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10+ Best Music Video Makers to Make Fantastic MV

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

The music industry cannot thrive without a music video maker. The fact of the matter is that these software programs make it possible for the musicians to make state of the art videos. Both free music video maker and the paid ones are used.

These software programs perform the most complex tasks which would take ages have these programs not been developed. From PIP to audio addition and from effects addition to overall video management these programs perform excellently.

These programs also prove to be an inexpensive way to produce music. The cost-cutting factor also comes into play. All these effects combined make music makers a must-have for all.

10+ Best Music Video Makers

Below is the list of the music video maker. It includes free video maker with pictures and music, free online video maker with music and pictures, and best music video maker app.

1. Filmora – The Music Video Maker That Can Detect Rhythm

Filmora is one of the best and state of the art programs to create music videos. This music video maker free download is also available so that everyone can take advantage. With the best UI and top-notch support, it is a must-have for all.

The best part of this program is that it allows the users to perform tasks with drag and drop functionality. It means that all can be done in a matter of seconds. Having this program means that you have the best in your arsenal.

As a great music video maker, Filmora can detect audio beats, analyze music rhythm and add editing Mark automatically. In this way, you can make your music video easily and intelligently.

Outstanding Features of the Program

  • The program comes with split-screen functionality. It allows users to play their videos and audios on different interfaces at the same time.
  • It has an audio equalizer to make sure that the audio is tuned as required.
  • The audio and video controls embedded give more control to the users over the end product.
  • The program has an intuitive UI that is easy to handle. The graphical nature makes it the best friend of any music producer.
  • The program can layer multiple video clips at the same time. It allows users to choose the best outcome based on part selection.
  • The interface of the program is very easy to use and therefore it is highly recommended to the users that are not technical in nature.

How to Make a Music Video with Filmora?

The process is fairly simple and has been explained as under. The easy interface of the program makes this process even easier.

Step 1: Click on the option “Import Media Files Here” on the main interface to kick start the process.

Step 2: Drag and drop the video onto the timeline. You can then split the video by right-clicking it and selecting “Split”.

Step 3: Detach the audio from the video by right-clicking the video on the timeline and selecting “Detach Audio”.

Step 4: There are 2 options to add music to the video clip. You can click on “Music” and choose the samples that are available in the library. Alternatively, you can import local music files as well.

Step 5: Double click the audio track on the timeline to reveal the settings. Here you can adjust volume, speed, etc. as you like.

Step 6: Once the editing has been done you can export the video as you like as the program supports 50+ output formats.

Here is the video tutorial that explains every details about how to use Filmora to make a Amazing music video. Download Filmora now and follow the guide step by step.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

2. VirtualDJ- Best Music Video Maker for Easy Compatibility

The best of this software is that it has an intense interface. The full option makes it possible for users to enjoy a range of services. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

The music of top-notch quality is no difficulty with this software.


  • It has a full range of options that makes the process of music production easy.
  • The vast library makes it possible for the users to use the tracks for their own projects.
  • If you don’t like WAV format then the embedded mp3 encoder can be used to get the work done.

interface of music video maker

3. Mixxx- Best Thriller Music Video Maker

With the best and the most advanced features this program can do a lot. The 4 decks are on the main interface that support drag and drop. The pitch and key control can change the tempo of the song. The beat of the song can also be looped within a master sync. You can also mark the places on tracks by using Hot keys.


  • The program has a complete music mixer to produce awesome tracks.
  • The output can be thoroughly tested before it has been finalized.
  • It has multiple genres of styles embedded for the quality production of music.
  • The program has a groove maker and other pro features that make it worth giving a shot.

interface of music video maker

4. Tracktion T7- Easy Music Video Maker Software

This is a program that is very easy to navigate and therefore it is highly popular among the users. The music production is done in progressive stages. The MIDI that has been embedded within the program makes it easy for the user to overcome the issues of finding tracks online. 


  • The program has been developed to make sure that it matches the hardware of the computer.
  • The workflow of the program can be adjusted which matches the needs of the users.
  • It supports plugins such as VST and audio units that eases the processes of music production.

interface of music video maker

5. Amplitube Custom Shop- Best Music Video Maker APP/Plugin

The program comes as a standalone application as well as an app and plugin such as AXX and VST. This makes it the best program as it gets the work done faster. There are 24 model tuners that are embedded within the player and it includes five cabs, three mics, and two rack efforts.


  • There are 9 stompboxes that are developed within the shop and this makes it a one-stop-shop.
  • The official version that has been developed also includes guitar amp models such as Orange and Mesa Boogie.
  • This program is a one-stop-shop for all the music editing needs that makes it one of the best programs on the market.

interface of music video maker free download

6. Clip Champ- Best Music Video Maker Online

The best part of this online program is that it is free of cons. The interface is self-explanatory and therefore it is not difficult to use this website. The drag and drop features of the website are the ones that make the usage even simpler.


  • The video can be developed in different aspect ratios such as 1:1, 9:16, 4:3 and the list goes on.
  • This is all in one editor which has all the functions which most of the free editors don’t offer.
  • The audio can be added to the video and as per the users, both go smoothly.

interface of free music video maker

7. Online Video Cutter- Best Music Video Maker Online

It is a user-friendly online tool that makes it easy to navigate. One should not get confused with the name as this tool does not only cut the videos. The end result can be rotated to any angle that makes a video perfect.


  • The maximum file size that is allowed for this online tool is 500MB. In addition to this, it supports all formats.
  • The user does not want to get registered to use this tool.
  • It has all the popular tools such as trimmer, equalizer, and AXX unit integration.

interface of free online video maker with music and pictures

8. WeVideo- Best Music Video Maker Online

The website can easily be integrated with cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and social media platforms. The data can be easily uploaded to the website to make sure that the videos are made more professionally. You can now add markers, static and simple text to the videos.


  • The UHD and 4K resolution are supported and the video can be rendered accordingly.
  • Before you start using the tool it is advised to create your account to access all the features.
  • The background graphics, free music, and clips can be added from the huge library.

interface of best music video maker app

9. VivaVideo- Best Music Video Maker for Android

It is one of the best music video maker app programs for Android as it allows the users to render music videos on the go. You just need the images to be imported within the app. The rest is up to the algorithm of the app to make the music video that is highly professional.


  • There are multiple capture options that are integrated within the app such as selfie, FX, funny, and collage.
  • There are high numbers of graphics that are integrated within the app’s library and can be used for video making.
  • The direct share of the social media platform makes sure that the app’s efficiency is increased to a maximum.

interface of music video maker app android

10. VideoShow- Best Music Video Maker for Mobile

This is another music video maker app that allows the users to render high-quality music videos. There are 2 versions of the application i.e. free and pro. It is advised to get the pro version as it has all the integrations required for professional video making.

  • You can edit the prologue and the epilogue of the video with this application.
  • The bubbles, thunder, and zooming of the rendered video are also possible with this application.
  • The videos can be trimmed and cropped without with ease using this application.

interface of music video maker app

11. TIDAL Music- Best Music Video Maker for iPhone

It is one of the best applications for the iPhone. The render function of the app is perfect and it allows the users to use it with ease. The app has a simple interface so it is easy to learn and the things related to video editing can be implemented easily.


  • The HiFi audio addition to the existing clip is possible with this application to make your music video more professional.
  • There are thousands of free tracks that can be added to the images you upload to make a professional music video.
  • The sound elevation in-app functions make this software as one of the must-haves for iPhone. 

interface of music video maker for iphone

What Are the Best Video Game Music Makers?

Filmora is one of the best and the most advanced programs for video game music-making. It is sophisticated and very easy to use.

What Are the Slideshow Video Makers with Music?

It is the VivaVideo app that makes the process of slide show making easy. With a few clicks, you will get the best outcome.

What Are the Best Animated Music Video Makers?

With ClipChamp making animated videos is not only easy but straight forward as well. It will make sure that you get the best results.

What Are the Best YouTube Music Video Makers?

Once again, Wondershare Filmora takes the lead as it has all the features that allow you to make the videos professionally but easily. It has all the features that foster the process and therefore the ultimate outcome that you expect. After you are done with editing, you can upload to the YouTube directly.

As to the mobile phone users, The TIDAL Music app is the one that will allow the YouTube-based artists to get the best and most advanced outcome. It is highly sophisticated and allows direct upload to YouTube as well.

4 Key Takeaways of Making Music Videos Procurements

Below are the points that one should remember in this regard:

  • There are three forms of programs that can be used to produce awesome videos. These programs are online, apps, and regular installed programs.
  • The users should always look for a program that is easy to use and performs almost every function. A program like Filmora should be the top priority.
  • The apps are as efficient as the programs and even surpass the programs in some areas.
  • The overall dependability of the program depends upon the fact that how a program can be used. Easier the program more is the user intended to use it.

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Regardless of the level of professionalism, Filmora is the best music video maker. It makes the of music video making easy. With the best features you will get the outcome that is exactly as per your desire.

The program also has a very large library of effects and sounds that are being constantly updated. This ensures that you get the most relevant and latest material for your project. If you want your project to be at the heights of professionalism Filmora is the only choice.

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