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Reversing Time Lapse Videos on iPhone Using Top Applications

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 19, 23, updated Apr 19, 24

We have all seen time-lapse videos in vlogs or developmental videos. The time-lapse effect has been around the corner for some time and assists in several tasks. However, when it comes to understanding the content of a video, they aren't helpful. This article will help you understand how to slow down time lapse on an iPhone.

In addition, we’ll provide some insights on slow-down time-lapse videos. You can learn about its advantages for both viewers and creators. The article will highlight some tools for transforming a time-lapse into a slo-mo. We'll also discuss an offline tool on how to slow down a time-lapse on an iPhone. Start reading this article for a brief overview of slow-motion videos and tools.

In this article
  1. Part 1: How Does Slowing Down Videos Help Viewers and Creators?
  2. Part 2: A Guide on How tSlow Down Time Lapses on iPhone
  3. Part 3: A Comprehensive Desktop Solution for Slowing Down Time Lapses: Wondershare Filmora
  4. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: How Does Slowing Down Videos Help Viewers and Creators?

A time-lapse video certainly makes some scenes worthy of watching. However, a slow-motion video helps in better comprehension of the topic. In this section, we'll discuss how slowing down time-lapse videos is helpful. We'll shed light on their applications for viewers and content creators. Without further delay, let's dive in to solve this mystery:

For Creators

Since the era of social media, content creation has become a new trend. Creators around the globe can interact with their followers from a single platform. It gives them a chance to share their ideas and showcase their talents. Hence, here is how slow-motion videos benefit a creator in his journey:

  • In Video Tutorials: Do you have a channel where you post tutorials to perform a specific task? This effect can help you slow down the video for the audience to absorb your words. It helps creators to show their viewers that they genuinely care about them. A video where basics and details are discussed is considered right.
  • In Revealing Details: We encounter situations where the camera cannot capture a moment right. This is because the normal playback speed cannot highlight video details. On the other hand, a slo-mo takes proper time to showcase details. These help handle an event planning or dress designing page.
  • In Creating Aesthetics: Another application of slo-mos is that they help with creativity. Adding this effect at the right time and duration enhances visuals. Moreover, adding a slo-mo effect gives the video an aesthetic appeal. It can enhance the visuals of a travel, cooking, or fashion video.

For Viewers

Slow-motion videos benefit not only creators but also viewers. They help them with enhanced learning by breaking down complex information. If you are creating slo-mos as a creator, here is how they are helping your viewers:

  • In Effective Learning: You are not unaware of tutorial or explainer videos. Whether you are a student or a housewife, you must have used YouTube to your benefit. A slow-motion video can break down a complex concept or steps for a recipe. In addition, it can help you operate technology better, like Word, Excel, and more.
  • In Understanding Nature: People out there prefer documentaries over dramas. They are curious about nature and the way it works. In such documentaries, slo-mos are used to present a natural phenomenon. It helps the viewers understand how a certain process occurs. Moreover, it focuses on small details in an ecosystem to explain better.
  • In Reflecting Content: Next time you watch reels, notice that slo-mos catch your attention. Videos with the right speed manipulation appeal to the eyes, and viewers often watch them again. In addition, they help focus on the specifics of a gadget, fashion product, or more.

Part 2: A Guide on How to Slow Down Time Lapses on iPhone

Now that you know the benefits of slow motions, let's proceed to our next segment. Here, we will learn how to slow down a time-lapse on an iPhone using different techniques. This will involve looking into some tools for an iPhone time lapse slowdown:

1. iMovie

This tool is perfect if you are looking for a tool to effectively slow down time-lapse. It offers speed change options to transform your time-lapse videos into slomos. The tool supports popular video formats and creates results in 4K high resolution. Creating a slo-mo is straightforward, and users can also create a high-speed motion.

imovie slow down time lapse

Key Features

  • Provides 14 templates and 20 storyboards to get started with creative videos.
  • The tool operates online; hence, it isn’t necessary to download any application.
  • You can synchronize your work with devices like macOS, iPad, AirDrop, and iCloud.


Do you want to know how to slow down a time-lapse on iPhone? The method of performing this function is very plain and accessible, and here is the guide:

Step 1: Open iMovie and click the “Start New Project” option to start editing. Continue to select “Magic Movie” across the pop-up to proceed into the editing section.

new project on filmora

Step 2: Choose a file from the iPhone’s video gallery and select the “Pencil” icon to start editing. Go to the "Speed" option and click it to access speed change options.

access speed editing option

Step 3: Navigate towards the speed slider and drag it towards the left to slow down. The option "1/2x" means the speed will be half the original speed.

manage speed slider

2. Filmmaker Pro - Video Editor

If you want to slow down the time-lapse iPhone with additional editing options, use this tool. It is a professional-level content editor for iDevices and offers to slow down the speed. You can create or slow down timelapses. The editor will export your videos in 4K high resolution. Moreover, 120 royalty-free music tracks can be inserted into your slo-mo afterward.

filmmaker pro video editor

Key Features

  • Decorate your videos with stunning animations using keyframing and track motion.
  • You have over 46 transition options to complete trending TikTok and Instagram challenges.
  • Over 79 classic fonts, 92 beautiful fonts, 15 Hollywood, and 26 retro fonts options.

3. Video Up! Video Editor and Maker

Adjusting the time-lapse speed of the iPhone is possible via third-party applications. This is a versatile platform for creating slo-mos without any technicalities. You will find speed setting presets when you access its video adjustment options. These presets can automatically slow down or fasten a video at a specific point. However, you can also choose its Custom option to slow down a complete video.

video up! video editor and maker

Key Features

  • It provides 2 video export resolution options: Ultra – 4K and Full HD – 1080p.
  • Offers an option to insert voiceovers and built-in music tracks in your slo-mos or videos.
  • CTA to share videos straight to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

4. Vidma - Video Editor Music

Are you wondering how to slow down time-lapse videos on iPhone for specific durations? Vidma is the right tool for you, offering custom speed change and duration options. The speed slider option is a simple drag and adjust method. In addition, there is an audio pitch adjustment option to maintain audio during speed alteration.

vidma video editor music

Key Features

  • Users have the option to merge, crop, or resize your images or videos using this tool.
  • With its AI abilities, you can generate art from text and edit it further.
  • The lowest playback speed to create slow motion is 0.1x, and the highest is 10.0x.

Part 3: A Comprehensive Desktop Solution for Slowing Down Time Lapses: Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a platform with diverse possibilities and compatibility across iOS devices. This allows you to import media using a cable from your iPhone. It doesn't decline the video quality upon export or import; hence, it proves to be a superior tool to adjust the time-lapse speed of the iPhone. Filmora offers multiple opportunities to transform a time lapse into slo-mo.

You can also select the time period to apply the slow-motion effect via timeline editing. In addition, users can also choose the speed ramping option for professional results. Upon creating a slow motion, you can use Filmora's video templates, text, and more to enhance visuals. In addition, there is an Optical Flow feature to help in enhancing the slo-mo effect.

Free Download
Free Download

Step-by-Step Guide to Slow Down a Time Lapse Video into Slow Motion in Filmora  

The basic technique to change the time-lapse speed of the iPhone involves Uniform Speed. This method modulates the playback speed of a video through the slider’s position. Here is how do I slow down time lapse on iPhone using Filmora:

Step 1Commence the Speed Change Action

Initiate Filmora by giving a "New Project" command and gaining access to the editing interface. Use the "Import" > "Import from a Camera or Phone" to import files. You need to connect to the iOS device first. Bring the clip to the timeline and access the settings panel that will appear on the screen. Further, choose the "Speed" > "Uniform Speed" option and drag the Speed slider towards the left to reduce it.

drag the speed slider towards left
Step 2Access the AI Frame Interpolation Settings

In the pursuit of achieving a seamless slow-motion effect, use the AI Frame Interpolation settings. Navigate towards the bottom to access it and opt for the "Optical Flow" option.

activate optical flow motion
Step 3Activate Render Preview for Thorough Evaluation

Upon adjusting, return to the timeline panel and select the video. With the help of your cursor, navigate to the "File" > "Render Preview" option. Enable a preview prior to finalizing the video, and then hit "Export."

start render preview

Key Features of Filmora

Filmora is not just confined to creating slow motion; the interface offers much more. There are multiple AI and manual features to edit videos, adjust audio, and insert text. Here are a few video editing features of Filmora amongst many:

  • Green Screen: Get rid of messy or unwanted backgrounds and replace them with something captivating. For this, film the model or object in front of a green screen and enable Chroma Key. It is an AI-driven function that will auto-remove the background while preserving the object.
  • AI Text-to-Video: Can't find the right visuals or time to shoot content for your channel? Use this AI to create videos from prompts without having to put in any effort. The AI will auto-generate graphics to add to the video along with the AI voice insertion.
  • Compound Clip: Are there multiple clips in your timeline that you want to apply the same effects to? This function will help you transform multiple clips into one. Furthermore, you can apply similar effects or transitions. In addition, this function also ensures a smooth transfer from one clip to another.
  • AI Thumbnail Creator: Create and edit compelling thumbnails for your videos using this AI. The AI will analyze and select the perfect video frames as thumbnail options. Further, you can edit the thumbnail and insert multiple templates to show what the video is going to be about.


After going through this article, readers have an extensive knowledge of how to slow down time-lapse on iPhones using multiple tools and techniques. We provided a review of these tools but also the benefits of slo-mos in content creation and viewing.

In the end, we suggest Wondershare Filmora as the best alternative to all these applications. The software is not just AI integrated but has everything you need to create slo-mos in one place. Use Filmora for creative slo-mo and other video editing features.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Apr 19, 24
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