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How to Create Cinematic Style Videos?

A cinematic background has more chance to get the audience’s attention. The article helps create a cinematic intro for YouTube and a cinematic travel intro for travel vlog.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Jan 07, 22, updated May 20, 24

Do you find cinematic-style videos appealing? Do you wish to give your content a cinematic vibe? Hold on to this article for more!

A cinematic video style resembles a film. The act is employed in film making and visual storytelling that considers aspect ratio, composition, color, lighting style, type of film, editing, filters, and set design. The cinematic background music plays an equally important role. The article is a guide to creating a cinematic intro for YouTube.

Additionally, we will discuss the procedure to work on travel intro for a vlog. So, let us not waste time anymore! Time to start the adventure!

Part 1: How to Create a Cinematic Intro for Your Video?

Every content creator wishes to bring new ideas to the set. The part played by cinematic background music cannot be avoided no matter what innovation is ahead of us. A cinematic and classy intro to your video displays the effort performed on your work. It compels the audience to keep following you.

For this very reason, the article conveys a guide to creating a powerful cinematic intro. Let us begin this!

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Filmora to begin. Import the targeted music in the program and drag it to the timeline. Now, trim the music to 30 seconds and listen to the end part. Select the last note to match the beat in the beginning part of the music.

match note with the music

Step 2: Moving on, add markers to the music. Use "M" from the keyboard to mark the specific part of the track. After you are done, drag the first track onto the timeline. Trim the video to match it to the first marker.

add markers and adjust video

Step 3: Perform a similar process for the rest of the video clips and trim them according to the markers. The user is directed to create a 2.35:1 widescreen cinemascope bar opener. To do so, drag two black mattes onto the timeline on top of each other.

create widescreen cinemascope bar opener

Step 4: Drag the end of both clips to match the length of the whole video. Now, it is time to animate it. Insert 240° in the y-axis for the first keyframe. Similarly, use 422.2° for the second keyframe. For the bottom y-axis, use -240° for the first keyframe and -422.2° for the second keyframe.

match length of whole video

Step 5: After the animation is completed, head to the "Titles" tab and look for cinematic packs. Choose one and drag it onto the timeline. Secondly, alter the duration and animation of the title. The user is expected to insert a dissolve transition at the end of the title.

adjust title of the video

Step 6: Perform the same process for the rest of the tracks. Time the titles to match the clip’s ending. Now, add a dissolve transition at the end of the clip. Trim the clip into two parts and apply square blur by navigating to the "Effects" tab to blur the video clips.

add dissolve transition and effects

Step 7: Moving on, adjust the alpha for blur intensity. Add a dissolve transition between the cuts. In the final step, go to the "Animation" and then "Customize." Reframe the last clip and animate a zoom-out effect. Reduce the "Scale" percent to do so. A creative cinematic intro is ready!

adjust blur intensity and animate

Part 2: How to Cinematic Travel Intro for Your Travel Vlog?

Vacationing and traveling offer exposure to learn more about people and the world around us. Are you a traveler? Do you prefer a solo vacation or with your family? Whatever your answer might be, we have got you!

To make an astonishing and engaging cinematic travel for your travel vlog, Filmora is there for us. The section shall reflect on the whole procedure using royalty-free cinematic music. Let us initiate!

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: The first step is simple. Open Wondershare Filmora and head to the "Media" tab. Import the targeted travel video clips onto the timeline and rearrange them. Now, navigate to the "Effects" section and search "cinematic."

add effects on videos

Step 2: Pick one and drag it onto the second track to present cinematic bars and a widescreen look to the video. Now, move to the "Titles" section and choose the suitable one. Drag it to the third track. Double click on it to access the "Advanced settings" and make the required alterations.

add and adjust first title

Step 3: You can modify the font size, color, and timing of the video. Again, use the "Titles" panel and hit the "Subtitles" category. Select one and drag to the third track. Make relevant changes through the same procedure as above.

include subtitle across video

Step 4: After that, duplicate the subtitle track on the timeline and repeat the required changes. Sync the text to the audio once you are done with the process.

duplicate subtitles

Step 5: The user is instructed to go back to the "Titles" section and search "cinematic end credits." Pick one and drag it to the third track. Double click on it to make a few alterations. You have performed the procedure successfully.

add end screen title

Part 3: 3 Trendy Sites to Download Cinematic Background Music

The use of royalty-free cinematic music creates an unmatched vibe. If you do not use it, you might not run for competition. Therefore, you need to access a great music platform for this purpose. Allow us to introduce you to three workable marketplaces. The cinematic background music that they offer is mind-boggling for sure. So, let’s go? Shall we?


Pixabay is an online marketplace that can be accessed effortlessly. The user is free to tailor the filter options to give the system an idea of the music requirement. You can change the results from genre to movement and theme to categories as needed. Essentially, royalty-free cinematic music can be downloaded with one tap of a button.

Moreover, the duration of the track is shown to decide consciously. Cinematic dramatic, caves of dawn, honor and sword, the introvert, and chill abstract are some music offered by Pixabay.

cinematic music by pixabay


Chosic is a house for a wide range of cinematic background music tracks. You can preview the audio tracks before downloading them and tackle the search bar according to your movie themes and type of set design.

Furthermore, the search filters are tailored based on relevancy, popularity, and random audios. Press the download button to have the audio in MP3 format. Epic cinematic, the inspiration, discovery, and the battle are renowned cinematic background music from Chosic.

chosic music


Mixkit has got to be an excellent choice to deal with your everyday needs of royalty-free cinematic music. With Mixkit in the frame, the user can create movie magic using the impeccable cinematic music collection. Cinematic trailer, slow trail, piano horror, motivational cinematic, and silent descent are a few examples of a strong cinematic collection.

mixkit cinematic music

Final Thoughts

Every content creator wishes to transform their work using different effects and filters. Adding a cinematic style video compels the audience to be on the verge of their seats, giving them a film notion. The article highlighted three apps to download good quality and cinematic background music. Filmora also brought a thrill to the vlogs and YouTube intros.

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