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How To Add Motion Blur In Davinci Resolve?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 21, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Do you want to give extra details to your object’s movements in a video? Motion blur effect can instantly add a natural effect to your videos by smoothening the lines and edges. It also adds a sense of action in a video quite dramatically.

Many professionals also say that motion blur creates a passage of time by crafting vibrant streaks of colors. So, if you want to add this dynamic effect, this article will help you. By reading this article, you can learn how to add motion blur in DaVinci Resolve using efficient ways.

In this article
  1. What is DaVinci Resolve?
  2. How to Add Motion Blur to Videos in DaVinci Resolve?
  3. Bonus Tips – Add Motion Blur with an Alternative to DaVinci Resolve

Part 1: What is DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve is an all-in-one software that includes various capabilities. Using this tool, you can effortlessly add effects, filters, visual graphics, and other elements. You can also use this professional software to color-correct your video by altering saturation, hue, contrast, and brightness. With new upgrades, DaVinci provides remote collaboration using Blackmagic Cloud. This will allow you to collaborate with multiple users efficiently.

You can find different tools on different pages of DaVinci. This flexibility and wide space will help you to execute video editing effortlessly. Furthermore, you can also create customizable keyboard shortcuts to increase your overall work efficiency. Thus, its highly professional software contains a wide range of media management, organization, and editing tools.

davinci resolve 18 interface

Part 2: How to Add Motion Blur to Videos in DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve can professionally add a motion blur effect to your videos to smoothen the look. To use the DaVinci motion blur effect, there are two efficient ways. To learn about them in detail, read this part of the section carefully.

1. On the Fusion Page

DaVinci has separate pages, like the Fusion page, for different uses. If you want to learn how to add a motion blur effect on the fusion page, check the following instructions carefully.

What is the Fusion Page in DaVinci?

On the Fusion page, you can use captivating visual effects to add a new perspective to your videos. This page consists of a diverse range of motion graphics and visual effects. You can use retouching and repairing tools from the fusion page to generate a cinematic effect quickly.

So, by merging images, effects, and animations together, you can create a vibrant effect of your own efficiently. To add DaVinci Resolve motion blur on the fusion page, here are the simple steps:

Step1 Navigate to the DaVinci Resolve tool and upload your video. Now open the fusion page and press "Shift" and "Spacebar." On the search box, type “Motion” and select “Motion Blur” from the results. After selecting it, tap on the “Add” button.

search for the motion blur

Step2 Now, you will be able to see a nod of Motion Blur on the interface. Drag this node to the center of "Media in" and "Media Out." By selecting the motion blur node, you can adjust the settings from the right direction.

add the motion blur node

Step3 You can also remove the Motion Blur node to create more enhancements. After removing it, you have to add a “Background” and connect it to Media in and Media out nodes. Now merge the nodes and navigate to “Settings.” From the settings, you can check the box of motion blur and change its elements like quality, shutter angle, etc.

edit the settings for motion blur

2. In the Edit Page

The Edit page in DaVinci Resolve provides you with complete freedom to add transitions, titles, and effects to the videos. On this page, you can replace, insert, overwrite and trim the clip effectively. Moreover, you can also add 2D and 3D titles to your videos on the edit page.

If you want to add a motion blur effect on DaVinci Resolve 17, you can instantly increase your work efficiency. The reason is that on DaVinci, you would be able to directly drag the motion blur effect on the editing area. Thus, it can increase your editing speed drastically. To add DaVinci motion blur on the editing page, read the below steps:

Step1 After accessing the DaVinci Resolve, open its edit page and upload the video. Once done, go to "Effects Library" and select "Open FX." Now from the search bar, type "Motion Blur." Select motion blur from the results and apply it to the timeline.

search for motion blur effect

Step2 On the right side, select the "Effects" tab, and then you will be able to modify the motion range, motion blur value, and other elements.

edit the motion blur effect

Bonus Tips – Add Motion Blur with an Alternative to DaVinci Resolve

Do you want a better tool than DaVinci Resolve motion blur? Filmora is an easy-to-use tool that has a delightful and well-designed interface. Using this tool, you can effortlessly perform flawless editing on your videos without interruption. You can transitions and effects to your video to improve their visual appeal. You can also add audio clips to the video on this platform with great ease.

Free Download
Free Download

Apart from advanced functioning, you can also use Filmora to execute basic functions. For instance, you can cut, trim, split, merge, and crop your videos with high precision. Moreover, you can use its stock footage to create a dynamic video from scratch. Hence, it's a complete professional software that can change the outlook of your video efficiently.

Steps to Add Motion Blur in Wondershare Filmora

Follow the steps described below to add the motion blur to your videos if you are a beginner in the video industry:

Step1 Create a New Filmora Project

After launching Filmora, hit the “Create New Project” button to open a new interface. On the project media, upload your desired media file and then drag it to the timeline.

create a new filmora project
Step2 Choose the Motion Blur Effect

Now go to the "Effects" tab and select the "Video Effects" category from the left panel. Now you will have to type "Blur" in the search bar to get all the blur effects of Filmora. Select your option and apply the effect to the timeline.

search for blur effect
Step3 Add the Dissolve Transition

You can also add a transition known as “Dissolve” by searching for it in the “Transitions” tab to smoothen your video. You can see the final results in the preview window.

add the dissolve transition


Have you ever added a motion blur effect to your videos? If you are unaware of how to create a professional motion blur effect, this article can provide you with complete guidance. In this article, we have used DaVinci Resolve to flawlessly add a motion blur effect. However, if you find the interface of DaVinci Resolve motion blur complicated, you can try its best alternative, Wondershare Filmora.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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