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How to Create VHS Effect to Your Videos in Premiere Pro?

The VHS effect adds a nostalgic impact to the videos. The article introduces the VHS effect and describes five trendy templates for Premiere Pro.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 17, 21, updated Jul 12, 24

Adding effects to the video gives it a new outlook. VHS is a similar effect that offers a nostalgic vibe to the output and improves the aesthetics multifold. The VHS effect is the textured and distorted effect that mimics an old recording. If you are a Premiere Pro user, this article has got you.

Keep following this write-up to know the basics of a VHS effect and the method to make it in Adobe Premiere Pro. The five amazing VHS effect templates would also be the crux of the article. So, let us begin!

Part 1: What is VHS Effect?

Before getting into the VHS video effect creation process in Premiere Pro, let us understand this effect in detail. A VHS style is a vintage text with a distorted texture like an effect in an old analog video recording on a cassette. The glitchy and retro effect is used to create a distractive atmosphere or even a creepy one. A certain level of blurriness is perfect for horror movies.

The VHS look offers the video grain, noise, and saturation to the footage. Moreover, these video effects are highly famous on YouTube to create a long-lasting impact on the viewers.

Part 2: How Do You Make VHS Effect in Premiere Pro?

Another important concern revolves around creating a realistic VHS effect in Premiere Pro. However, do not panic. We understand your questions and are here at your disposal.

Before starting, the users should download the project file of this tutorial that includes some VHS presets and accents. The article shall present an extensive procedure for making Premiere Pro's VHS effect. Let us dive right in!

Step 1: Adding the Lumetri Color

Launch Premiere Pro and input the targeted video that needs a VHS effect. First, we would be giving the gloomy tree color effect to the video. Navigate to the "Video Effects" in the bottom left corner of the interface and hit "Color Correction." Click on "Lumetri color" and add it to the clip.

add lumetri color

Step 2: Heading to the Basic Corrections Tab

The Effects Control tab appears. Head to the "Basic Correction" tab and change the contrast of the video as it looks better. Moving on, lower down the "Whites" to dull the video's color. Close the "Basic Correction" tab and move to the next one.

access basic corrections tab

Step 3: Using the Creative Tab

In the "Creative" tab, adjust the faded film to lift the black aspects of the video. After that, you can "Sharpen" the footage as you wish and create a subtle look. Set the vibrance of the footage and tailor the Shadow tint a little to the Purple Hue.

use creative tab

Step 4: Adjusting the Curves Hues

Now, it is time to move to the "Curves" panel. Change the white hue angle to give it a horizontal curve. You can adjust the curves by using green, blue, and red colors. Now, navigate to the "Vignette" tab. In the "Vignette" tab, change the "Amount" to negative integers to minimize the black edges.

customize curves hues

Step 5: Altering the Blurriness

Let us head back to the "Video Effect" panel to insert another effect. Click on "Blur and Sharpen" and then "Channel Blur." Add it underneath the Lumetri effect. Adjust the "Red Blurriness" and "Green blurriness" or any two of them to give some color to the output. Head to the "Edge behavior" to tick mark "Repeat Edge Pixels." Change the Blur Dimensions to only Vertical."

adjust the blur

Step 6: Workability with Channel Blur

Insert another copy of the "Channel Blur" effect in the panel and alter the "Blue Blurriness." Again, tick mark "Repeat Edge Pixels" and Blur Dimensions have to be horizontal this time. Change the Red Blurriness a little to give a subtle look.

customize channel blur copy

Step 7: Using Unsharp Mask

Head back to the effects section and tap on "Unsharp Mask." Apply it underneath the second copy of Channel Blur. Alter the Amount and Radius as you deem necessary.

edit unsharp mask

Step 8: Navigating the "Noise and Grain"

Finally, scroll to the "Noise and Grain" panel. Take the "Noise" effect and drag it below the Unsharp Mask. Unmark the "Use Color Noise" and adjust the percentage of the amount of Noise.

customize noise effect

Step 9: Rendering In and Out

To have a quick preview of the video, you can head to the "Sequence" option in the top panel and click on "Render In to Out." There you go! The VHS video is created by using Premiere Pro.

select the rendering option

Part 3: 5 Trendy VHS Effect Templates for Premiere Pro

Are you a fan of Premiere Pro? Do you love to use the VHS camera effect in Premiere Pro? Worry no more as five VHS effect templates would be the crux of this section. The templates are easy to download and offer Premiere Pro easy usage. So, what are we waiting for? Let us commence this!

1. VHS Transitions

The firsteffect of VHS,compatible with Premiere Pro and offered by Motion Array, is VHS Transitions. The VHS Transitions has got you all covered if you have to make a slideshow of your memories. With 15 different styles and thousands of moments from the past, this free VHS effect can make your wedding look stylish and thoughtful.

vhs transitions

2. VHS Glitch Logo

The next aesthetic VHS effect presented by Envato Elements is VHS Glitch Logo. Compatible with Premiere Pro, this VHS color effect comes up with a vertical and square version. The user can create a distorted video and give a creepy impression of the video. It means that VHS Glitch Logo has usage in all genres of the creative industry


vhs glitch logo

3. Glitch Opener VHS

You can add VHS effect to video through Glitch Opener VHS. Supported by Premiere Pro, Glitch Opener VHS offers the perfect way to create distorted views and historical impact on the final output. Most thrill and horror movies incorporate this template and engage the audience effortlessly.

glitch opener vhs

4. VHS Styles Pack

Another trendy VHS screen effect changing the narrative of retro videos, VHS Styles Pack, is the true deal. 8 VHS styles are displaying VHS tape effect. One can use the pack to treat the project with an old VHS look of a cassette or a tape. It is available in HD, so you do not have to worry about the quality of your video.

vhs styles pack

5. VHS Damage Transitions

Last but not the least, VHS Damage Transitions is a cool template to offer the video a unique outlook. There are 10 VHS transitions with different effects, including noise, RGB, and others. The old VHS effect comes off easily with this template.

vhs damage transitions

Closing Words

To make the video stand out from the crowd, one should add effects. The article discussed the basics of the VHS effect and how to create the effect using Premiere Pro. The different VHS video effect templates were also introduced to make your video have a retro and cool vibe.

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