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How to Get Unbanned from Tinder - an Ultimate Guide

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps globally and has many millions of regular users or fans who are desperate to find a matched relationship. While most people think that getting banned from the Tinder app isn't too easy, every app has its own rule. Tinder also has some basic rules which are quite different than other apps, which if you don't follow, you will be in the queue of getting banned very soon. Thus, you have to follow the dating app's protocol and know how to get unbanned on Tinder.

If you have got banned from the Tinder app and do not know how to get unbanned from Tinder, then the information furnished below can help you.

Best Dating Apps Tinder

Reasons why you get banned from Tinder

Now, there are several reasons for which you can get banned on Tinder. As you can see from the following graph in the last year, there was increasing popularity in searching for how to unban Tinder account. Here are some of the reasons for your account ban:

Banned From Tinder

1.Fake profile & policy violation

A fake profile is one of the primary reasons for banning accounts on Tinder. There are several fake or scam accounts on Tinder whose intention is to hack the data or cyber-bullying or sometimes belong to sexual predators. Using your correct information, furnish specific personal interests in your account is the 1st step on how to get unbanned on Tinder. Likewise, if you find some fake accounts on Tinder, then you can report them. After you notify, the creators of Tinder will decide whether to block that person or not. Creators of Tinder are continually working on how to handle these fake accounts.

Banned From Tinder Fake Profile

2.Inappropriate and offensive language

You can chat with the person you like on the Tinder app, but you have a high chance of getting banned if you use inappropriate language. When you use inappropriate language in the conversation, the opposite person has the authority to report your account as well. You have to go through their guidelines, rules & conditions framed by Tinder to keep your profile from being unbanned.

Banned From Tinder Offensive Language

3.Being homophobic

As we know, Tinder is for all, including the LGBTQ community. So, if you are a little homophobic, then you will get banned on Tinder. So, while creating your Tinder profile, state your sexual preference or interest strictly, and avoid disrespecting others' sexual preferences.

4.Racist comment

One such issue is racist comments that come in sort of stupid things and song lyrics that can hurt and seem racist to the opposite person. If the Tinder team notes, the contact gets warned immediately, and if the behavior doesn't stop instantly, the account gets banned. You will get no second chance as Tinder takes racism very seriously.

Banned From Tinder Racist Comment

5.Spam accounts

Spamming or spam account suspicion by Tinder can lead to banning your account too. Constant texting to a person who isn't interested in you leads to blocking or warning. Also, copy and paste of the same messages to different contacts would be identified and blocked by Tinder. It may gather multiple "Feels like Spam" feedback from the matched connection.

Banned From Tinder Spam

6. Posting inappropriate pictures

Tinder has a strict picture policy. Posting a pic with some skin show-off on your pictures is acceptable, but inappropriate pictures post is against the Tinder policy. The platform bans violating images or animal corpses as Tinder believes that they belong to the gallery and are not fit for Tinder.

Solutions: How to get unbanned from Tinder?

Are you puzzled about how to get unbanned from Tinder? The solution is simple if you get to the below tips.


The immediate answer for how to unban Tinder is to make a polite appeal to the Tinder support system. All you have to do is contact the service and ask for the unbanning process, which will reveal why the account is banning. Make a simple appeal to the service; that will get back your account.

Remember, this method doesn't always work!

2.Create a new account

If your appeal didn’t work, then you have to use this way to use Tinder. You have to create a new account on Tinder and make it look perfect.

Create New Tinder Account

3.Make use of new data & pictures

You can use new pictures and bio to make your profile better and make sure you don't post any old data identified by the Tinder team. It will give you a bonus point as well and not recognized by Tinder services too.

4.Use a new phone number

If you get banned on Tinder and trying to create a new account in these situations, make sure you use the latest number.

5.Create a new Google account

Before downloading the Tinder app, you have to clear all the data or create a new Google account. The new Google account will help you to create a new version of the Tinder profile.

Want to become popular on Tinder and other social media?

Now that you are familiar with how to get unbanned from Tinder, do you know how to get famous on social media? It could be Tinder loops, Instagram reels, or Tik Tok videos. All you need is a reliable video editor that could showcase your personality and make you stand out from the crowd. There is vast importance to the post and videos shared on the social media profile where Filmora from Wondershare is the best option to prefer.

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Filmora from Wondershare is one of the popular video editors that can help you with Instagram videos or Tik Tok videos and other social platforms. Specially created for the inspired, you can recreate your Tinder account and accommodate it with new posts or videos that will feel appealing & grab perfect matches to your Tinder profile. If you get banned from the Tinder app, don't worry, as you have another chance with Filmora setting your favorite campaign in your new account!


Thus, to conclude, every social media platform has its own rules, policy, and guidelines. Similarly, Tinder doesn't stand behind on rules, even though it is a dating app. Our today's article entirely focused on how to get unbanned from Tinder and avoid getting banned as well. Thus, if, unfortunately, you ever get banned, never give up, but create a new account, get assistance from Filmora, and stand unique on the line!

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