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Transforming a Slow-Motion Video to Normal: Mastering the Skill

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Dec 12, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Slow-motion videos bring your videos to life by highlighting the emotions and details of a story. However, transforming a slow motion into a normal video has its benefits. For instance, you can make boomerangs or GIFs with normal videos. In addition, you can introduce limitless transitions and animations to them. Thus, are you also finding how to change slow-motion video to a normal iPhone?

This article is the perfect stop for you as it covers all your slow-motion queries from here. It will focus on how to unslow-mo a video on an iPhone and related tools. We will discuss the iPhone's pre-built feature and some tools to achieve this. There will be a bonus tip on how to change slow-mo video to normal on iPhone.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Direct Method: Changing Slow Motion Video to Normal on iPhone
  2. Part 2: Top Applications That Can Be Used to Change Slow Motion Video to Normal
  3. Bonus Part: Speed Up Your iPhone Video on Desktop Using Wondershare Filmora
  4. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Direct Method: Changing Slow Motion Video to Normal on iPhone

You might not be aware of this feature if you are a previous user or have just started using an iPhone. This is Apple's built-in feature, found in iPhones and iPads. In this section, we have tailored a step-by-step guide to doing this. Here is a brief overview of how to convert a slow-motion video to a normal iPhone:

Step 1

Move to its bottom after opening the "Photos" application on your iPhone. From there, select the "Albums" option and scroll down to the "Slo-mo" option in “Media Types.”

open slow motion video collection
Step 2

In the slow-mo section, find a video you want to reverse and select it to open. Navigate towards the top right corner of this video and click the “Edit” option.

start editing specific slow mo
Step 3

An editing panel will appear at the bottom of this video. If you’d notice, a vertical lined bar is under the video timeline. This indicates slow-mo duration, which you can change by repositioning sliders. Afterward, click the “Done” button at the right bottom of this screen to finalize.

change slow motion settings

Part 2: Top Applications That Can Be Used to Change Slow Motion Video to Normal  

The iPhone’s built-in feature is equally effective for reversing a slow-mo back to normal. However, sometimes, one requires a tool for detailed editing. In such cases, we recommend you use a third party to help you achieve the desired results. We have assembled some tools on how to take slow-mo off a video on iPhone below:

1. SpeedPro Slow Speed Video Edit

This is a versatile application designed explicitly to resolve the slow speed queries on iPhone. Users can effortlessly manipulate the speed of video during editing. The best part about this editor is that you can select a specific video section. It is up to you to reverse a complete slow-mo video or a part of it.

speedpro slow speed video edit

Key Features

  • Facilitates both professionals and amateurs with its reachable user interface.
  • After editing a video as super slow or super-fast, you can incorporate music.
  • The application offers direct sharing options to vast applications like Instagram or YouTube.

2. Slow-Fast Motion Video Editor

If how to convert slow motion video to normal on an iPhone was a bet, this application would be worth your money. Many content creators have used it, and everyone has positively reviewed it. You can transform a slow-mo into a normal video using its speed option. The highest speed option is 2x, and the slowest speed option is 1/4th. There is no limitation on the video's length or resolution for conversion.

slow fast motion video editor

Key Features

  • You can apply different time transitions (fast or slow) to distinct video segments.
  • The application doesn’t export with a Watermark addition to maintain professionalism.
  • Upon converting a video or reversing it, you can adjust the audio pitch to align with it.

3. SloMo Slow Motion Video Editor

With technological advancements, the editing industry has taken up a notch. This application uses modern algorithms to create or reverse a slow with customizations. To reverse a slow-mo, you just need to upload it and increase the video's speed. It offers three sorts of speed editing, including slow-mo, time-lapse, and stop-motion. The video speed is adjustable up to 240fps and 12x with quick processing.

slowmo slow motion video editor

Key Features

  • With its independent frame manipulation, you can edit specific parts of a video.
  • You can incorporate music behind your tracks out of 170+ pre-built music tracks.
  • This iPhone editor retains the natural resolution of video to maintain its quality.

4. Reverse Cam – Slow Motion Video

Surfing through the internet to find how to unslow-mo a video on an iPhone? This application assists you in controlling or reversing video speed. You just need to import a previously created slow-mo into the application. In addition to reversing a video, you can also reverse audio tracks with it. There are multiple speed options like 0.25, 0.5x, and more.

reverse cam slow motion video

Key Features

  • After modifying the video speed, you can apply multiple effects to it.
  • The application is compatible with iOS 9.0 or newer versions.
  • It has a built-in library that users can use to save the edited videos and share them directly.

5. Slow Motion’ Video Editor  

Solve all your queries related to how to change slo-mo video to normal on iPhone here. Designed to give your videos a perfect slow-motion or high-speed effect. To convert a slow-mo video into a normal one, it offers speed increase options. You can have complete control over your videos with this application.

slow motion video editor

Key Features  

  • It has an accessible and intuitive editing interface for user comprehension.
  • It allows you to manipulate the speed of your video from 60 to 240 frames.
  • It has multiple subscription options, weekly, monthly, or yearly, that you can avail accordingly.

Bonus Part: Speed Up Your iPhone Video on Desktop Using Wondershare Filmora

All these methods of transforming a slow-mo to normal are accurate and efficient. However, when it comes to perfection, one software stands tall than the others. Wondershare Filmora is a premium video editing software for precise editing. There are two methods of manipulating a slow-motion video to normal in it.

The speed ramping involves slow-mo reverse action from specific video frames. On the other hand, uniform speed modifies the complete video speed. You can add specific values for manipulating the frame rate or change the sliders. In addition, you can also add multiple effects to your video afterward. Moreover, you can also export the video in high resolution and desired format.

Free Download
Free Download

Step-by-Step Guide to Shift Your Slow-Motion Video to Normal with Filmora

This segment involves a step-by-step guide to reverse a slow-mo. Let’s see how to change slo-mo video to normal on iPhone with Filmora below:

Step 1Import Media Files from iPhone

First, connect your iPhone to the source device you are using Filmora on. Once you have connected the devices, navigate towards the "Import" button. Expand this option, and from the dropdown menu, select "Import from a Camera or Phone." Select the name of your iPhone in the "Import from" section and click “OK.” Once imported, place the clip in the timeline.

import media from your iphone
Step 2Access Uniform Speed Option

Then, select the clip in the timeline and navigate towards the settings panel. Afterward, go to the "Speed" tab under "Uniform Speed" set values. Drag the Speed slider towards the right to increase the video speed.

drag the speed slider towards right
Step 3Export the Edited Video

Hit the "Play" button from the preview window to preview your video. Afterward, navigate towards the "Export" button at the top right corner. You can also set the framerate in the Export window according to preference. Further, hit the "Export" button in the Export window to save the file on the device.

export the edited video

Top Features to Note About Wondershare Filmora

There is more to Filmora than how to unslow-mo a video on an iPhone. The tool shows support with multiple devices like Windows, iOS, Linux, and more. Following are some of the top-notch AI features of Filmora:

1. AI Text-to-Video

Use this tool to craft creative and graphic-based videos along with voice integration. With its generative AI, it allows you to tailor videos in different contexts. It uses text-based instructions to analyze demands and follow them.

2. AI Text-Based Editing

Cutting and Trimming videos in a timeline might be difficult for some people. It requires proper skills; however, there is an alternate option. The text-based editing AI uses voice recognition to convert speech to text. Once the video has been converted, you can eliminate the parts you want.

3. AI Music Generator

If you want to generate music based on your video’s mood or context, use this AI. It asks for a few directions like theme, mood, and language to curate music. The song is efficient in what it is designed for and generates results in seconds.

4. AI Vocal Remover  

Background noises always decline the quality of an audio track or overall video. With Filmora, you can separate vocals from background noise and delete the track. Both tracks are shown in the timeline and are easy to remove. Afterward, you can apply effects or introduce music before export.


After reaching a conclusion, one should have fully understood the merits of how to change slow-motion video to a normal iPhone. It provided insights into several useful applications for achieving this effect. Wondershare Filmora emerged as a worthy AI-driven desktop application tailored for crafting such videos. It is recommended to help you with your creative endeavors in this domain.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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