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[Tutorial] How To Add Motion Blur in Blender?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 21, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Motion blur effect, as a terminology, holds great significance in multiple industrial uses. From filmmaking to basic photography, the motion blur effect is consumed as a reality-setting standard, which defines its significance. Many platforms are providing this effect to enhance the creativity of their users. Blender is also known among these software providing such services while designing animations.

We will target a comprehensive guide on adding motion blur in Blender using the right way. Therefore, if you seek the appropriate way of adding motion blur in Blender, the following description is for you.

In this article
  1. What is Blender?
  2. How Do You Motion Blur An Object in Blender?
  3. Bonus Tips – Add Motion Blur to Animated Video with Filmora
  4. FAQ

Part 1: What is Blender?

As we start our discussion, we will review Blender as a free and open-source software. Following this, we will continue realizing the benefits of adding motion blur through Blender:

Introduction to Blender

For those unaware of Blender, it is an open-source, free creativity software. You can find it as the perfect designing platform for your 3D content. This software has made itself accessible to the market with ease. This has made it quite famous among professionals, and is recommended for its high-quality, feature-rich design. From modeling to sculpting, Blender provides some great options to work with.

If you are up for editing some videos through Blender, it offers a great course of features, including motion blur. This Blender motion blur tutorial intends to bring you a similar insight into this great software. This will help you know the procedure of executing such facets to perfection.

blender interface

Benefits of Using Motion Blur Effect

There are many benefits of using the motion blur effect in creative work. The following points are the highlights and benefits of adding the motion blur effect:

·        Perfect For Idolizing Speed

The use of the motion blur effect is the best way to show the speed of the object. Using such effects gives the viewer an experience of the swiftness that is contained in the object.

·        Resolves Flickering

Rather than trying out fast motion, you can add such effects to your 3D content to enhance the motion blur. This also helps get over problems, including strobing and flickering clips.

·        Attenuates Real-Effect

One great thing about our human eye is its ability to bring motion blur in fast-moving objects. Since this is a real-life experience, the motion blur effect highlights this particular effect and brings the edited content closer to reality.

Part 2: How Do You Motion Blur An Object in Blender?

As stated before, Blender can be a great option for adding motion blur to objects. Many properties are involved in setting up the motion blur effect on an object. It includes defining the position, shutter, separation, and several other parameters. In this part, we will be looking for a guide on how to add motion blur in Blender:

Step1 With the video opened on Blender, proceed to the "Render Properties." Look to enable "Motion Blur" from the available options. Click on the arrowhead adjacent to it to access its advanced blur options.

enable the motion blur option

Step2 Start by setting its "Position" in the start, center, or end, according to the requirements. For those who are not sure of it, they can use "Center on Frame." If the objects rapidly move in the video, reduce the "Shutter" value or vice versa.

adjust the shutter value

Step3 Following this, define the "Background Separation" according to how you require the foreground and background. Next, you will have to increase or decrease the "Max Blur" pixels to define the blur intensity in the video.

set background separation and max blur

Step4 For objects with complex topology, you might have to increase the “Steps,” hence the “Shutter” time. For simple objects, the value remains unity. To apply the motion blur effect, use the F12 key for rendering the video.

set the value for steps

Bonus Tips – Add Motion Blur to Animated Video with Filmora

Blender can become challenging to use, a no-go for basic video editors. This requires a simpler video editor that can help them add motion blurs. For applying this to a video, Wondershare Filmora is a great option. This video editor is known for its easy-going, conclusive, and diversifying features.

Free Download
Free Download

Wondershare Filmora can be a real deal for users who are looking for high-quality video editing. A simple interface gives a perfect option to bring creativity to your work. If you wish to know more about Filmora, the following features will help you out:

  • You can try out the Instant Mode offered on Filmora for creating videos in minutes.
  • You can adjust the video speed to get better control of the keyframes. With the help of this feature, you can easily create cinematic effects.
  • It also includes the feature of motion tracking to intensify your video creation.
  • Filmora's ability to blend in effects in the videos is one of its major highlights. There are multiple modes available in Filmora to make things interesting.
  • Its AI Portrait mode helps identify humans in the video and helps them enhance their parameters.

How to Add Motion Blur to Animated Video with Wondershare Filmora

Since you are looking forward to a method explaining how to add motion blur to videos with Filmora, the following step-by-step guide is for you:

Step1 Launch Filmora and Import Animated Video

You must launch Wondershare Filmora after installing it successfully on your computer. Click the "Create New Project" button to lead to a new project screen. Here, tap on the "Folder" icon to import the animated video that is to be edited.

add your media file
Step2 Split the Video to Set Platform for Adding the Effect

Once uploaded, drag and drop it on the timeline. Use the play head and adjust it to the point where you want to start the motion blur. Click the "Scissor" icon to split the clip from the specific point.

split the media file
Step3 Look for the Blur Effect and Add

Move to the "Effects" tab from the top and look for "Video Effects" from the left section. Afterward, type “Blur” in the search bar of the effects. You will be led to a list of different blur options, which you can pick and add to the part of the video that was split.

search for blur effect
Step4 Include Transition for Smoothness and Export Video

After adjusting the parameters, find the "Dissolve" transition from the "Transition" tab for smoothening the effect. Once done, you can export the edited clip by clicking the "Export" button and setting the parameters.

export your video file


What does motion blur do in Blender?

There are two different techniques adopted in the Blender motion blur effect. The first is recognized as the “Sample Motion Blur” technique, an advanced, slower, and controlled way of adding motion blur. The other technique, known as “Vector Blur," is faster but has drawbacks, which do not look professional.


With that, a complete guide on how to add motion blur in Blender has been presented and explained. The provided technique will help you include the motion blur effect to perfection. For a more straightforward and quicker procedure, Wondershare Filmora gives a perfect experience of adding motion blur in animated videos. The article helps guide you toward selecting the best option in the market.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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