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A Review: Best Text Plugins For Your After Effects Projects

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

Adobe After Effects remains one of the most powerful ways to edit videos. One of the main reasons users find it so useful is the ability to customize the video editing process by adding different kinds of plugins to the program. If you are looking to add unique and fancy text to the video you are working on, then these text plugins for After Effects will come in handy.

In this article
  1. TextDelay
  2. TextExploder
  3. iExpressions 2
  4. TextBox
  5. Font Manager
  6. Cartoon Moblur
  7. Shadow Studio
  8. Texts Animation Bundle
  9. Artificial Intelligence Titles
  10. Text Library



TextDelay is a native plugin, meaning that you will find it already installed on After Effects. As the name suggests, you can use TextDelay to delay any other text transformations that you may add to the text and it allows you to delay these transformations by word, line, or even character. It comes with a range selector that allows you to have precise control over which characters can get the effect.

text delay plugin



TextExploder is an After Effects plugin that is developed by MamoWorld and it allows you to split the text layers in After Effects into words, lines, characters, and more. These splits are so powerful that you can very easily isolate a single word or even a single letter.

text exploder plugin

iExpressions 2


If you want to effectively use the After Effects expressions even if you are not familiar with coding, iExpressions 2 is the text plugin to consider. It comes with 22 ready-to-use iExpressions that you can easily customize to fit into your project and it is so easy to use.

iexpression 2 plugin



If you want to create the perfect shape behind your text, then TextBox is a good text plugin to consider. This is a native After Effects plugin, meaning that you will not need to install it and the shapes it creates can be very easily customized. It updates the shapes you create automatically and adds them to the text layer, making it the most ideal solution to create closed captions, lower thirds, and subtitles.

text box plugin

Font Manager


Font Manager is an After Effects text plugin that is useful when creating and working with animated typefaces. You can use it to create the most complex animated text graphics in just a few simple clicks. You will also find it very familiar to use as the user interface is similar to the Character Panel in After Effects.

font manager plugin

Cartoon Moblur


This is the most ideal plugin to choose when you want to add motion trail to the graphics in your video, but you want them to appear very cartoony. If you have used the motion blur effect in After Effects, Cartoon Moblur will behave in a similar function, but it is more suited to 2D, flat or minimal graphics. Some of the factors that you can customize include the length of the blur (shutter angle), color, and opacity.

cartoon moblur plugin

Shadow Studio

If you are looking for shadow styles that will go very well with your project, Shadow Studio is a good plugin to get. It offers you a wide variety of shadow styles including radial, inner, soft, and long shadows. Most people find it an easier and more affordable way to add soft shadows as compared to traditional methods like raytracing. It is also quite easy to use, meaning that shadow effects that would take hours to complete can be done in a matter of minutes.

shadow studio plugin

Texts Animation Bundle


This is a bundle of more than 80 different templates to add text effects to any text in After Effects. All the templates in the bundle are easily customizable and the plugin is very easy to use, allowing you to create amazing text effects in just a few clicks. The templates are modeled from various titles, quotes, and stories, so there is a little bit of something for everyone. Plus, the bundle gets constant updates and you are likely to get new templates with each update.

texts animation bundle plugin

Artificial Intelligence Titles


The Artificial Intelligence Titles is an After Effects text plugin that is designed to be the ultimate typographical solution. Once you have it in After Effects, you can enter any text and the plugin will automatically adjust the entire layout of the text. You can choose to create awesome text boxes, change the color, add special effects and even change the duration, speed, size, and positioning of the text. It also allows users to customize the text animation’s direction without using a keyframe.

artificial intelligence titles plugin

Text Library


This is another great text animation bundle with different options for just about any kind of project. But unlike other plugin bundles that only have a few effects to choose from, Text Library has thousands of templates to choose from. Once you have selected the template that you would like to use, you also get the option to customize the template to suit your project. You can customize the text, size, duration of the animation, and color. It is easy to use and is constantly updated to introduce even more templates with each update.

text library plugin


On its own After Effects comes with so many post-production effects and features to make your project appear professional and well made. But if you would like to have a unique video production that stands head and shoulders above all others, plugins are a great way to do that. The good news is that After Effects allows for the use of plugins developed by third-party developers and some of the them like the text plugins, we have listed above can be very useful to a video’s production.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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