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How to Add Background to Video with/without a Green Screen

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 13, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Video’s background is the most crucial part of video editing. When filming, the backgrounds cannot be more attractive with the natural background, so editors use background effects to change the background of the video and make it more appealing. Wondershare Filmora is a fantastic software to add background to a video without a green screen. The good news is that Filmora offers various tools to remove background from a video, add a background, add transition effects, and all these by using virtual reality to complete the task. It has several effects and themes and has tools to remove background effectively. Many editors are available in the market for background effects but with limitations. Filmora offers an effective way to add background without a green screen and with a green screen. You will also be able to add a background to the green screen photo online.

Let us discuss the finest tools available in Filmora to change the background easily and quickly. This article will concentrate on two methods to edit background.

● How to put a background on a video without a green screen.

● How to add background to video with green screen.

If you wonder how to add a background to a green screen in after effects, it involves a very long step and quality footage to remove the background.

 Part 1 Add background to green screen video

The green screen effect is the advanced feature in overlays. It makes the background of the clips transparent. If you want to add background to green screen video online, there are many websites available but always with some limitations in resolutions and quality while exporting the video. Filmora is a useful tool in video editing to create animatic and superimpose backgrounds like any jet craft or a bird flying. You can easily make these changes to the video using Filmora by using a green screen footage clip or a plain green screen in the background while creating the footage. We will focus on putting a background on a green screen in this part.

Let us discuss how to add background to green screen are pretty simple using Filmora.

Step1 Add Overlay clip to timeline

Select “Create New Project” to start the editing. At first, you have to choose both the overlay clip and background clip and add them to the timeline. You can either import from the library or drag the files to the timeline in the positions shown in the picture.

You can edit the overlay clip individually by adding animation, effects, filterers, mask frame, and blending modes (multiply, darken, or color burn). Let us move to the next step, how to put the background on the green screen.

Step2 Make a Green Screen

Let’s get into the first step to add background to the green screen video. In this part, you will be using a green screen to remove the background. So, import the green screen clips to the media library. Now, add the background green screen to the timeline above the video track as shown in the picture.

import green screen

● Move the cursor to the green screen on the timeline and double-click on it.

● The settings box will appear on the left.

● You have to tick the Chroma key there.

The green screen effects will be applied automatically.

refine video

The video can be refined with many additional tools like Tolerance, Offset, and Alpha channel to make the video background clear. Once satisfied with the results, click on OK. Now that we have discussed how to add background to green screen video with the help of Filmora let’s now discuss how to add a background to a video without a green screen.

 Part 2 Add background to video without a green screen.

Let us learn how to add a background to a video without a green screen. In Filmora, there is a special effect called the Human segmentation effect to isolate people from the backgrounds without a green screen. All it takes is a few clicks. Once you remove the surround, you can add an image or a video clip to go well with your original video. Another unique feature is that after removing the background from the video clip, you can add it to the overlay of another video clip. It works well when it has a natural and single person in front of the camera.

Let’s discuss how to add background without a green screen.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

Step1 Import Media to Timeline

Import the video clip from the device. You can also drag the video clip from the timeline. You can use other effects from Filmora to make necessary changes like editing, cutting, trimming, filter and transition.

import media

Step2 Adding Human Segmentation Effect

To see the options to add background to video without a green screen, go to Effects – AI Portrait, and you can see a list of all AI portrait effects here. You can see the human segmentation effect, drag and place it on the top of your video clip in the timeline.

human segmentation effect

Step3 Preview and Adjust

After the human segmentation effect, the people will be isolated separately from the background, shown in the picture. Double click on the effects in the timeline where you can edit, adjust, thickness, feather, and preview.

preview and adjust

Step4 Replace and change video background

If you wish to change the background, import an image or video below your main track. Now, that is how to add a background without a green screen.

replace and change

Thus, you learned to create your green screen backgrounds and add a background to a green screen video using the favorite video effect software, Filmora.


Thus, in this guide, you learned how to add a background to a video without a green screen, and we hope this will be useful. You can find multiple software online for adding a background to a green screen with additional background effects. However, the Human segmentation available in Filmora is the easiest way to change scenes and clone people. With support to over 100 video tracks, Filmora is by far the best tool that allows you to change the setting with and without a green screen.

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