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Useful Guide to Speed Up/Down Videos in VLC

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 01, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

You can add fun by modifying the video speed when you play a video. To perform the detailed effects on the content, you need sophisticated programs that are reliable and user-friendly. Do you know about the VLC playback speed? Are there any options in the VLC app to edit the playback speed as per your needs?

Here, you will be learning about the precise video edits you can perform effortlessly on your captured content using VLC and its alternative application. Stay connected and scroll down for enlightening facts on it.


Part 1: What is VLC?

VLC is an open-source program, and it supports media files to play on its interface efficiently. This app supports different file formats and is available in many versions. You can use VLC players on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. There are options to play a part of a file using this program when trying to download any video file into your system.


Here, you can find video edit features like you can add subtitles and modifying the playback speed precisely. It is a flexible player with a simple user interface. You do not require any prior knowledge to play the desired content on this interface. All the essential controls are explicit and you can reach for them quickly.

Part 2: How to speed up/down videos in VLC

It is high time to learn about the VLC playback speed that you can implement on your video effortlessly. You must carefully follow up the below instructions and perform the right clicks to edit the video speed.

The stepwise guidelines to modify the video speed using the VLC application.

Step 1:

Install VLC from its official webpage according to your system OS type and then upload the desired video into its working space.


Step 2:

Now, tap the Playback option from the menu and choose the required speed duration of the content from the expanded items. Select faster, slower, normal speed in pace with your needs and modify the video speed accordingly.


Save the changes you had performed on the video and play the track to view the changes done on this media space.

The Filmora video editor is the reliable and performable tool that edits the video beyond limitations. The above instructions will guide you to edit the video speed using the VLC player. If you search for an alternative tool to perform further edits on your captures, then quickly scroll down for more enlightening facts.

Part 3: Alternative for changing speed for videos

The Filmora video editor provides you with in-built templates, filter effects, transitions to make the content attractive. If you take closer looks at the filters, you will find mesmerizing special effects available as ready to use the element to edit your uploaded content on the timeline. Few clicks are enough to bring the best in your video in no time. It is easy to use and you can embed efficient elements to the video precisely. There are options to insert desired elements from integrated libraries like Filmstock, Giphy to add flavors to your video content.

The Key Features of Filmora Video Editor program.

  • This app supports all file types effortlessly, and you can import any media file quickly despite its size.

  • Simple clicks are sufficient to include desired effects on the video content.

  • Filters, transitions, and special elements to insert into the uploaded file.

  • Use audio customization features like Audio ducking, audio equalizers, and detach audio to personalize the content.

  • Tap the preview option to view the edited file before finalizing the export option.

Connect with the integrated libraries and download the desired elements to customize the uploaded content. During the export action, you can change its file type, resolution, and size to add compatibility for end streaming devices. Drag and drop the elements into the working timeline to insert the changes to the captured media.

The detailed guide on how to change the video speed using the Filmora video editor tool.

Step 1: Install the program

Download the application from its official website and install it by following the instruction wizard. Then, launch the app and import the media file into the working space. To make further edits, drag and drop the file into the timeline.


Step 2: Customize the video speed

Next, make a right-click on the imported media file and select the Speed and Duration option from the expanded list. Adjust the speed slider from the pop-up window to change the video duration while playing. Finally, save the changes by tapping the OK button.


Now, play the edited content to witness the changes in the video speed. The video plays according to the customized value, and you can have a preview before exporting it to the necessary storage space.


Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Thus, in detail, you had an enlightening discussion on the VLC playback speed. You would have understood the tips and tricks associated with these video edits. Use the Filmora video editor application to create stunning videos for your needs. It is a reliable program, and you can go for it without any hesitation. You can customize the content by modifying every detail of the content precisely. Choose Filmora and enjoy the video edits beyond boundaries. Create content as per your requirements without sacrificing any parameters. Stay tuned for many more facts on video edits using the Filmora video editor application.

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