege(x(es)? |xps?)

User Interface

❺ Modify CSS with JavaScript

How much be CSS modified using JavaScript?

User Interface

Moreover, ChatGPT will not offer you a thousand coding lines at once. By extending the dialogue and requesting further improvements with clear and concise suggestions, you must gradually expand on the foundation of your interaction.

2. Best Chatgpt Prompts for Writing and Blogging

AI can pinpoint its strategy and provide more detailed information by creating better prompts. If you wish to establish a blog, ChatGPT can assist you with finding post ideas, article structure, rough drafts, SEO management, proofing, research, and much more. You may expedite the procedure and fully use ChatGPT AI's workflow-improving capabilities by understanding a few fast prompt suggestions.

❶ Find Advice for Blog Posts

Identify at least ten subjects for blog posts on each of the following: [Insert themes, commas between them]. Use a dynamic and compelling tone when writing the titles of your posts and provide SEO-Friendly names for each one.

User Interface

The tool will understand before producing any output if given this knowledge and straightforward directions. Furthermore, the AI will keep track of this data for inquiries in the future.

❷ Use Filmora AI Copywriting

Since ChatGPT and Filmora are linked, creating videos is a breeze! Bid adieu to time-consuming tool switching and hello to effective AI content production help. Additionally, you won't have to worry about copywriting headaches. It's time to show off your ingenuity with Filmora AI copywriting.

App Interface

Avoid worrying about developing video scripts. Enter your video description once, and AI Copywriting will create scripts for your videos instantly. Let your imagination go wild while Filmora AI copywriting take care of the rest!

❸ Create A Blog Post's SEO Headline and Meta Tags

ChatGPT may not be an SEO expert, but it is knowledgeable. Prompts for ChatGPT help extract essential phrases and keywords, assist with grammar and syntax, and generally reshape writing for SEO.

App Interface

As a result, authors may enter a whole article into ChatGPT and tell the AI to suggest possible keywords.

❹ Create Ten Unique Subtitles

It might be challenging to develop just one alternative title for an article. As the task only requires reordering phrases and extracting keywords, ChatGPT can truly shine in this situation. Follow the same prompt for title-related material, such as subheadlines or section headings.

User Interface

❺ Text Phrasing

You can utilize Chat GPT to your advantage if you compose a section of content in your ideas. Even if there are internet applications that can already accomplish this for business, Chat GPT is a beautiful free alternative. This question is a lot clearer. Just put the paragraph into the box and suggest that the bot translate the above content.

3. Best ChatGPT Prompts for Startups

There are several ways for startups to utilize this AI technology, and ChatGPT application cases are rapidly expanding. The five top ChatGPT Prompts for small and medium businesses are listed below:

❶ Determine ideal client profiles

Startup entrepreneurs may find perfect consumer profiles with the use of ChatGPT. List the key characteristics of your SaaS solution, describe it, and then sit back and watch ChatGPT work its magic. Although it might not pinpoint every ICP, it can give company owners an excellent starting position and spare them months of labor.

ChatGPT may provide business owners with an excellent starting point and spare them months and years of laborious research, even though human-to-human interaction is still preferred for more accurate findings.

User Interface

❷ Decide which product features to develop

Have you ever invested much money and time to create an excellent specific product that you anticipated would boost sales or product usage?

Indeed, Prompts for ChatGPT can accelerate the procedure. Just explain your product and its current set of functions, along with the profile page and use case, and then ask ChatGPT what additional features you should add to assist this user in getting much more benefit from the service, be more efficient, etc. You might be shocked by the results!

User Interface

❸ Analyze the problems of your business

Most startups now produce interactive mockups using Figma as the standard. When creating a product, this is the ideal approach to test it with prospective buyers. Using mockups, you can go pretty granular.

Even so, it might be challenging to predict all the problems that can arise later. Hardware entrepreneurs must recognize and treat these pain points. This straightforward ChatGPT prompt can save you several weeks or months of effort!

User Interface

❹ Develop a monetization plan and a cost approach.

For companies in their early stages, revenue is a challenging subject. While it can seem easy on the outside, many company entrepreneurs tragically fail to sell their businesses properly. Monetization strategies differ depending on your selling item, sector, and go-to-market approach.

You must be even more imaginative with your pricing approach at this point. In this case, ChatGPT can be of assistance! Request that ChatGPT provide the best monetization plan for your project.

User Interface

❺ Find other applications for your expertise.

Ask ChatGPT if you do not have a sizable user base to acquire real-world statistics! Ask ChatGPT to provide any more use factors for your innovation after describing your technology and current use cases. You might not be aware of the power of your tech!

User Interface

Wrap Up

Summarize: Get the best ChatGPT prompts with points below
1. Utilize ChatGPT

We hope this comprehensive list of the good ChatGPT prompts will enable you to make the best possible use of this Artificial intelligence program. By understanding how to utilize ChatGPT, you can access the chatbot on your smartphone in parallel to the browser window.

2. Best Option

The best option is to obtain a ChatGPT Browser extension to deliver these instructions inside the ChatGPT window. It would help if you stored these prompts somewhere accessible. Because ChatGPT's responses are dynamic, you could get a better response if you check again.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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