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• Xvid file editing tips
1.1 Xvid Splitter: How to Cut Xvid Files
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Xvid Splitter: How to Cut Xvid Files

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

This is a step-by-step tutorial to teach you guys how to cut Xvid files with a very easy-to-use and practical Xvid cutter. And the whole process is just a few simple steps. With this smart XviD splitter shared here- Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) , you can cut off any segment you don’t want, or cut the Xvid file to the specific length quickly and easily, or cut a big Xvid file into several small-size files.

First, download and install this app and then follow the tutorial below step by step. Note that it’s on basis of Window platform. If you’re a Mac user, please go to another step-by-step tutorial: Mac users’ guide.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

1 Add Xvid files to Filmora

Add the Xvid file you want into this app’s album. You can easily and quickly do it by hitting the “Import” option on the main menu of the interface, and then navigating to your wanted Xvid files to import. Or directly open the folder where your files are stored on the computer, then directly dragging them into this app’s album.

xvid cutter

2 Cut Xvid files

Drag the file to the Timeline and then separate the Xvid file at any point you want. To do it, you can drag the top of the red Time Indicator to put it at one of the positions you want, and then click the Scissor button. Now, you’ve split the Xvid video into two parts. After you’ve split the Xvid file into all of your wanted clips, you can delete your unwanted clips and then import the rest ones into a single file. In this way, you can cut off the segments you don’t want, or cut the Xvid file to the length you want exactly.

If you want to cut a big Xvid file into several files, you need to save the whole project for backup purpose when you finish all splitting jobs. Then, import the saved project again and again to delete any other clips and just export the only one clip each time.

xvid splitter

3 Export the rest Xvid clips into a new file

Click the “Create” button and then select an output method in the popping-up window to export the new file. If you still want to keep the file in Xvid format, just go to Format > AVI and then click the “Advanced settings” option below to select Xvid as its encoder (Note: Usually a Xvid file is a AVI format file with Xvid codec).

 split xvid /></p><p>Check out below video tutorial on how to cut Xvid files step by step:</p><p><iframe width=

Check the video below to check more details about how to cut videos in Filmora.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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Liza Brown
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