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How to Add Typewriter Effects to Videos?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Text animations are frequently used in films and videos that are shared on social media. Besides the aesthetic effect, animated text can also contain bits of information you want to convey to the audience. YouTubers include the typewriter effect in their videos, for different reasons, as some use this effect to create opening titles, while others rely on it every time they want to highlight a fact or an instruction that is important for their audience. Read on, if you would like to learn an easy way to add typewriter effects to your videos because in this article we are going to show you a couple of different methods of creating this effect.

Where to Find Typewriter Effects

How complex the process of creating a typewriter effect is going to be, depends on the video editing software you’re using. For instance, if you have access to Filmora making this effect won’t take much more than a few minutes of your time, since the editor offers a typewriter preset that is easy to apply.

Furthermore, Adobe After Effects also features an animation preset titled typewriter that enables you to create this effect effortlessly. Creating the typewriter effect in Adobe Premiere Pro is a more complex task, as you must know how to use keyframes to animate each letter of the text you’ve added to the footage, which can be a tedious process.

Fortunately, websites like Filmostocks offer a number of typewriter effect packs that give you versatility during the video editing process. However, before you download a typewriter effect or a pack from a third-party website you must first make sure that it is compatible with the video editing software you have the access to.

Typerwriter Effects in Filmstock

Click the Image to Access the Typewriter Effects in Filmstock

Mac users can create typewriter effects with iMovie with the help of KeyNote, even though the editor doesn’t feature a preset typewriter text animation. So, let’s take a look at how you can create typewriter effects on PC and Mac computers with Filmora or iMovie.

How to Add Typewriter Effects in Filmora?

Despite the fact that you can edit videos in Filmora on both Mac and PC computers, in this article we are going to show you how you can accomplish this task in Filmora for Windows. It is worth noting that the process isn’t much different on the Mac version of Filmora.

If you haven't installed Filmora, click the buttton below to start.

Download Win Version-Download Mac Version

After launching Filmora and creating a new project you should use the software’s Media panel to import the footage to which you’d like to add a typewriter effect. Simply drag the video clip from the Media panel, once you’ve imported it into your project and drop it onto the timeline. You should then head over to do the Titles tab and click on the Titles category on the left side of the screen. Start browsing the Filmora’s collection of titles and pick the one that best fits the visual style of your project.

Add title and text in Filmora9

Drag and drop the Title you’ve selected to the video track above the track on which the video clip you’re editing is located. You can drag it left or right along the track to make sure it is positioned correctly or you can drag one of its edges in order to adjust the duration.

Double-click on the title in order to access the Text Editor panel and then insert the text that should appear on the screen. You can also change the font and the size of the text, or format the text in any other way. Click on the Animation tab, that is located in the upper left corner of the Text Editor panel and start searching for the text animation titled Type Writer.

Typerwriter Effects in Filmora9

Once you find it, simply double-click on it to apply it to the text you’ve inserted earlier and you’re done. Consider adding typing sound effects, since it can be an effective way of making the typewriter effect more realistic.

I’ve found a video about How to Create Typewriter effect with older version Wondershare Filmora from YouTube Channel DonV Filmora Tutorials. Enjoy.

Download Win Version-Download Mac Version

How to Create and Apply the Typewriter Effect in iMovie?

Sadly, the iMovie’s built-in collection of text animations doesn’t include the typewriter effect, but there is a quick solution to this problem. However, you’re going to need Apple’s Keynote presentation software in order to be able to create the typewriter effect.

Start, by launching Keynote and accessing its Wide Theme library that offers a plethora of different themes. Select a blank white theme, then adjust the size of the slide so that it fits the demands of your project and delete the placeholder text.

Type in the text you’d like to feature in the final cut of your video and adjust its position on the blank canvas. Make sure that the text you’ve inserted is selected before clicking on the Format icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once the Text Editing panel loads you will be able to alter the color or the size of the selected text, change its color or pick a new font that resembles the text typed on a typewriter.

Typerwriter Effects for iMovie made with Keynote

Click on any portion of the blank canvas to select it and then head back to the Text Editing panel. Locate the Color Fill menu and change the slide’s background color to green. After you complete this step, you should click on the Animate icon that is located next to the Format icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Typerwriter Effects for iMovie made with Keynote

Click on the Add Effect option in the Animation panel and choose the Typewriter Effect from the drop-down menu. Click on the Build Order button that is located at the bottom of the Animation panel and make sure that the After Transition option is selected so you don’t have to click on the video every time you want to play it.

Head over to the File menu and export the typewriter effect you just created in the QuickTime video file format.

Afterward, you should import the video file you’ve created in Keynote into iMovie and place it on the timeline so that it is directly above the video clip to which you want to add the typewriter effect. Use the iMovie’s Green/Blue Screen feature to turn the background of the overlaying clip transparent and complete the process of adding the typewriter effect to a video in iMovie.


Animated text can make each video you create look more visually impressive. Typewriter effects are among the most popular types of text animations today, and finding a way to incorporate them into your videos can only increase their quality. Which method of adding typewriter effects to videos do you like to use the most? Leave a comment and let us know.

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