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How to Do Motion Tracking in Wondershare Filmora?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Animation & visual effects are the cornerstones of modern editing. Out of the thousands of effects and animations, motion tracking is perhaps one of the most widely used. It involves tracking objects in clips and applying texts, images, GIFs, or even effects to the tracked path.

The tracking process may be manual or automatic, depending on the editing software being used. The newly released Filmora X version has featured the motion tracking tool already. In this article, I will show you how to do motion tracking in Wondershare Filmora with images, elements and texts. Keep reading.

How to Do Motion Tracking in Filmora with Overlays?

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

The Motion Tracking tool in Filmora analyzes your clip and separates the subject based on contrast automatically. Therefore, the subject must have a sharp contrast with its surrounding for proper tracking.

If there are any slight inconsistencies, manual corrections must be made. On the other hand, if you want a complete Manual approach, it is also available as an alternative. But thanks to Filmora’s powerful tracking tool, you’ll most likely never need it.

In the following part, you will learn how to use the motion tracking feature to identify the path first, and then add clipart to follow the object movement path.

Tracing the Object Path in Filmora:

Before you start, make sure that the target object is in the frame for the entire duration of tracking, you may need to split and delete some segments if necessary.

    • Import your clip to the editing timeline and place the playhead to the beginning point for tracking.
    • Click on the Motion Tracking tool button on the timeline toolbar which will open a tracking box

 motion track tool bar

    • Move & resize the box to pinpoint the object you want to track in the preview window;

add motion track box

  • Click on Start Tracking wait for the process to finish

This completes the tracking process, and if you find the tracking result isn’t perfect, you can drag the tracking box to the target position directly.

Now, let’s add overlays to the tracked path. In Filmora, you can add video, image, element or text to follow the movement path.

Attach Image/Text/Elements to Follow Tracked Path

Part 1: How to Do Text Motion Tracking in Filmora?

add motion track text

If you want to attach a title or a callout text animation to the tracked path, then follow the following steps after you have finished tracing the path:

  • Click on the “Titles” button on the upper left corner, choose a type of text e.g., callout text animations and drag it to the track just above the tracked video
  • Choose the type of animation if needed and edit the text (size, orientation, font, etc) and click on the OK button once you’re done
  • Double click on the video footage on the timeline and go to the Motion Tracking tool
  • Select the text layer from the drop-down menu to follow the movement and click on the OK button
  • Play through to check & make adjustments if necessary

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Part 2: How to Do Image Object Motion Tracking with Filmora?

add motion track image

To add an image as an overlay with motion tracking, follow these steps after tracing the path:

  • Drag and place the image to the timeline above the video
  • Edit the image e.g., size, orientation, color, Auto Enhance, etc. and resize the image layer on the timeline to match the clip layer
  • Double click on the footage on the timeline and go to the Motion Tracking tool and select the image from the drop-down menu
  • Play through to check & make adjustments if necessary

Part 3: How to Do Elements Motion Tracking in Filmora?

add motion track elements

With Filmora, you also have the option to add motion-tracked elements. The element types range from shapes, emojis, badges, AR, and much more. Follow the steps below (after tracing the path) to add motion-tracked elements to your videos.

3 Creative Ideas for Motion Tracking

Below we present 4 creative ways to utilize the motion tracking tool. There are obviously more ways to use this tool and we encourage you to explore them by yourself once you have mastered it.

1. Censor objects in a Video with Motion-Tracked Elements

One of the most popular applications of motion tracking is censoring objects in videos. Whether it be a privacy, security, or copyright concern, every editor will eventually have to come across censoring.

censor moving object with motion track

Wondershare Filmora provides an alternative way to censor objects in your videos. Instead of the typical censor masks such as blur, mosaic, etc. Filmora lets you add cool elements to the object. In addition to censoring, this adds a unique new layer for you to get creative with. For example, if you are editing a clip involving comedy, you can add silly emojis to objects improving the humor level.

2. Enhance Real Estate Videos

Real state is all about the pitch. You can modernize that pitch by using Motion Tracking. Below are a few ideas you can try

  • Attach tags, prices and key facts to properties
  • Highlight key property features by attaching motion-tracked markers
  • Use virtual arrows & directions to guide viewers through the property
  • Blur faces, information or ongoing construction work

3. Level Up Your Videos with Motion-Tracked Text

Basically, there are two types of video editors. The ones from the stone age who has never heard of or used Motion Tracking and the ones who never miss a chance of being creative with it. You should strive to be the former. But can motion tracking make your videos any better? Have a look at some of the things you can do to improve your videos using Motion Tracking below:

  • Instead of using stating text and logos during intros, make dynamic ones using motion-tracked callouts and elements
  • Keep your voiceovers concise and use motion-tracked captions to convey key pieces of information
  • Whenever you have a lot of dynamic motion (e.g., sports, cars, running) in your videos consider using motion-tracking
  • Visualize character thoughts, speech, attributes, etc. when applicable
  • Attach the names & titles of characters and objects for convenience


If you want to be a video editor and be actually good at it, you have to learn Motion tracking, no alternatives. But the software you use has a great impact on the output and the overall editing experience. For example, using manual tracking software means that you may need days or even weeks to track long-duration videos particularly if it has a lot of motion such as sports matches. But even an automatic tracking program can be very detrimental if it is crappy. That’s why it is better to stick to industry standard solutions like Filmora. It will rarely disappoint you with its automatic tracking tool. Moreover, the editing features will have you covered for pretty much any project. You also get a large library of preset effects, stock images, videos, and music to make sure you can only focus on being creative. We now bid you farewell and hope that you will have a wonderful experience Motion Tracking in Filmora.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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