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Finest Approach to Slow Down a Video: CapCut All-in-one Video Editor

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Dec 08, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Since the slow-motion trend captured everyone's attention, it never went out of fashion. Keeping this in view, many content creators followed the trend and created slo-mos. In filmmaking, slow motion assisted in emphasizing high-action scenes and details. Many tools and software like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro can do this.

Smartphone video editors were introduced to enhance the application of slow motion. One of these editors is CapCut, a multifunctional video editor capable of slo-mo creation. This article will focus on how to do slow-mo in CapCut. With tools brief review, you can find the detailed guide on the CapCut slow-mo effect. Along with learning how to do some in CapCut, we’ll look into its alternative. 

In this article
  1. Part 1: CapCut Video Editor: An Exceptional Mobile App for Video Editing
  2. Part 2: How to Create a Slow Mo on CapCut? A Guide
  3. Part 3: CapCut Slow Mo Alternative: Wondershare Filmora for Smartphone Users
  4. Bonus Part: Edit Your Slow Mo Video on Desktop with Filmora Desktop
  5. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: CapCut Video Editor: An Exceptional Mobile App for Video Editing

CapCut is an editing application that caters to the needs of both Android and iPhone users. Whether you are working as a seasoned editor or a team member, it assists all. It harbors numerous video editing tools like the CapCut slow-motion effect. Moreover, users can also access keyframe editor, effects and filters, stock videos, and more.

capcut video editor

The tool offers a sleek user interface with cutting-edge AI technology for automated editing. The interface looks artistic and organized for accessible editing. Along with video editing, users can perform audio, text, and image editing. You can access its Resource collection on its site, which is full of tips and tutorials. To give you a broader vision of CapCut slow-mo effect, here are some of its features:

  • Video Filters and Effects: CapCut has a free collection of effects and filters to enhance your footage. The video effects and filters add uniqueness and hide any irregularities in videos. The collection keeps updating, and you can use Business, Ads, and other categories.
  • Stock Videos: Use CapCut’s free stock media instead of roaming through the internet. If you must show your abilities as an editor, then try its royalty-free videos. These videos are editable, and you can apply multiple pre-installed animations and stickers to them.
  • Keyframe Animation: Although CapCut offers a range of stock animations, you can create one. With its keyframe functioning, users can create custom animations. It offers custom settings like scale, position, opacity, and more adjustments.
  • Background Remover: If you want to erase messy backgrounds and replace them, CapCut can assist. Its background remover eliminates video backgrounds with accuracy. Moreover, you can replace them with solid or gradient colors, images, and videos.
  • Video Upscaler: This tool is available online and enhances video resolution up to 4K. The tool is compatible with diverse video contexts and gives professional outcomes. The tool is backed by AI, and hence, you just need to upload the video for upscaling.

Part 2: How to Create a Slow Mo on CapCut? A Guide

There are two seamless methods of creating slow-mo on CapCut via “Normal” and “Curve” options. The normal method involves slowing down videos via basic playback speed alteration. However, the Curve method involves multiple speed templates for this. If you do not find an expected speed template, you can utilize the “Custom” option. Following is the procedural guide to the CapCut slow-mo effect:

Step 1

After downloading and launching CapCut on your device, access its main menu. From the main menu, click the “New Project” option and upload a video.

create a new project on capcut
Step 2

Once you have added the video, navigate towards the toolbar at the bottom. From there, locate and select the “Edit” option.

start to edit the process
Step 3

From the appearing options, select the “Speed” option for the CapCut slow-mo effect.

access the speed settings
Step 4

In the speed display, adjust the position of the slider to add the slo-mo effect. Further, go to the "Normal" section to start speed manipulation.

access the normal section
Step 5

Drag the playback speed slider toward the left side of the screen. This will add a slow-mo effect and will increase the video's duration. In this section, you can also expand the "Make it smoother" option to enhance the quality. Moreover, you can also enable the "Pitch" option to maintain audio quality. Afterward, click the “ü" icon at the bottom right corner to finalize the slo-mo effect.

adjust speed settings

Part 3: CapCut Slow Mo Alternative: Wondershare Filmora for Smartphone Users

After seeing how to slow down videos on CapCut, you must think that it is so easy. However, there is an alternative editor that offers a minimal interface with similar qualities. Wondershare Filmora is a professional slow-motion creator catered to your needs. Whether you are skilled or just beginning your journey, it can assist you.

Using this CapCut slow-motion video has its benefits, as it offers multiple speed change options. You can change video speed using Normal playback speed or speed “Curve” alteration. In this section, we’ll teach you how to create a slow motion in Filmora. We are going to use the Curve technique to manipulate speed professionally.

Step-by-Step Guide to Slow Down Video in Filmora App

You can find multiple speed templates here to craft a cinematic-level slow motion. By utilizing the Custom speed setting options, this effect is possible. To fashion professional-grade and artistic slow motion in Filmora, follow these steps:

Step 1Import Videos After Creating a New Project

Download the Filmora app from the Play Store or App Store and launch it. Then, click the "New Project" tab and import a video from the device gallery.

create a new project in filmora
Step 2Access the Speed Curve Option

After importing the video, navigate towards the timeline panel and select the video. From the options appearing in the bar at the bottom, select “Speed.” In the speed section, select the “Curve” section to access speed settings.

access the speed options
Step 3Adjust the Speed Curve Settings

From the appearing options, click the "Customize" option and start editing. To create the slo-mo effect, drag the slider in the downward direction. If you notice, the slider points are distant from each other. It is to edit videos and slow down videos at different durations. Once you are done editing in this CapCut slow-mo effect alternative, hit “Export.”

customize the speed options

Bonus Part: Edit Your Slow Mo Video on Desktop with Filmora Desktop

No doubt Wondershare Filmora offers precise editing features compared to other apps. However, skilled and professional editors just prefer the desktop version to bring precision. In addition, there is an optical flow option and an extensive timeline panel. Both these features ensure professional outcomes and a smooth slow-motion effect.

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful alternative to CapCut slow-motion download. The software has a range of video editing features that open unlimited editing opportunities. With its various effects and filters, you can seize the audience's attention. In addition, the software is compatible with Linux and macOS devices for diversity.

Free Download
Free Download

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Slow Motion in Filmora for Desktop

In this method, we’ll use Filmora’s Uniform Speed functionality to generate a slow-motion video. This feature uses a simple speed slider to enhance or decelerate video speed. Find the guide to Filmora's Uniform Speed feature attached below:

Step 1Access the Speed Tab to Start Editing

After opening a project in Filmora, select the video in the timeline and access the settings panel. From there, go to the "Speed" > "Uniform Speed" option and change the slider's position. By dragging it towards the left side, you can add a slow-motion effect.

set the uniform speed preferences
Step 2Add Optical Flow Effect

To add a layer of smoothness to your slow-motion video, access "AI Frame Interpolation." You can find this option at the bottom of the Uniform Speed tab. Expand this option and select the "Optical Flow" option.

enable the optical flow option
Step 3Activate Rendering and Export Video

To analyze the outcome of activating optical flow, navigate towards the timeline panel. From the given options, click on the "Render Preview" icon and wait for its completion. Once the rendering is complete, click the "Export" button after the preview.

enable the render preview option

Video Editing Features of Filmora

CapCut and Wondershare Filmora both possess AI powers to ensure seamless video creation. However, Filmora offers more video editing features, and all of them offer customization. The interface is just perfect for every professional or non-professional. With its accessible interface, you must try the following video editing tools:

1. Screen Recorder

For the seamless generation of tutorials and ‘How to” videos, this editor offers a screen recorder. The recorder is embedded with custom settings to cater to each user’s requirements. You can accommodate screen resolution, microphone settings, and cam settings with it.

2. Keyframing

Transform your illustrations into reality using Filmora's keyframe editing feature. You can add keyframes at different points in the timeline to adjust the movements. There are custom settings like position, scale, opacity, color, and more for each keyframe.

3. Split Screen

Make your videos happening and captivating simultaneously with Filmora's split screen option. This allows you to add distinct videos and auto-adjust them at different split screens. You can also enable manual visual, audio, and AI editing for each split video.

4. Assets Backup & Sync

Why worry about finishing a project at once when you can edit it later with Filmora? With its cloud backup option, you can start editing a video where you left off. In addition, the tool also offers synchronization across devices. This means you can access your videos, downloaded assets, and other storage data with a simple login.

5. AI Text-Based Editing

As discussed earlier, the AI algorithms allow you to edit with full efficiency. This feature of Filmora enhances productivity via text-to-speech function. It creates captions out of a video and allows you to seamlessly cut videos by removing text.


In conclusion, this article considered how to do slow-mo in CapCut. In addition, we saw how you can create a slow-motion video on a smartphone using CapCut. During times that demand the creation of sophisticated slow-motion content, we suggest Filmora. This editing software offers a myriad of editing tools and techniques, facilitating the creation and adjustment of slow motion.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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