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Top 5 Best Free Online Tools for Adding Text to Videos

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

There are many creative ways text can be used to improve the visual quality of a video, but besides the aesthetical value, text can also have a much more practical purpose. Conveying information vital for understanding the video to the viewer solely through images is often very difficult, which is why the text is used to make the communication between the author of the video and the audience easier.

Opening and closing credits, subtitles or text overlays are frequently used to make videos more informative, and in this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the best free online tools that are going to enable you to easily add all types of text to your videos.

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5 Best Free Online Tools for Adding Text to Videos

Adding text to videos is no longer a complicated process that requires you to have access to pricy video editing software. Today, you can add the text of all shapes and sizes to your videos for free using these online tools.

1. Kapwing

The platform grants you access to a variety of editors and tools you can use to polish raw footage.

The process of adding text to a video is fairly simple since you just have to upload a video or paste the video URL and customize the text. However, the video file you're working on cannot exceed the 80MB limit, which can restrict your options, since videos captured with modern cameras are often huge in size. Once your video is uploaded to the platform, you can simply drag the text box to the desired location in the frame. If you would like to add another textbox, you should click on the Add more text button. Before hitting the Create button, you can adjust the size of the text, change its color or font and add an outline.

 Add text to video online

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In addition to enabling you to add text to videos, Kapwing platform lets you resize videos, apply video filters, trim videos and much more. Keep in mind that you must sign in with your Facebook or Google account if you want to remove the Kapwing watermark from the video, and you can pay $6 for removing the watermark for a single edited video or pay $20/month for an unlimited plan.


If you are looking for a relatively quick way to add subtitles to videos or add other types of text to GIF files, EZGIF may be a perfect solution. You can either upload a video file to the platform or paste a video URL. Your video file must be in MP4, MOV, AVI or WebM file format and it can't be larger than 120MB if you want to add subtitles, while the size limit is set to 35MB for adding text to animated GIF files. The upload time depends on the size of the file and the Internet speed, so you might spend some time waiting for the file to be uploaded to the platform.

 Add text to video online

When the process is complete you can proceed to upload the SRT file or insert the subtitles manually. You can also choose when the subtitles are going to start and end, but you won't be able to choose a font or change their size. Clicking on the Add Subtitles button will generate the output video, and you can click on the Save icon to save the new video to your computer.

3. Typito

Before you can start using Typito you must first create an account. You can use this online tool to add text to videos for free, and the steps of adding text to video with Typito is quite easy, just upload your footage first and then enhance it with the text. However, if you want to take advantage of all features this stunning online tool for adding text and graphics to videos has to offer you'll have to purchase either the Plus or the Business Plan.

 Add text to video online

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The free version of Typito adds watermarks to all videos, and you have to pay $5 to remove it. The number of Full HD videos you can export with the free version of the platform is limited to four per month and you won't be able to use custom fonts. However, you will have access to all motion graphics options and you can export your videos to Facebook or YouTube directly from the platform. Furthermore, Typito offers support for square and vertical formats, so you can choose the aspect ratio of all of your videos.

4. MovieMakerOnline

Adding text to videos with MovieMakerOnline is a simple and fun process. You just have to upload the video and then insert the text into the Add text here box. This online tool lets you choose when in the video the text is going to appear, how long it is going to be on screen and when it's going to disappear. Furthermore, you can adjust the alignment settings, apply filters or change the size of the text.

 Add text to video online

MovieMakerOnline offers a rich selection of fonts so you can choose the style that best matches your video. After you've added the text to your video, you can just click on the Make video button, but the platform will not allow you to save it if its duration exceeds the one-minute mark. Despite this limitation, MovieMakerOnline is one of the best online tools for adding text to videos, that also enables you to perform basic video editing actions.

5. Adobe Spark

Like all Adobe's software products, Adobe Spark offers powerful video and photo editing options. In order to start using this free online editor, you first have to sign in to your Adobe account. Once you are signed in, you just have to create a new project by selecting a template such as Promo Video or Explainer video. You can upload your own footage or use some of the royalty free videos provided by Adobe Spark.

Even though you can add text to videos, this tool doesn't allow you to choose a font, alter the size of the text or change its color. The maximum duration of a video clip is limited to fifteen seconds, which means that you can't work with unprocessed clips that surpass this mark. Adobe Spark is a perfect tool for adding text to images you want to share on social media because it offers easy-to-use features that enable even unskilled editors to produce stunning videos in a few clicks.


A simple video editing tasks, like adding text to a video can be easily accomplished with online video editing tools. You just have to upload a video and start typing. Each of the tools we featured in this article offers more than enough options to enable you to add text to a video effortlessly. Leave a comment below and let us know which text editor you like to use the most.

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