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[Tips & Examples] Creating Video Intros To Get Maximum Audience

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published May 11, 24, updated May 11, 24

A well-thought-out intro can give the viewers a glance at what the video is about. The tone and vibe of the video are set by a strong intro that highlights all the main aspects of your work. The video's first few seconds are crucial to attracting the viewers' attention, and the right kind of intro can do the job for you.

An intro not only introduces the video but also the vlogger’s introduction. Your audience will be able to know your personality and the niche of your work by watching your vlog intro. If your introduction matches the vibe of your work, your audience will be able to understand your video better. This article is about the essential tips and examples to help you make video intros that will stand out.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What Are the Effective Techniques for Making Stunning Vlog Intros?
  2. Part 2. Some Important Examples To Understand the Importance of Vlog Intros
  3. Part 3. A Guide To Making Video Intros With Ease Using Wondershare Filmora
  4. Conclusion

Part 1. What Are the Effective Techniques for Making Stunning Vlog Intros?

A stunning vlog introduction is essential to get your audience glued to their screens. It is important to understand the changing trends of intros to captivate the audience. Following are some effective and modern techniques for making stunning vlog intros:

1. Starting the Vlog Intro With a Question

To create anticipation among the viewers, starting your intro with a question is an effective technique. This gets your audience to think about your question and creates a quest for the answer. By starting your intro using this technique, your vlog will be taken seriously and will entice the intellectual side of your viewers' minds.

Curiosity is the best motivator to keep someone watching your vlog till the end, and asking a question will create curiosity among your audience. Asking a question will also encourage interaction, and your viewers will think of an answer before you reveal it.

start vlog with question

2. Mentioning Date and Time Only

If you mention the time and date of your vlog, it will help your viewers build a timeline in their minds. They will keep track of all your activities and their time. They will also be able to calculate how much time it took you to get a certain job done.

The vloggers who test certain skin-related products and review them mention the time and date to clarify the time they left those products on their skin. If vlogging is about an important day of your life, it is recommended to add the date and time for people to remember.

mention date and time in vlog

3. Shooting an Intro Separately

Invest some time and money into creating an intro separately to add more meaning to your vlog. You can pick a quiet place and converse with your audience. You can also mention what your vlog will cover so that your viewers get an idea of what to expect from your vlog.

While making prank or surprise videos, you can use this technique of intro-making. This will create a sense of communication between you and your audience. Jumping straight to the vlog without speaking to your viewers may give an impolite impression.

shoot intro separately

4. Slideshow of Your Previous Vlogs

It goes without saying that your most viewed vlogs are your best ones, content-wise. Your regular viewers will remember your most viewed vlogs, and adding their slideshow to your intro will be very relatable to your audience. This will also give your new viewers a glance at your life and your channel.

Family vloggers add special moments of their family in their intros and highlight all the family members. By using this technique, you can make your viewers build familiarity and closeness with your family. A slideshow of your previous vlogs will add a full-of-life impression about you. Your audience will think of you as a fun-loving person and wait for your next vlogs.

show previous vlog in intro

5. Social Media Analytics as Intros

Adding a screenshot of your social media analytics in your vlog intros proves to be a useful tool to show your audience how well you are doing as a vlogger. It will build your credibility and trust among your viewers and make them think highly of you.

Reading your analytics will help your audience understand how big you are as a vlogger and how well you are growing in your field. It also creates a sense of community in your audience and builds a fan club. This also excites your viewers to engage even more in your videos and increase the reach of your content.

show analytics of social media

6. Introduce Yourself in Every Intro

This technique is for you if your vlog covers different events and aspects of your life in every video. Introducing yourself in every intro will help your new viewers know you better. Using this technique in your vlog introduction will help you solidify your branding.

You can also use such an intro to request your followers to engage in your videos. Adding subscribe and like buttons may not work sometimes, but giving calls to action in person might do the job. You can set the tone and vibe of your vlog by introducing yourself in every intro.

make good intro to yourself

Part 2. Some Important Examples To Understand the Importance of Vlog Intros

In a saturated world of vloggers, the key to making your mark is grabbing the audience towards your videos. Viewers' attention can be attained by thinking out of the box and creating an impressive intro. Following are some real-life examples of vloggers who make their work speak volumes by adding impactful intros:

1. Jon Olsson

Jon Olsson is a daily vlogger who creates short yet informative vlogging intros. He mentions vlog numbers in every intro, which creates a sense of celebration among the viewers. His true fans can be proud of the amount of work he has done as a vlogger. Using this technique can give new viewers an idea of how old or new the vlogger is.

jon olsson vlog intro

2. Daily Bumps

As mentioned before, adding teasers to your vlog in the vlog intro is a very good technique to hook the audience from the start. Daily Bumps is a family vlog with the promo of the main video as their intro. This leaves the audience waiting for the events in the vlog to unfold. This technique adds curiosity among the viewers, making them watch your video till the end.

daily bumps vlog intro

3. Charles and Allie

Charles and Allie are a couple who make videos as daily vloggers on YouTube. Their intros are very captivating and wholesome, as they add a slideshow of their important family events in the intro. Alongside background music, a slideshow of their previous videos and important events allows their fans to go back in time and relive those moments.

charles and allie vlog intro

4. Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie is a female lifestyle vlogger with one of the most unique and attractive intros. She gives a teaser of the vlog, adding all its important moments. She also mentions her channel name and subscribe button, reminding the viewers to support her. Her intros have vlog-related illustrations and test overlays that complement her picture in the background.

alisha marie vlog intro

5. Lydia Elise Millen

Adding a channel name and logo helps you build a brand as a vlogger. Lydia Elise Millen is another example of female lifestyle vloggers who put their channel name and logo in their intros. For additional engagement, she also adds her blog link in the intro to help her viewers find her elsewhere.

lydia elise millen vlog intro

Part 3. A Guide To Making Video Intros With Ease Using Wondershare Filmora

To hook your viewers and leave a lasting impression, you must create a vlog intro that is a complete representation of your work. The kind of intro you design depends on the audience you want to target with your video. Not many vloggers have the skill to design different themed vlogging intros, which is why their content can look dry and boring. For vloggers who face a hard time designing the perfect intro, Wondershare Filmora has come to the rescue.

Wondershare Filmora is an AI-powered video editor that offers vloggers of every skill range to design their vlog intro. Its unique AI features bring your vlogging dreams to reality by designing creative content. To assist user creation, Filmstock is a resource library of royalty-free stock media that is used to make vlogging intros and much more.

Steps To Make Video Intros Using Wondershare Filmora

The intro of any video plays an important role in grabbing the attention of viewers. Therefore, the intro video should be visually appealing and compelling audio. This section of the article will guide you through the steps to make attractive video intros with the help of Filmora:

Step 1. Search And Download Template

Initiate the process by getting into the official website of Filmstock and logging in to your account. Look for the search bar and search the keyword "video intro". Now that you have the list of templates select the one that best suits your video. After that, choose the "Download Now" button to download the file pack, and it will be added to Filmora.

download video resource pack from filmstock

Step 2. Create a New Project And Import Raw Video

Open Wondershare Filmora in your system and look for the "New Project" button to set up a video project for vlog editing. As you have stepped into the editing interface, continue to look for the "Import" button and click on it to import the raw vlog file.

import video to filmora

Step 3. Adjust the Video With Transitions and Enhancements

After importing the vlog file, drag and drop it to the timeline of Wondershare Filmora. Now, start editing by accessing the "Transitions" tab from the top toolbar. Continue looking for the "Material Pack" category in the "Mine" section to use the added resources. Once you have added effects to your vlog video, adjust the settings according to the available options in the “Settings” panel.

add transitions to vlog video

Step 4. Add Lively Audio to Vlog

As you are creating a vlog, you should use lively audio to attract the viewers. For this purpose, you can look for the "Audio" tab and explore different soundtracks available under different categories. Adjust the audio quality and settings as per the video's requirements under the “Audio” tab in the settings panel.

add audio to vlog video

Step 5. Save the Final Project

Once all the editing actions have been taken and you are satisfied with your video, navigate to the top right side and look for the “Export” button to explore settings. Select the suitable parameters and click the "Export" button to save the final vlog with a proper video intro.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to say something in a vlog intro?

No, video creators believe there are different ways to display content when creating a vlog. For a vlog intro, you can use any specific script; however, it is not the only possible way. You can also capture snippets of the entire video and play them in the vlog intro.

2. How to edit your vlog intro to perfection?

For a perfect edit to your vlogging intro, you are advised to use Wondershare Filmora. Combined with basic editing options, this video editor comes with AI-integrated options. Using this, you can manage the video and audio of your vlog properly and create impressive intros.


This article discussed top and trending ways to make your vlogging intro visually appealing. You were given examples of top vloggers' introductions on YouTube so that you could get inspiration and ideas. Different tips work for different types of vlogs, but one trick works for all.

Wondershare Filmora is a very handy software for all genres of vloggers. Offering you its AI-powered tools, Wondershare Filmora is one that fits all software and caters to all types of vlogs.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown May 11, 24
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