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How To Slow Down GIF: Building an Understanding

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 18, 23, updated Apr 19, 24

Graphic interchange format, mostly known as GIF, is extensively used to convey information. GIF is a communication tool in bitmap image format that clearly conveys your online content. When sharing GIF images, playback speed is the most important thing to count. If the playback speed of the GIF is faster than usual, viewers may skip their focus essential data.

As a solution, you must learn how to adjust slow motion GIF’s speed. This article will teach you the stepwise methods to achieve a slow-motion GIF. Before heading towards the methods, learn about some GIF video platforms. By the end, you will be able to make a matchless slow-mo GIF through a desktop solution.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Where Can I Get Impressive Slow-Motion GIFs for Myself?
  2. Part 2: What to Do If You Want to Slow Down GIFs: The Best Tools
  3. Part 3: Make Impressive Slow Mo GIFs Using Desktop Solution
  4. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Where Can I Get Impressive Slow-Motion GIFs for Myself?

Slowing down GIFs brings viewers’ attention to specific actions in video content. It exaggerates facial expressions or movements in the videos, leading to humorous results. Creators choose to slow down GIFs to convey particular moods and styles. Different contexts require different slow-mo GIF videos; below are some platforms to cater to all of them.

1. Giphy

One of the famous platforms for GIFs is Giphy, which offers an extensive collection of GIFs. If you want a GIF that can add humor to your content, pick the entertainment category from Giphy. It provides different domains of GIFs for your ease of selection. Some of its categories include sports, gaming, animals, and cartoons.

get gif from giphy

Key Features

  • Using this platform, you can not only get a GIF but also upload one. Graphics designers or GIF creators can use this place to publish their work globally.
  • After selecting one GIF, you can share it on any platform. It allows you to embed the GIF directly on websites or share it through links.
  • Every GIF on Giphy provides in-depth details like size, frame, and source. This way, you can instantly choose one that matches your project’s requirements.

2. Tenor

Another popular platform to get high-quality GIFs is Tenor. It supports multiple languages in its interface so international users can better comprehend it. Apart from that, there are many categories in the trending searches of GIFs. It shows which domain of GIFs is ranking the most. Some trending tenors include cars, snow, happy holidays, good nights, and GIFs.

get gif from tenor

Key Features

  • When you pick one GIF, you can change its format before downloading. In this regard, you can choose HD, MP4, and SD quality options.
  • This platform detects your selection and suggests relevant GIFs afterward. For instance, if you pick a cat GIF, then you will find a cat GIF when scrolling down.
  • Tenor provides GIF specification details under each. Besides, you can share the selected GIF image through the URL and embedded link.

Part 2: What to Do If You Want to Slow Down GIFs: The Best Tools

Knowing platforms, as mentioned above, makes it easier for you to avail the desired GIF. After grabbing one of your choices, you can make it a slow-motion GIF, if required. To do so, there are several tools in the market. Some of them are explained below, along with step-by-step instructions on how to use them.

List of Best Tools to Slow Down GIFs


This tool is primarily responsible for online GIF making and image editing. Besides, it can convert your video into GIF, resize, cut, crop, and optimize them. Moreover, you can add effects and text to your videos or GIFs to make them appealing. GIF animation speed changers are the real game changers among online solutions:

Step 1

Browse the official site of and tap on the “Effects” section. Afterward, choose the “Adjust GIF Speed” section to proceed to further options. There, click the “Choose File” white button and look for the file you want to slow down. Optionally, paste the URL link in the given section and tap “Upload” to continue.

upload file on ezgif
Step 2

Scroll down the window and insert the digits on which percentage you want to slow down the speed. Afterward, click the “Change Speed” button and find a slow-motion GIF in the output image.

adjust speed percentage

2. is a preferred choice by many creators for professional or high-quality videos. It offers screen recording, video editing, and subtitle translation services. Apart from that, it can fix GIF speed with the GIF speed changer feature. After changing speed, you can add transitions and animation effects in For now, let’s just stick to the slow-mo GIF in the following steps:

Step 1

Access the “GIF Speed Changer” in, start by tapping “Choose GIF File” and enter the editing screen.

access gif speed changer veed io
Step 2

From the next screen, you will get a pop-up menu first. You have to hit the “Upload a File” option and select a GIF file to import into Under the video preview, click on the “Speed” icon next to the “Sound” symbol. Then, choose “0.5x” and get a slow-down GIF preview in front of you.

adjust speed to lowest option

3. Canva

Students must be aware of this platform as a presentation template provider. Canva is a tool that provides stunning templates to customize with its cloud storage system. Gradually, it’s turning more into a video editing platform. Regarding slow-motion GIFs, it can change the GIF speed online. After slowing down the GIF, you can convert it into MP4 or enhance it by adding graphics.

Step 1

Reach out to the GIF Speed Changer feature of Canva’s video editing. Then, tap the “Change GIF Speed” button to access the editing screen.

change gif speed using canva
Step 2

Navigate towards the left-side panel and hit the "Upload Files." Now, search and select your GIF to import in Canva's editing window. Afterward, go to the "Playback" option at the top left and then direct to the left panel. Move the "Video Speed" slider to the left for a Slow-mo GIF. Click on the video for a preview, or look for any other playback adjustments.

decrease speed in playback options

Part 3: Make Impressive Slow Mo GIFs Using Desktop Solution

Are you getting customized speed adjustment options using any of the above tools? The answer is quite clear: no online tools do not offer personalization for slow-motion GIFs. That’s where you need Wondershare Filmora as a better alternative. It is currently the best video editor that transforms your videos into art pieces.

With more than 10 billion stock media, you don’t have to browse different sites. Filmora is an all-in-all platform that can not only edit your video but also aims to polish it to the next level. Besides, editors can use Filmora anywhere with just a password.

Free Download
Free Download

How to Make Slow-motion GIF with Filmora

After discovering the top-notch features of Filmora, it’s time to use it. Although it’s very simple to operate, this step-by-step guide will help you process faster:

Step 1Launch Filmora and Import GIF to the Timeline

Download Wondershare Filmora from its official site. After a successful launch, you will enter its main screen. Look for the “New Project” option from the main interface. Tapping on the New Project, you will find the editing screen. Import your GIF in the media panel and drag it into the timeline section to begin the process.

choose to create new project
Step 2Slow Down the GIF with Optical Flow

Right-click on the video and pick the “Uniform Speed” option from the list. This way, you will find an editing panel on the right side. Now, you can move the “Speed” slider towards the left. You can press the space bar and get the slow-motion GIF preview. Direct downward and choose the “Optical Flow” option from the extended menu of “AI Interpolation.”

navigate to uniform speed panel
Step 3Continue to Edit or Head to Export the Media

Finally, you will get a slow but high-quality GIF. Now, it's up to you to continue exploring other features of Filmora or head to save the file. To save the file, go to the top right corner and press the "Export" button.

export slow motion video

Key Features Marking Filmora’s Greatness

Filmora is proven to be the easiest software with the most powerful editing features. As proof, you can read the main features of Filmora to comprehend its functionalities better.

1. Speed Ramping

Create a unique cinematic effect in your video by adjusting keyframes. Filmora offers speed ramping features to bring a smooth transition in slow-motion or fast motions. In speed ramping, you get 6 templates, such as bullet time, montage, and jumper. Using those templates, you don't need to manually adjust keyframes for speed ramping. Also, you can retain the original pitch of the audio after changing the speed.

2. AI Copilot Editing

To boost productivity, Filmora provides an AI Copilot editor option. It saves time that could be wasted searching for some feature or making the editing perfect. Users can ask anything to copilot in natural language. They can take help from an already existing question in the copilot editors. This feature will guide you toward practical actions through navigation buttons.

3. AI Music Generator

Who else is fed up with finding the perfect music for Vlog? Commonly, you didn’t find a video of exact length and mood. Thus, Filmora enables you to generate a soundtrack according to your mood and video length. Using it, you just have to prompt with the number of tracks, mood, and length. The AI-generated music will not require copyrights, so you can use it freely anywhere.

4. AI Image

Have you ever heard that any video editor can convert your text prompts into images? Filmora is offering this option, especially for people who are struggling to get their desired image. For this purpose, they need to describe images in simple language. Afterward, they are required to pick one style for accurate results.

5. AI Copywriting

Do you have a deadline for script submission, but it is not ready yet? Leave this headache to Filmora’s AI copywriting feature, which aims to produce engaging scripts. With ChatGPT integration, it can generate YouTube titles and descriptions. Furthermore, you can ask AI to convert your script into an appealing video.


To summarize, slowing down is the ultimate solution to retain the viewer’s attention. In this article, you have seen the top-notch platforms for slow-motion GIFs. They are not enough for remarkable videos because of the limited speed adjustment options. So, using Filmora remains the best option in providing easier ways to customize the speed of GIFs.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Apr 19, 24
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