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How To Add Fade In Windows Video Editor

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

A recent development in the media business is the fading into and out of videos, which significantly improves and cools down a scene. It causes the movie to twist and gives it a photorealistic appearance, giving the sense of depth. Too much or too little fading might ruin the whole impact of the video that has been generated, which is why we're providing instructions on how to apply fade in Windows video editors.

People often search for How to Add Fade in after effects but in such tools, backgrounds are used to achieve fading, so what should you do if you want your movie on your Windows 10 desktop to fade to black, white, or another color? We suggest the solution in this article that would be of assistance. It is suggested that you apply the video fades using a backdrop clip which is either black or white. Video fades come in two varieties: fade in and fade out. A video or picture may gradually appear from a black, white, or colored backdrop using a technique called a "fade-in." On the other hand, a video or picture may gradually blend into a white, black, or multicolored backdrop using the fade-out technique.

In this article
  1. Part 1: How to Add Fade in Windows Video Editor
  2. Part 2: Alternative Way to Fade Your Video - Filmora
  3. Part 3: FAQs Regarding Video Fade

Part 1: How to Add Fade in Windows Video Editor

To begin with, you'll need top-notch editing software for your movies. We advise you to try Windows Video Editor if you use Windows. It is slick, simple, and enjoyable to use. The Microsoft Store's most downloaded video editing app is also this one. To test how it works, you may install it for free. The Windows video editor is a strong tool that makes it simple for users to utilize the fundamentals of video editing. It has the ability to move, concatenate, cut, and add the Fading effects to videos. However, it lacks the transitions needed to insert them into videos or in between them.

Steps to Add Fade in Windows Video Editor

Step1Open Windows Video Editor and choose the video clip you wish to apply a fade to.

choose video windows video editor

Step2To display further effects, click the down arrow in the corner of the effects tray after selecting the Visual Effects tab. The effects are divided into a group named Motions and Fades. To get an explanation and a sample of what the effects do, hover your mouse cursor over the thumbnails of the effects.

click video tools windows editor

The available effects include pixelate, ripple, and a simple fade in or fade out to black or white. Apply No Effect, the first thumbnail in the list of visual effects, after choosing the clip and the visual effect you wish to remove.

Step3Select the desired video portion, then click the Edit tab under Video Tools to fade the video sound. The ribbon's initial part is devoted to audio controls. One drop-down choice is for fade in, and the other is for fade out. You may choose none, slow, medium, or quick for each of them.

desired video portion windows editor

Step4Select the Options option beneath Motion and Fades to fade your videos and the soundtrack. The first ribbon area is devoted to audio controls, much to what we saw for video sound. One drop-down choice is for fade in, and the other is for fade out. You may choose none, slow, medium, or quick for each of them.

fade effect windows video editor

It is pertinent to mention here that the windows video editor does not support the fading feature that is included in the transitions. It can be used for various things, however the editor lacks fading options. We thus provide an alternative technique for fading the movies and words on Windows or iOS platforms in the upcoming part.

Part 2: Alternative Way to Fade Your Video - Filmora

Almost every video editor has fade in and fade out effects but the features that Filmora provides are out of the box. It creates smooth scene changes, assists in making some components stand out on the screen, and in general, are highly pleasing to the eye. These can be considered as wonderful magic tricks however, not with Filmora. A popular and futuristic video editor with which, fades can be made easily and handy. The layout is straight forward, and the commands are easy to understand and changeable. The best thing about this software is that it is free and works on both Mac and Windows.

With the applications that Windows provide, the fade-in effect is frequently used to gradually bring a shot to the viewer's attention, but it can also be used to pacify the transition between two shots. Especially when it is combined with the fade-out effect, frequently used to wrap up a shot, end a sequence, or the entire video clip. However, with Filmora, you can upload a picture, a GIF, or a video from your computer or paste in a link in the Filmora opening window including the Fading effects on both Audio and Video clips.

Free Download
Free Download

Steps to How to Fade in Filmora Video Editor

Your meme video, GIF, or picture may include text. It is simple to change the font color, size, and placement of the text. Your meme may be downloaded as a GIF, MP4, PNG, or JPG image. As a result, the operations may be carried out simply and easily, and no prior understanding of the program is necessary since it has a highly user-friendly interface.

Step1Download and Install Filmora Video Editor

the simple platform to begin modifying your audio and music files. To use this program hassle-free, you must first download and install it on your windows computer. Start by downloading the most recent version of this program. Once you've done that, it's time to install it on your computer. To do it quickly, simply follow the usual setup instructions and install this software on your computer.

Step2In Filmora Start Importing Files

We'll walk you through the process of utilizing this platform for audio fade-in/fade-out in the following step. You need to quickly open Filmora from your desktop or the search bar in order to get started. Now, all you have to do to import your music and video files is click the Import button on the software's main screen as seen below:

start importing files
Step3Use Fade-in/Fade-out Effects

The first step in this process is to learn how to use Filmora to begin fading your audio files in and out. The nicest feature of the Filmora is how easy you can use these methods from the timeline. To do so, center your attention on your audio file inside the timeline; after you've chosen it, the two icons will appear above the audio file. Drag the first one to the length you want to conduct the audio fade-in option, as shown:

use fade in or out effects
Note: Playing the file inside the timeline to the Filmora preview layout will also allow you to listen to the audio and video respectively.
Step4Edit the whole project

Wondershare Filmora, which includes an audio and video editor, is an all-in-one solution for all your video editing needs, as we've already said. Filmora features a built-in video editing toolbox in addition to an audio editor. Within the app, you may use editing methods ranging from simple to advanced. Simply click on the video file inside the timeline as shown below to choose the basic editor:

edit the whole project
Step5Share and export

We'll give you a quick overview of exporting and sharing your audio-edited files and projects with a few clicks in the last section of this tutorial. To continue, it's important to note that Wondershare Filmora also enables you to share your content and quickly export it from the software's user interface. for the export to your PC to continue. On your software's screen, click the Export button in the top-right corner as shown:

Part 3: FAQs Regarding Video Fade

1. What is the fade panel in Windows video editor?

In the windows video editor, there is a panel for basic video editing tools. But for fading in/out of a video or text, there is no option available. The built-in windows tool does not have any option of 'transition'. It straight forwardly moves from one video clip to the other without any sort of transition because Microsoft believe these transitions to be lame and unnecessary. Hence, they are not available. In case of Filmora, and other such tools, there is a straight up option for transitions where you can fade in and out with a lot of other cool stuff. For fading you can follow the method mentioned above in the article.

2. How do I fade text in Windows video editor?

As stated earlier, there is no option for fading in windows video editor, hence, even the text cannot be faded in or out. There is a panel for basic video editing tools in the Windows video editor. However, there is no ability for a video or text to fade in and out. There is no "transition" option in the built-in Windows programme. Microsoft considers these transitions to be unnecessary, so it simply switches from one video clip to the next without making any other effects.

3. How do I fade out music in Windows video editor?

There is no direct command for making the music or sound fade out but you can do it manually, that is, in the video where ever you want the music or sound to fade out is that you can trim that clip out and then divide into two more clips. You can take the first of the two clips and lower its sound and in the next clip, you can mute the clip, note: the clips must be kept small, otherwise it will sound quite weird. If the respective lengths of the clips are kept quite small, only then will the fade feel natural. Due to unavailability of a direct command, fading the music out can be a very taxing job.

The Bottom Line

The built-in video editor for Windows does not have a direct option, therefore fading procedures cannot be utilized without downloading and installing other software, such as Filmora, which may assist with such problems. Filmora comes with built-in tools for text, video, and audio fading. In Filmora, there are at least four different ways to fade media. As a consequence, the conclusion we reach is that although the Windows video editor is strong and useful in a professional setting, it cannot be utilized to create effects that are often employed in the current world to draw in viewers.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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