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How to Create a Custom Slide Show in PowerPoint

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 17, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
How to Create a Custom Slide Shows in Powerpoint

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

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Designing custom slideshows in PowerPoint is an absolute fun to do activity for infotainment and information sharing needs. Stay here to get an insight into creating the same, all in a wink!

Part 1 How to Create a Custom Slide Show in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint presentations are an already elusive and captivating media of information delivery and content sharing, be it a personal entertainment need or a high end professional requirement, PowerPoint presentations can do it all! Responding to the day to day IT upgrades of modern times, the aforesaid MS Office utility program has introduced its custom slideshow feature, which you can work upon to expand your creative skills in graphic design.

Custom slideshows are a convenient means of abstracting a required set of contents from a rather detailed slideshow presentation to address the needs of a specific audience, instead of distracting them with showcasing the entire content, most of which turns irrelevant to their exclusive requirements.

Talking about the knowhow to work with the feature, the following section encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the custom slide show creation process with the finest details:

User's Guide to Create Custom Slideshows in PowerPoint

Step 1: Launch the PowerPoint Tool

Start the custom slide show PowerPoint creation process with launching the PowerPoint tool in any of your preferred devices. It would be better to work on a desktop or a PC. Proceed to open the presentation that you wish to create a custom slideshow from.

Step 2: Custom Slide Show Option

In the welcome interface of PowerPoint, navigate to the ribbon at the top and hit the ‘Slide Show' tab, followed by clicking on the ‘Custom Slide Show' button from the ‘Options Panel' that appears. As you tap the aforesaid button, a dropdown menu follows next, from where you need to choose the ‘Custom Shows…' option.

Creating Custom Slide Shows- ‘Custom Slide Show' Option

Step 3: Custom Shows Dialog Box

The completion of Step 2 brings up the ‘Custom Shows' dialog box, with a blank area at the left, indicating the absence of any custom slide show as yet. To create one, navigate to and click on the ‘New' button at the right side within the dialog box.

Creating Custom Slide Shows- ‘Custom Shows' Dialog Box

Step 4: Define Custom Show Dialog Box

As you tap the ‘New' button, the ‘Define Custom Shows' dialog box pops up with a display of the following fields and buttons:

Slide Show Name Box

Use this field to assign a name to your custom slideshow. In case you don't add a name of your choice, PowerPoint will assign the name ‘Custom Show 1' to your custom presentation.

Slides in Presentation

Below the ‘Slide Show Name' box, appears a list of slides in the chosen presentation which you can use to create the custom slide show. To add slides to the same, click on the respective slide names.

Add Button

The ‘Add' button in the middle of the ‘Define Custom Show' dialog box is used to include selected slides from the main list explained above to the ‘Slides in Custom Show' list at the right. The ‘Add' button however, remains disabled until you make a selection from the main slides list to include within the custom slides list. Take note that you can choose to repeat the slides within the custom list.

Remove Button

You can use this button to select and delete specific slides from the ‘Slides in Custom Show' list. The button however, remains disabled till you make a slide selection to be removed.

Slides in Custom Show

This is a list of slides that you have selected from the main slides list to include in the custom slideshow.

Re-Order Buttons

These are ‘Up' and ‘Down' arrows at the right side of the ‘Define Custom Show' dialog box, which are active only if the ‘Slides in Custom Show' list has more than one slide to its credit. In such a case, you can use these arrows to change the sequence of appearance of the slides within the custom presentation.

Creating Custom Slide Shows- ‘Define Custom Show' Dialog Box

Step 5: Back to Custom Shows Dialog Box

When you have finished making all the required entries in the aforesaid fields, click on ‘OK' to create your custom slideshow, which is visible in the ‘Custom Shows' dialog box. You can preview the just created custom presentation by selecting the slideshow in the ‘Custom Shows' list, followed by clicking on the ‘Show' button at the bottom right of the dialog box.

Creating Custom Slide Shows- Complete View of ‘Custom Shows' Dialog Box

The ‘Custom Shows' dialog box has an additional list of buttons, which are explained as follows:

The ‘New' button, which you can click on to continue creating as many custom slideshows as you like.

The ‘Edit' button, which allows you to make changes to a specific custom slideshow.

The ‘Remove' button, which you can use to select and delete an existing custom presentation.

The ‘Copy' button, that lets you create multiple copies of a selected slideshow. This utility comes handy when you need to work on creating similar custom presentations with an affordably small number of differential elements.

When you are satisfied with your work, navigate to and hit the ‘Close' button to finalize and save the custom presentation within your device.

Creating Custom Slide Shows- Additional Options of the ‘Custom Shows'
        Dialog Box

Part 2 How to Show a Custom Show in PowerPoint?

When working to share any kind of information through slideshow presentations, creating a custom show is just half the job, with the significant part of a flawless content presentation remains still under the line. Having understood the process of creating a custom slide show in PowerPoint in enough detail, let us now move ahead with learning how to show the same in PowerPoint in the following section:

User's Guide to Play a Custom Slideshow in PowerPoint

Step 1: Launch the Parent Presentation

In any suitable device of your preference, proceed with opening the presentation in which you have worked on creating the custom slideshow, followed by hitting the ‘Slide Show' tab in the PowerPoint ribbon at the top. From the list of options that appears next, click on the ‘Custom Slide Show' button.

Playing Custom Slide Shows- Custom Slide Show Button

Step 2: Custom Slideshow Dropdown Menu

Clicking on the ‘Custom Slide Show' button in step 2 causes the latter's dropdown menu to get displayed, with a list of all the created custom shows within the currently accessed parent slideshow presentation. Navigate to and click on the name of the custom presentation that you wish to play.

Playing Custom Slide Shows- Custom Slide Show Dropdown Menu

How to Set a Custom Show as the Default Slideshow?

If you are interested in playing the custom show as a default presentation, see through the following stepwise tutorial guide to go ahead with the process:

Step 1: Set Up Slideshow Button

After you have launched the parent presentation, navigate to and click on the ‘Slide Show' tab within the topmost PowerPoint ribbon and tap the ‘Set Up Slide Show' button from the list of options that follows.

Default Custom Slide Show- ‘Set Up Slide Show' Button

Step 2: Set Up Show Dialog Box

Clicking on the aforesaid button makes the ‘Set Up Show' dialog box to appear, where you are required to hit the ‘Custom Show' radio button. You can now click on the dropdown arrow below the radio buttons to select your specific one from the list of custom shows that pops down. Hit ‘OK' at the bottom right corner of the dialog box when you have made your choice.

Default Custom Slide Show- ‘Set Up Show' Dialog Box

The custom show is now your default slideshow. In your future launches of ‘Slide Show View', only the selected custom show slides will appear to be used as a presentation.

Part 3 How to Hide Slides in PowerPoint?

In case you have worked on a detailed slideshow presentation in the PowerPoint tool, that consists of selective contents for different audience groups, all within the main presentation, it is a wise step to hide the content slides that are not useful to particular audiences, lest your viewers might get distracted with the irrelevant content.

By far, you must have developed a significant understanding of the custom slideshow PowerPoint creation and presentation procedure in much detail. Moving further into our discussion, let us now work on hiding slides within a PowerPoint presentation through the following step by step guide:

How to Hide or Unhide a Slide in PowerPoint?

Step 1: Launch the PowerPoint Presentation

Start with opening a desired PowerPoint Presentation in your preferred device.

Step 2: Make Your Selection

Visit the slide navigation pane at the left to select slide you wish to delete. Your selections will be highlighted as you tap on them. You can either delete the slides one at a time, or make multiple selections to delete them all at once.

Hiding Presentation Slides- Slide Selection

Step 3: Hide Slide Option

When you have made the required selections, right click on the same, followed by choosing the ‘Hide Slide' option from the dropdown menu that appears next. The selected slides will now be hidden and you can recognize them in the ‘Presenter View' with lighter thumbnails as compared to the included slides, in the slide navigation pane.

Hiding Presentation Slides- ‘Hide Slide' Option
Hiding Presentation Slides- Hidden Slide

Step 4: Unhiding the Presentation Slides

If you wish to unhide a previously hidden presentation slide, reach to the slide navigation pane in the left and right click on the hidden slide thumbnail. The dropdown menu in Step 3 pops up again, and you need to tap on the ‘Hide Slide' option. The selected slide will now be included in the presentation.

Unhiding Presentation Slides- ‘Hide Slide' Option

An alternative to show a hidden slide within a running presentation, while remaining in the ‘Presenter View', make a random right click anywhere within the currently running slide. The ‘Options Panel' pops up, and you are required to choose the ‘See All Slides' option.

Unhiding Presentation Slides- ‘See All Slides' Option

All the slides of your presentation will now get displayed in the slide navigation pane, with the hidden ones being grayed out with a crossed slide number. Click on the thumbnail of the respective hidden slides that you want to present before the audience.

asterpieces crea

Unhiding Presentation Slides- Complete Presentation Display

Creating PowerPoint Presentation Slides in Filmora

The Wondershare Filmora Video Editor franchise of graphic editor software is a pioneer in creating stunning masterpieces of content presentation alternatives. Talking of slideshow presentations, you can work with the software program to create and edit slideshow presentations in high end professional quality. The inbuilt library of the program is a vast trunk of features, effects and tools that allow you to explore your graphic creation abilities to your heart's content and design top quality slideshows.

Try It Free

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Apart from creating slideshow presentations, you can use the software program to convert the same into video edits and customize them to suit your needs. As an example, you can work with removing the slideshow background, overlaying the slide contents; add tons of audio-visual effects and transitions to the slides and supplement them with pleasing background music.

Additional advantages of the application are a welcoming and user cohesive interface, high speed output response characteristics, high end, professional quality slideshow output and an extensive device compatibility. The bottom line is, the Filmora graphic editor package is an all in one solution to your most diverse and specific slideshow creation needs.

Ending Thoughts

Custom slideshows are an important part of PowerPoint presentations, especially when you need to showcase selective contents of a detailed project.

Apart from creating, you also get to play the custom slideshow, make it your default presentation and hide the latter's slides using the PowerPoint tool.

If you are searching for a PowerPoint alternative to create custom slideshows, picking the Wondershare Filmora slideshow creator tool is indeed a smart choice.

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