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Best 10 3D Slideshow Software Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Best 10 Slideshow Software Review

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

3D slideshows are an amazing means of delivering a high quality content presentation. Keep reading to learn about the best alternatives of slideshow software programs!

Part 1 What is 3D Slideshow

Slideshows are interactives medium of delivering information in a precise and captivating manner. The innovations in software technology have expanded the implementation of the originally planar image based slideshows across multi-dimensional spaces. You can now create and share stunningly amazing slideshows in 3D environment with the application of a multitude of audio-visual effects and filters for a professional quality and real-time content demonstration.

Talking about the specific upgrade in technical terms, a slideshow is a graphic presentation of some particular information, often supplemented with a display of photographic slides and/or still images projected on a transparent background for a sequential view over a screen in 3-dimensional space.

Thanks to technology, your 3D slideshows can now be complimented with almost any kind of media and graphic elements you can possibly think of, right from digital and text based images to the most cohesive animation and sound tracks.

When working on a 3D slideshow project, you are granted the liberty to explore your creative skills in full flare with the huge variety of professional slideshow creator software and elusive graphic design templates to make your creation stand out in the crowd as far as the domain of a matchless quality content presentation is concerned.

Apart from using a software package, you can also rely on a number of online slideshow creator tools, which have an output quality no less than professional software, however with a restricted set of features. In the light of this fact, it would be wise to choose these for personal use, while sticking to professional software packages for commercial requirements.

Part 2 Features of Professional 3D Slideshow Software

As discussed in the previous section, technological revolution has flooded the software market with an enormous variety of professional quality 3D slideshow creation tools that promise you of an unforgettable experience while addressing the need of delivering information in a multi-dimensional graphic space.

While it is the most customary thing to get fantasised by the enticing choices of slideshow programs in the market, take caution to pay heed to the specific utilities that the program has to offer, when making your selection of the 3D slideshow creator software. Discussed in the following section, are some significant features that a professional slideshow designer program should possess:

01Media Combining Ability

Creating a top class, professional quality slideshow in 3D space requires the addition of videos and in some cases, a suitable background music along with still images. It is advisable to choose a software program that permits the integration of several media formats within a single slide.

02Multiple Layer Creation

Choose slideshow software that grants you the liberty to create a graphic masterpiece with an elaborative layering of slides, while incorporating the elements of videos, texts, images, shapes, masks, etc.

03Keyframe Animation Tools

The Keyframe tool facilitates you with a complete control of slideshow elements. Working with the tool, you get the liberty to preset the movements and transformations of each slide element, thus making them move in the desired fashion.

04In-built Filters and Frames

When aiming to create a professional quality slideshow, you may often require different image frames and filters to enhance the appearance of your creation. You can imbibe a variety of flavors and textures with high quality graphic imaging and animation, like, giving a blurry or color shedding transition to the elements if a slide.

05Music and Sound Editing Program

Moving ahead of the basic task of adding a normal background music track to your slides, the professional slideshow software you choose should be equipped with the features of cutting, mixing and editing sound tracks, making suitable adjustments in volume with respect to particular audio points and synchronizing the audio track with slide video.

06Flexibility to Export

Working with a professional slideshow design requires you to respect and meet the needs of your diverse clientele which may have varying output constraints. While some may prefer a mail, others might be more comfortable with a cloud export. A third category of clients may even ask you to burn the slideshow into a DVD among other alternatives. Select slideshow software that can adhere to the most diverse export concerns.

07Templates and Effects

Having a professional level of creativity in the graphic domain is reflected in the manner you work with enhancing tour creation with top quality effects. When making your choice of the perfect slideshow software, make sure that it is packed with a decent variety of preset and convenient to use visual 3D effects, animations, collages, transitions and graphic templates.

08Saving the Templates

While most of us may have the tendency to ignore this feature, it is of utmost importance especially when you have spent considerable time to create a graphic masterpiece of your own in the software. After all, you would never like your creativity to remain confined to a single project!

Part 3 List of Best Professional 3D Slideshow Software

Having talked enough about the credibility and selection parameters of affordable slideshow software for creating 3D graphic artworks of professional quality, let us proceed to a further discussion about some of the leading 3D slideshow software available in the market, with a detailed talk on their features, working platform, user reviews and much more.

01SmartSHOW 3D

This one is the undisputed market leader and affordably the best slideshow maker software with a 5 star user rating that you can use to create professional quality slideshow movies in a 3-dimensil space. Working with the software, you get to convert motion pictures into preferred video format. Its exclusive ‘Drag and Drop’ interface lets you apply animation effects in the easiest way.

Talking of the user experience, this Windows compatible 3D slideshow maker program is an exclusive favorite of professional graphic designers on a global scale. The obvious reason to this is the extensive library of the program, which consists of 660 preset effects and templates, around 200 classic audio tracks and over 400 appealing animation effects. The software further, allows you to supplement your creations with title clips, captions, 3D collages and voice comments.

About the pricing concerns, you can download and take a free trial of the program, or choose to buy the same in either of the Standard or Deluxe versions costing $39.90 and $59.50 respectively.


This one is a power packed 3D slideshow creator program with a plethora of effects and features to create stunning movies with images, music and videos. The software boasts of a 5 star user rating and supports the popular image formats of JFIF, TIFF, JPEG and many more. The program greets you with comfortable working interface and lets you add amazing audio and narration pieces to the slideshow background.

Limiting the creation process into 3 quick steps of adding clips, editing and launching the slideshow, the software allows you to adjust visual effects, cut small snippets from large videos and complement them with a diversity of preset themes.

Additional utilities of the software include, saving your creation to modify them later, zoom or pan your images, play a video track in fast and slow motion, preset the image duration and see full screen preview of your creation.

Talking of the platform compatibility, you can work with the software on any of your preferred Windows, MacOs and Android devices to generate an equally portable output. Though the program is available for a free download, you can get a lifetime licensed version for $70 or prefer a bundled solution instead.


This one is 3D slideshow creator tool that allows you to create and share motion graphics, video stories and web pages through its specific creation modules of Spark Post, Spark Page and Spark Video respectively. Having a 5 star user rating, the app consists of an extensive fonts, layouts and colors library and supports a local and web based selection of images from Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Photos, Dropbox, Lightroom CC, etc.

While you can use the software on Windows supported desktops, the program’s mobile application is compatible to iOS devices. Being an excellent tool to create short video clips and social graphics, the tool’s free trial version is available for 14 days, with individual and team based monthly paid subscriptions of $9.99 and $19.99 respectively.

04Proshow Producer

Essentially an image, video and GIF editing utility, this one is another slideshow maker tool with a 4.5 star user rating, which can be used to compress, resize and merge and add subtitles video files in a diverse range of file formats like, PNG, AVG, MP4, JPG, etc. you can work with the tool to create stunning slideshows and complement them with the choicest background music, crop videos and set image play durations and select a preferred output format.

The tool has high security usage mechanism that allows you to delete the input files as soon as you are done with the creation process and works conveniently well with any of your chosen Windows supported devices. The tool is quick and easy to work upon with a limited number of videos in the free version. This constraint can however be resolved with a paid subscription of $ 250.

05Movavi Slideshow Maker

This one is a top rated, easy to use, desktop compatible slideshow maker that works well with any of your Windows supported devices. The software greets you with a clean and responsive interface and promised you of a standout slideshow creation with a diversity of beautiful video templates, seamless image, audio and video transitions, animated texts, preset themes and a free to access music and filter library.

The software can further cut down your effort with its automatic slideshow generator, which you can use for a quick presentation purpose. The program has a global acclaim with a commendable user rating of 4.1 stars. Talking of user verdict, the software is a best choice for creating professional quality slideshows from videos and still captures. About the pricing factor, the program comes with a one-week free trial version, post which you will require as paid subscription of $24.90 per year.

06Magix PhotoStory Deluxe

This one would be a perfect slideshow creator choice if you are not new to the field of professional slideshow creation process and prerequisites. Having a 4.5 star user rating, you can prefer using the software to level up your graphic creativity from the most fundamental to the highly complex level by making over the top, flamboyant slideshows on your Windows and MacOs desktops.

Mentioning a few utilities of the program, users get to access a library of over 300 effect templates and around 800 audio tracks and music effects, along with an inbuilt, filter packed image editor, picture-in-picture image presets and a customized animation module.

This slideshow program is a worldwide favorite on account of its seamless workflow and huge variety of editing features, assuring of a breathtaking slideshow output, although with a bit confusing, but clean interface. The software can be a used on a one-month free trial, with a $49.99 cost continued working post the aforesaid period.

07PTE AV Studio

Launched as a successor of the PicturesToExes editing program, this software is an exclusive best for creating visual narratives with a seamless and fluid characteristic. The application comes with a GPU acceleration feature, allowing you to create stunning photo slideshow from images, videos and music files with a commendable speed.

Focusing on the creation utilities of the program, the application consists of a library of more than 100 effects, preset templates and filters, masks, text styles and multi-track audio editing tools. You can further, work with the parent child and DIY animation modules to create your own animation styles and get a slideshow preview in full screen resolution.

Diving into user reviews, the software claims a noteworthy 4.5 star user rating and is an absolute best for designing amazing slideshows, having a Keyframe workflow, vast editing templates and features and a time efficient creation process.

The software can however, be put to complete usage through an advanced computer system. The cost constraints of the program include a one-month free trial and a paid subscription module of the Standard and Pro versions with $69 and $139 respectively.

08Adobe Premiere Pro

Essentially top rated video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro can be tasked with the creation of high end, sophisticated slideshows. While the program does not possess an in built collection of slideshow effects and templates, it permits you to work with the limitless variety of free and paid photos slideshow templates available across the web.

Compatible with your Windows and iOS devices, the software has an extensive range of high quality audio-visual editing tools, Keyframe animation, sophisticated image upgrades and smart content organization.

The program, though an intuitively grand video editor, has the most user cohesive interface with a 4 star user rating and facilitates a quick creation of both, simple, image based slideshows and complex, layered and flamboyant motion edits of professional excellence. As far as the pricing of the utility is concerned, you can take a one-week free trial of the software, following which, using the program will require you an annual paid subscription of $239.88.

09CyberLink MediaShow

Another dependable entry into the list of slideshow creator programs, CyberLink MediaShow is decent software to address the concern of creating amazing slideshows with simple transitions. Although the software has quite a limited number of editing features and effects, you can still prefer working with the latter to create appreciable slideshows from still captures on your Windows and iOS supported desktops.

Earning a 3.5 star user rating, the application is a good choice for creating modest slideshow presentations. Welcoming you with an interactive and convenient to work interface, the software boasts of a matchless file organization, however, with occasional crashing issues. Working with the tool, you are entitled to a 30-day free trial, exceeding which; you need to get a paid subscription of $49.95 for continued usage.

10AquaSoft Slideshow

Last in the list is the AquaSoft Slideshow creator program, which you can use to create vibrant and catchy slideshows, set within a family oriented theme. The software’s editing library is a storehouse of stunning and eye-catchy animation effects and templates. Though the software does not possess an audio collection of its own, you can still work on recording your voice comments within the slideshows.

Landing into the diversity of features that the application offers its users with, you get to access around 250 media transitions and effects with over 200 text templates, 4 different workspace modules, and drag-and-drop workflow and export wizards for a variety of video formats, including CD, DVD etc, along with some basic features for video editing proposes.

Acquiring a decent 3.5 star user rating, the aforesaid software is a worthy selection for making elusive, text based slideshows, however lacking the flexibility of creating DIY animations. Talking of software prices, you can avail a one month trial version of this slideshow maker program, followed by a paid subscription of $57.00 and $97.00 for the Premium and Ultimate versions respectively.

Part 4 Comparison of 3D Slideshow Software

Having learnt about the best 3D slideshow maker software, let us now move ahead with making a comparison of the same for a better insight into choosing the most affordable slideshow creator program that that suits your specific creation needs and concerns. The following table showcases a comparison of the best alternatives of a convenient slideshow program:

SmartSHOW 3D More than 400 video transitions and effects More than 200 slideshow templates Inbuilt audio library and editing options Keyframe workflow and tons of DIY customised animation choices Yes Standard - $39.90, Deluxe- $59.50 5 star
PhotoStage Vast effect library Flexibility to add narration pieces and voice comments Smart working interface Slideshow saving option Full screen slideshow preview Yes Lifetime Licence worth $ 70 5 star
Focusky Extensive audio-visual effects and templates Huge library of fonts, colours and styles Creative Cloud, Google Photos, Dropbox, Lightroom CC compatibility Yes Monthly- $ 9.99
Annual- $ 19.99
5 star
Proshow Producer High end audio and video editing tools Variety of file formats supported Clean and non messy interface DIY animation Yes $ 250.00 4.5 star
Movavi Slideshow Maker Seamless audio and video transitions Free music and filter library Stunning video templates Preset slideshow themes and animated texts Yes $24.89 4.1 star
Magix PhotoStory Deluxe More than 100 slideshow templates More than 300 video effects and filters Customised audio creation module Inbuilt image filters Yes $ 49.99 4.5 star
PTE AV Studio More than 100 effects and slideshow templates DIY and customised animation module Sound editing features Yes Standard - $69 Pro - $139 4.5 star
Adobe Premiere Pro Audio-visual editing templates Image up gradation features Keyframe workflow and animation Yes $239.88 per year 4 star
CyberLink MediaShow More than 70 slideshow transitions and templates Vast library of audio tracks Yes $ 49.95 3.5 star
AquaSoft Slideshow More than 250 slideshow effects and transitions Basic video editing features Yes Premium - $57.00 Ultimate - $97.00 3.5 star
Wondershare Filmora More than 300 slideshow effects More than 20 copyrighted music tracks Direct social media export Yes $ 59.99 5 star

Ending Thoughts

Creating 3D slideshows is a smart and leveled up means of information presentation and content delivery

Browsing through slideshow maker online and software based alternatives, you will land across a variety of professional 3D slideshow creator software

When beginning to try hands at creating stunning slideshows with high end audio-visual effects, you can rely on Wondershare Filmora without a second thought.

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